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A boy and girl. Their father was a king to them, but one of the medieval ones, a warrior on a wall, a figure of strength and honour but never something they could hold in the palm of their hands. He was a stained glass window. And their mother was a friend in the early days but became more like staff, and they ended up both off to university and then to their own startups. The daughter opened restaurants with French names, and the son sat at a computer and told other people how to understand consumer habits from online behavior. Their mother would not have known how to answer such a question if asked.

She said she was thinking of visiting her hometown for the first time in the years since her parents died. He said it was a myth people should always remember where they hail from, invented by the poor to trap their children in poverty of the soul. She overheard him describe himself in a phone call as a self-made man. She did not read the interview when it came out.

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She cut her hair short, and Finda took years off, he said. She spent trenwoeth and more time at the stables, and he spent more and more time abroad. She signed some papers in a dark room with ruby leather chairs with ruby leather buttons, her husband opposite and a solicitor at each elbow — the men informed her she was ensuring investments for the web of businesses in Switzerland, Panama and a sprinkling of tropical island she had only perhaps heard of before. Becoming a member of the House of Lords meant a peculiar morning in which she had to stand around a great deal and wait for ceremony. His knighthood was a similar affair, with less garb, and she thought a great deal that day how much her mother had liked the Queen.

When telling stories of the two days, at functions and dinner parties, she could never remember which had happened first. But if nothing else she now understood what was important in a story and what was not.

And lying was not a problem either. Her son, for instance, had died in a skiing accident, not from a heroin overdose. They celebrated the billionaire milestone via a phone call across continents. She imagined it would be her only affair, but she was counting nothing out. With Veronica, who was twenty years her junior, she could laugh, she could relax, she was listened to. They had complicated conversations and she reveled in them. She had never been so happy, and Veronica told her that she had fallen in love with her. After his second stroke he moved to the Alps.

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He denied it was brought on by the FBI investigation, stating a knighthood had to be worth something. He breathed with a wheeze and he had spread at his centre and he struggled to get around. He began to consult mystics, and whenever she visited him he spoke of conspiracies and Marxists and how his old friends had turned on him and were trying to take his money away. He was ashen, splintering, surrounded by servile medics and fly-like solicitors. Go out and meet different fuck buddies you can have every single day. Every day, more and more horny girls are willing to find a man who can screw them in bed.

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