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This represents the variant used by Quaid Arnold Schwarzenegger - 9x19mm Closeup of the barrel shroud on Goncz pistol. As Quaid races through an X-ray checkpoint, his hidden pistol is revealed. Quaid holds the Goncz GA as he tests out a hologram projector. Edgemar Roy Brocksmith is threatened with the pistol. Claridge Hi-Tec S9 pistol with standard Muzzle nut - 9x19mm.

Harry Robert Costanzo pulls the Goncz pistol rexall Quaid. Cohaagen Ronny Cox also is seen with the pistol. Calico M semiautomatic pistol - 9x19mm Totall Calico M is first seen used by the guards at a security checkpoint on Earth. The guards with their Calico's are exposed in the X-ray screener. Richter Michael Ironside uses the Calico M reecall the brothel. Rdcall of the Calico. Tony On Norris uses the weapon during the shootout at the Last Resort brothel. Recaol Ronny Cox wields Midget prostitute in total recall Calico M Quaid is threatened with the Calico. Mars Colonial soldier on the right is armed with the rifle.

Colonial soldier with the rifle. They leap out of a car to chase Quaid who has recaol into a cab on foot. Just an example of management continuing do stick prostitue the plan in this case, running even though a more effective solution driving has presented itself. Quaid, not surprisingly, gets away, and they track him to the old abandoned fill in the industrial product factory, where they run up some stairs and across a bridge. Quaid removes the beacon from his nose and puts it in a candy bar, which he feeds to a rat. Despite the fact that the beacon signal is scurrying around an inch from the floor, Helm is fooled, directing his boss and the others to fire in various directions before Richter figures it out.

Sure, Richter shoots the rat, but I think Helm feels the bullets. They tail Quaid to Mars, where Richter almost kills everyone by destroying an air-tight dome while firing at Quaid. Helm, being sucked out the window, clings to Richter's crotch, nearly pulling his boss out the window with him. Needless to say, Quaid gets away, but is later captured by Lori. Helm sits with Richter at a bar, both of them sipping futuristic or girly drinks, neither of them talking or looking at each other it's always a mistake for a temp to hang out socially with his supervisor. Lori calls them, and they race to the elevator to wait for her to Helm's credit, he does not pound the elevator button in an effort to make it arrive faster.

Quaid escapes again, shooting Lori in the head in the process. While Richter mopes over his dead wife, Helm runs unsupervised for a bit, which must be a relief. Total Recall actually won an Academy Awarda Special Achievement award for special effects and was nominated for one other.

Was there a Stupid Revall If you wanted to count the bad guy, Vilos Cohaagen, yes there was. Of course you had an evil Corporation, and this time they were making the little people and mutants hostages for the very air they breathe