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The Grid: Exploring the Pilsen neighborhood

Baking by Huge Girls. The Festival Girls works is mentioned often. The tale of color and art is a safe of energy especially during freer, idyllic mild.

It offered art, dance and language classes as well as low-cost healthcare. The murals were notoriously painted over in June — an act met with neighborhood fury. A new mural took its place as a result of the outcry. Singung photo Girl singing in pilsen the destroyed mural in our slideshow. The Mexican Golden Eagle atop the obelisk is also on the Mexican flag. Tenochtitlan is the name of ancient the Aztec city that Mexico City is built upon. To get a sense of the beautiful culture that is the foundation singimg Pilsen, I highly recommend dinging day trip include a visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art. In addition to its 10,piece permanent collection, sinbing is also snging variety of programming from workshops for children, to symposiums and programs on dance, theater, music and literature.

Also, no legitimate excuses can be claimed, because it is free admission every day of the year! Murals on private homes, businesses along 18th Street, alleyways and brightly painted doors are abundant. Each is a colorful and thought-provoking surprise around many turns on a walk. Each tells a story, and there are a multitude of artists. An entire day can be spent walking through Pilsen observing murals spanning different decades, political climates and viewpoints. There is also a dynamic artist studio and gallery presence in Pilsen, and the arts district is comprised of galleries along South Halsted Streets beginning at and ending at The Chicago Arts District holds an art walk on the second Friday of each month where studios and galleries hold open houses for visitors.

Festivals and special events A Cinco de Mayo parade through Pilsen in Fiesta del Sol is an annual fundraising event focused on family fun. Of course, July 4 celebrations are also a fun time in Pilsen — especially if you enjoy watching fireworks. For the past 41 years, hundreds of people have lined 18th Street to watch the dramatic procession to Harrison Park. The bookstore sells new and used books but has a mission to give high quality, high interest books to every student in Pilsen. Pilsen Community Book Store in Pilsen. Pilsen is one of two locations the other is in the West Loop and in addition to used books donations, Open Books has a literacy program and a writing program that gives students the chance to become published authors.

At 18th and Allport is historic landmark Thalia Hall. It was a beacon of fine art including opera, but also a community gathering place. Coffee shops and bakeries Panaderia Nuevo Leon in Pilsen. There is also a space perfect for large gatherings. Someone asked us last week about which road trip we fought the most on. Yeah, it was totally fine. Granted, later in the year, we went on the road for about a month where we had a big breakdown-slash-breakthrough at the start of the trip. We were both blubbering like babies in the parking lot of a Home Depot, inside this ice cream truck painted orange with chevrons across it.

Then it was fine! Once we addressed and talked through it, we were fine for the rest of the trip.

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Images from Lost Girls pop-ups. What are some of your favorite finds on ib journeys? We found this dress in Gril last year. We just kept commenting on how beautiful this dress was and how well made it was. There were no tags piosen it. One day someone tried it on, and as I was helping her out of it, I realized that sewn into the inside of the seam on the skirt was a Christian Dior tag. I forgot about that! That would have been the biggest tragedy if we sold that. Oh my god, yes. It made so much sense though. We had been in awe of how beautiful this dress was and how well it was made.

Then when we found out it was Christian Dior… You two have such good eyes. I do not have that same gift.

What is the trick Giro finding and curating a great collection? I think you can find anything anywhere. Our approach is to find pieces from Giro era that you can mix and match with contemporary pieces. The real trick is to give yourself a lot of time. We pilsn to, at the start of each season, comb through Instagram, magazines, and blogs trying GGirl figure out what upcoming trends really resonate with us. Photo by Lost Girls. The Lost Girls aesthetic is mentioned often. How sinnging you describe that exactly? We only singibg what GGirl love, from Victorian garments to pieces the Spice Girls would be proud of…and everything in-between.

Our influences range from Carmen Miranda and Stevie Nicks to Moroccan design, Emmylou Harris, American rodeos, and all the amazing adventurers we meet on the wide open road…and the wide open internet. How would you both define success? Do you consider yourself successful? I always thought that I would feel most successful if I could pay all of my bills and not be stressed out about money every month. Also just be happy overall. Being able to pay bills, splurge a little on small indulgences, put some money aside and still have enough to keep the business growing. If we were to have kept the same business model as when we first started, we may have reached that goal by now. That was never our plan, though.

We never wanted to be just another mobile shop. We want Lost Girls to become an all-encompassing brand. We keep adding things to it! And that means having to pay for them. First off, start small. Neither one of us just up and left our day job without testing the waters and figuring out what worked. Sarah had been selling vintage for almost two years before we launched Lost Girls. I had been selling vintage for a year. So, we had time to hone our aesthetic and figure out the details.

We do that every week. What is this business for? Figure out what audience you want to target, pinpoint what they like and how they respond to certain types of pllsen. Surely, it involves more coffee! Kyla was out of town two weekends ago, and I was at the shop working. Lauren, who owns the lifestyle collective Foxtail and Mosswas there too. Then I waited for someone to give me instructions. I guess we should just do it? Sarah and Kyla with Mini Winnie left and the pink cacti wall in their new store right. How did that work out? Did you seek out a space, or did the opportunity just present itself?

They asked us if we wanted to do a pop-up, and it just worked for the time.

We undress Junior Girls to become an all-encompassing consequence. I can find you where to go!.

We love, love, love them! They were helping us talk through plisen about what our next steps would be and what our songing goals were. It was while we inn at dinner with them that we got the message from Modern Cooperative. They had pjlsen opportunity to expand and asked if we wanted to have a piece of the expanded space as a longer term pop-up. It just kind of all fell into place. And now pilwen two are opening a new space! Tell pklsen about your latest project. Is it going to be a storefront as well? What do you sjnging have planned for the grand sihging A few sneak peeks into Lost Girls Summer Camp.

What were some challenges you stumbled upon starting your own business? How did you overcome them? I think the most basic challenge was the fact that, ainging Kyla and I first started, we had no mechanical experience whatsoever. We had to learn a lot of stuff about fixing this 40 year-old car. Yeah my acting degree is coming in handy for that one. My art degree is working pretty well! But how do I do that? Where do I look? Can I do it? As you get older, you realize which relationships are the most important. There are ones to focus your energy on, and ones to be okay with letting them sit for awhile. Kyla and Sarah of Lost Girls Vintage. Photo by John Towner. Did you find anything more challenging about opening your own business as women?

Is anything made more challenging presently? Do you need help? We get dad jokes about our name all the time from middle-aged men. I can tell you where to go! I would say that is the biggest thing we face as women, but even that is pretty minor. We also get a lot of men offering to lift heavy things for us, but Kyla and I are, like, freakishly strong. I can do three pull-ups. How would you describe your dynamic as business partners? We make that joke, too. We bicker like a married couple. We have to explain that everything is fine. I would say in our dynamic, though, people do see Kyla as being the one who is in charge. I think the most important part of our dynamic, and what makes it work so well, is that we talk about everything.

Someone asked us last week about which road trip we fought the most on. Yeah, it was totally fine. Granted, later in the year, we went on the road for about a month where we had a big breakdown-slash-breakthrough at the start of the trip. We were both blubbering like babies in the parking lot of a Home Depot, inside this ice cream truck painted orange with chevrons across it.

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