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Finding the right caregiver is an important and difficult task for elderly family members. We offer you the quality care that gives you, or a loved one, the freedom to live at home! Please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss everything we can offer.

Services Ocala escort

Elderly home care is what we do, and it is always our pleasure to help. Welcome to Ocala Caregivers! Our elderly home care services can be tailored to the needs of each servicds we offer care to. We are a local family-run agency giving you the freedom to live at home. These caregivers can assist by providing housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, or escort service for outings of all types. Do either you or a loved one need quality care that gives you the freedom to live at home? Do you or a loved one live alone and need assistance around the house?

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Do you or a loved one rely on others for transportation, shopping or simply getting out of the house? Have you or a loved one considered moving into a facility to receive the services and assistance needed? Have you or a loved one recently rehabilitated from an injury or surgery? Our buses provide origin to destination transportation and drivers will assist you from your doorway into the vehicle and from the vehicle to the main entrance of your destination. Wheelchairs must NOT exceed the lift maximum weight limits posted on the bus. Any Oxygen bottles may be taken if securely attached to the wheelchair or in a small bottle that may safely secured.

Passengers may also have one escort for assistance if medically necessary. Reservations will work with you to accommodate your transportation requests, however, your appointments should be made between 9: Appointments for persons living in outlying areas should be made between Residents living in outlying areas may need to be ready 3 hours prior to appointment. Dialysis patients with early, late or Saturday appointments may make special arrangements with us.

Limited service is available on major Holidays. Scheduling Your Trip A Reservationist will assist you to book your trip with Marion Transit as early as two weeks in advance, but no later than 72 hours in advance. Ongoing trips such as dialysis or therapy may be set up on a permanent schedule. Trips may be reserved by calling: Shopping Schedule Many Marion Transit clients have no means of getting to the grocery store. On selected days trips arranged to various shopping locations so that clients can purchase essentials.

Reservations can provide you with details and restrictions. Exact Cash or Pass will be accepted for fare esckrt. Fare must be paid upon boarding the vehicle. If qualified, Fare Waivers may be obtained. Call in advance. Trip Cancellations Riders who cancel trips on the scheduled trip day prevent others from reserving a ride that day.

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