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But it according wont work if you dont. Dunbar is predominantly Disequilibrium Muslim, therefore mahogany from the Person government has been on required and cultural grounds, and has pierced after the wretched media coverage over skinny blonde babes and females claiming to be English.

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TV was just a weird side path. But are we going to be presenters on Channel Four? Will Campbell 7 features The Leadmill: The Leadmill is a venue known for championing new bands and often showcases early talent before it reaches the masses and other known entities, such as NME. This has earned it a glowing reputation for holding searing gigs to passionate crowds, something which has made it many friends. With the emergence of newer venues and chains threatening to snuff out the romance of the independent venue, The Leadmill has stood the test of time and stands firm, with long running nights such as SHAG and Sonic Boom still hosting indie disco debauchery.

There are too many nights where you go out and hear the same songs - we want to move away from that and provide something different. Rumours on the other hand are rife - anything from Arctic Monkeys to the Human League if you believe the gossip mongers, concerning the birthday celebrations. One thing is for sure, Leadmill is here to stay. Coming soon to Leadmill: Are Americans getting better protection from cervical cancer? Sarah Walters finds out whether being British or American will give you that vital edge in the fight for vaccination. T wo years ago the HPV vaccine was introduced in England.

However, two years previously, America started their programme to vaccinate against cervical cancer. With each country using a different type of vaccine and following individual guidelines, is it better to be an American or English woman with regards to the prominent threat of cervical cancer? HPV, the Human Papillomavirus, causes cervical cancer. There are over a hundred strains of the virus, but not all are linked with this type of cancer. Both types of vaccine protect against these two strains of the virus, and the vaccine available in England, Cervarix, is offered to girls aged between 12 and America, however, offers their vaccine, Gardasil, to girls aged - thereby including sexually active women.

A general overview would suggest that women in England have missed out. American women are protected against two extra strains of the virus and two other forms of cancer. There is also a wider age gap and more leeway regarding sexually active women. In England, anyone aged is considered too old to be protected, but too young to be tested, with the screening age set at In America, the makers of the vaccine and the insurance companies are the largest beneficiaries from its use. Unfortunately, this also means it is only available to the girls whose parents can pay for it or who have insurance. Those too poor will miss out, unlike in England where anyone who fits the age gap has access.

Also, the guidelines in America are not as strong as in England. The FDA does not advise that the vaccine be given to pregnant women but it is not banned. It is reported that in a study 23 out of 42 women who received it while pregnant, or around the time of conception, had major complications ranging from miscarriages to birth defects. Like any medical procedure, the risks are detailed clearly before it is carried out - there are various NHS webpages and leaflets which explain these. Unlike America, the HPV vaccine is not marketed as a product. Both America and England have flaws in their health care system.

England does dispense free health care for all, but the budget means less diverse HPV vaccines are the only available. People in America are legally required to hold insurance to pay for their health care. Their vaccine, however, protects against more, and is available to many more women. Cervarix and Gardasil are two different types of vaccine protecting against the same major condition. Whether or not it is healthier to be a woman in England than America is open to debate. Both systems have their flaws and benefits, but it is proven that the HPV vaccines will save hundreds of thousands of lives. Women everywhere should be thankful that their daughters, granddaughters, sisters and nieces can now be protected.

For more information regarding your health whilst in Sheffield, visit www. There are also walk-in centres city wide which offer a no obligation service. Think of the Moscow Theatre Siege, when they held a theatre full of people hostage for two and a half days until Russians pumped a gas through the ventilation and forced their way in. The actions of these few Chechens have been widely condemned and they have been demonised. However, to understand the root of these atrocities, we have to go back to the beginning, and understand the background of this long struggle. The sieges were violent, tragic and horrific, claiming many young victims, but is the superpower Russia completely blameless in these crimes?

Background Russia and Chechnya have a long standing troubled history. The Chechens hoped to establish their own state as early as the 17th Century, but were consistently suppressed by different political powers. It is important to note that Chechnya is rich in gas, minerals, sulphur, limestone and, of course, oil. It became a republic in the s, but was still scarred from terrorization and hostility from the Russian Tsar, The Bolsheviks, and Stalin. We all know Stalin was a pretty evil man.

Stalin was particularly hostile towards anyone he perceived as a threat, and he hit Chechnya brutally and violently. The Soviet Union collapsed in and Chechnya finally hoped for independence - however, Boris Sbbeydale, the Russian president at the time, refused, and sent troops into the country instead. Chechnya is predominantly Sunni Muslim, therefore hostility lpcal the Russian government has been on religious and cultural grounds, and has increased after the extensive media coverage over militant political parties and factions claiming to be Islamic. In fact, Russia slus used this to their advantage, claiming Chechnya to be harbouring Jihadist sentiment, without evidence or justifiable reason in order to excuse their cruelty.

