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Anchorage, Alaska

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The area surrounding Anchorage lacks significant economic metal minerals.

Date Anchorage nb x

However, Merrill Field still sees a significant amount of general aviation traffic. An increase in air traffic led to clearing of a site directly east of town site boundaries starting in ; this became Merrill Fieldwhich served as Anchorage's Anchofage airport during the s and s, until Anchorage International Airport replaced it in Aviation operations in Anchorage commenced along the firebreak south of town today's Delaney Park Stripwhich residents also used as a golf course. Just ten years before, the retail area shown in the foreground was mostly an industrial area, housing lumber yards and similar uses.

A town site was mapped out on higher ground to the south of the tent city, greatly noted in the years since for its order and rigidity compared with other Alaska town sites.

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Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson were constructed in the Anchorate, and served as the city's primary economic Anchorwge until the Prudhoe Bay bn shifted the thrust of the economy toward the oil industry. Alaska became a United States territory in Anchorage, unlike every other large town in Alaska south of the Brooks Rangewas neither a fishing nor mining camp. Between the s and the s, the city experienced massive growth as air transportation and the military became increasingly important. Clair lived at the mouth of Ship Creek and were joined there by a young forest ranger, Jack Brown, and his bride, Nellie, in A number of Dena'ina settlements existed along Knik Arm for years.

Communities such as Fairbanks and much of rural Alaska opposed moving the capital to Anchorage for fear of concentrating more power in the state's largest city.

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