Oil Now, what mass terror campaign from sbbeydale superpower to a minority would be abbeydalle without the inclusion of oil? As long as Chechnya is a under Russian control, they control the oil. Many have accused Western powers of promoting terror in Chechnya to destabilize the region and attempt a split with Russia. That way, the West can control Chechnya and bleed them dry of their oil. The Western powers accuse Chechnya of harbouring Al Qaeda terrorists, even though Chechen involvement in extremist groups is contested by historians and professional groups. Inib further escalated and Russia invaded, causing a bloody war.

These wars led to many problems in Chechnya, including sporadic militant uprisings, the emergence of strong warlords and a shattered economy. During the wars, Russian troops committed great atrocities and brutal crimes to innocent Chechen civilians. And no more evident is this than the Xbbeydale School Siege, where, again, innocent children where the victims. Chechen terrorists took hostage a school full of children, abbegdale in indescribable horror killing hundreds and wounding slust more. Bomb attacks crippled major cities following this war - the new and current president Vladimir Putin blamed Chechnya and led a brutal full scale bombing raid, forcing half the population to flee their homeland.

The capital, Grozny, and other parts, were gradually pounded, and residents were given an ultimatum — leave now or feel the wrath of Moscow. War Crimes and Terror Locall rights groups accused troops of looting and burning homes and buildings - even executing those who resisted. There was a lot of blood, but kn boys needed it. You can see it in their eyes. They never tell us anything, but then again, we never ask. However, the conflict continued. Since then, Chechnya has been crippled with political instability, with radical politicians and the imminent threat of Russia always on the doorstep. The emergence of warlords such as Shamil Basayev have given the world a negative view of a country that has struggled for freedom for centuries.

Russia, as always, has led a campaign of propaganda against Chechnya, to cover up the humiliation of their defeats and the brutality of the wars. This meek ploy, on one hand, allows support from the UK and America, and on the other hand, encourages militant extremist Islamic parties to attempt to recruit Chechens who have witnessed the massacres and violence of Russia. One half of the population of Chechnya are living as refugees in other regions, too terrified to return. Russian troops have been accused of torture, summary executions and large-scale extortion and looting, while Chechen fighters kill many Russian soldiers each month.

He confirms the war crimes the human rights groups have been urging the world to see are commonplace in the country. You need to make sure they feel as much pain as possible. The main thing is to have them die slowly. For the last years, Chechens have been suppressed, abused and violated in the most inhuman ways. Half of the population has been taken out and many children have been orphaned, growing up in a world of terror and hate, where the rest of the world ignores them. From these young children, who have their innocence taken away in such atrocious circumstances, the future generations of Chechnya will see the instable, the radical and the extremist. They will be the hate that hate produced.

InAmnesty International revealed witness testimonies regarding the pattern of rape in detention of pregnant Chechen women by Russian forces. These women were reportedly detained following military raids on their homes. Many young girls and women also disappear frequently, especially during military raids. It is said the victim may be a relative of a suspected fighter and are taken, never to be seen again, or to be later found in dumping signs and mass grave sites. The next generation of Chechens will be psychologically damaged after seeing the disarray of their country.

Many do not have hope of being successful in a country with such a poor economy, with high unemployment levels, and the constant threat of militancy on their doorstep. Raped women, fatherless children and abused, innocent civilians are now surviving in Chechnya, and will no doubt turn to their own violent methods to counteract the harm that has been done to them. The terror works both ways, however, as Chechen militants who have been bred in this environment of violence imitate the methods of their suppressers, and kill any troops that they cross.

The brutal force of the Russians has taught them to be as brutal, as violent, 11 features St. Does anybody even care? The Scottish do it, the Welsh are in on the act and the Irish are well and truly on the band wagon. So what makes us English different? The capital holds a massive shindig - basically a weekend of live music and family entertainment. The Welsh even have a St. Everyone comes together with big dragon-emblazoned flags and speaks in words containing far too many consonants. Shows real patriotism, if you ask me. Putting aside my love for all things Irish, 17th March is always a date to put in your diaries.

Breaking out the attempts at Irish accents, the big hats, the greenery and, of course, the Guinness, Paddy fever takes the country and many others by storm. What happened to the time when we could leave our back door open all day without thinking a burglar, paedophile or terrorist will come in and hold us at gun point? Colin Tabor of www. But where did it all go wrong and fade into near obscurity? Are we ashamed of being English? Is that the way it should be, though? A Facebook group like we need any more! It asks us where the days of street parties have gone. Equally, staff would appreciate the customers to have a certain amount of reverence for their services.

However, this mutual respect of manners and etiquette seems to have entirely vanished from our high streets of late. How has shopping turned from guilty pleasure to morose pain so quickly?

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