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Fuckingg could do under herself, her passion realizing her tummy was getting again. When she sat on the university to find a hand with her wife she catered on the expectations with Curley. Alto like a premium starting under a grinding.

It was ;ig a little click. Then the -wiggle of the pig cock caught a little more. It was just a sensation at first, then a little twinge, and then, God Damn it, it hurt. The pig could feel the give in the cervix and wanted in there to breed his mistress properly. Valerie was feeling shaky pkg week. The sensation was wild and exciting. She realized that pig cock would be going deeper into her. Wanted it more than any man she had ever had inside her she was still for Curley to do his magic. At first she could feel the spinning penis working here cervix open. Then she felt the tip get through.

An inch of two of pig cock was flipping around in her uterus! That was replaced by the thin device sliding into her an inch at a time. It kept moving until a foot or more was inside her uterus. Curley slowed it down. Valerie had cum three or four times just feeling the extra length wiggle inside her. Her vagina was no longer jammed.

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Curley was almost a straight shaft spiraling to where he had entered her cervix. The rest was buried deep in her. Curley was in breeding mode. His body was still while his cock spurted pig semen into her. This pgi the good stuff now. The five billion sperm were being pih into her fuckkng an easy but steady pace. Valerie could feel herself fill. It made her cum again and again. She thought of the website. She whimpered and cum again as she let it expand her womb even more. Then it was done. Curley grunted and pulled his cock from her. His cock that had felt like it would rip out fuckimg cervix gently glided through what had been such a tiny opening. The feeling of two feet of pig penis leaving her body caused her to cum again.

Curley seemed pleased with himself. He grunted and made his pig noises as he wandered away from Valerie. Valerie rested there on her knees with her face down on fuckimg folded arms. She rested a moment. Then felt her pussy. It was a little wet, but not the flood that she fucjing was inside her. She thought about the website. She stood on trembling legs. Still no flood of sperm. Her womb was engorged by the load. It felt good to ipg young wife. She noticed her stomach. Over a half quart of pig cum had swollen her out like an early baby bump.

Valerie walked a fuckinh steps feeling the pig seed expand her uterus. She thought about the website again … 5 billion pig sperm inside her. It was a good warm feeling. Valerie smiled fucknig what she had done with the family pet. Was the plug Curley had fucked into her going to hold? She jiggled a little. Her nice tits bounced. She could even Girl fucking pig pig cum in her belly move with her. Still her pussy was dry except for that early leakage and all the fluids of her own that she had secreted during fuckimg orgasms.

Girl fucking pig was gathering her clothes to Girp her from the barn to the house when she heard Curley grunting his was back towards her. Yes, you are a good boy. Curley grunted louder at the fuckin wife and continued to paw hard at the straw. Does my good boy want to fuck me again? Not sure of his intentions Valerie laid her shirt on the straw and laid her chest with her nipples against the fabric. Not sure what was going on behind her she spoke to the pig. She held still to let the pig control the action. The flicking of his cock against her outer cunt lips confirmed that he was going to take her again.

This time the twisting penis found the opening. The spiraling pig cock went right up her vagina. The wiggling tip passed through her cervix and just as easily the cute mother of three had two feet of hog cock up her cunt and into her womb. The shaft was flailing around inside her causing her to cum time and again. She got to catch her breath as pig cum started to pump into her again. This was the early batch. Much more water like, a lube and nutrient for the next load. Curley held steady as the shaft churned inside her. Valerie either orgasmed of stayed on the edge of one the whole time. The pumping stopped for a couple of minutes. When the fluids started again Valerie cum right away.

This was the breeding load. Probably not five billion pig sperm, but Valerie could feel her uterus swell again. She could feel under herself, her hand realizing her tummy was growing again. Then the sperm changed again. Curley was happily grunting away. Valerie rocketed though several major orgasms as the pig seed was making her delirious. She was getting the last load now, to seal all the pig cum in her. Her womb and everything connected to it was flooded full. After several minutes of letting the gel plug set Curley pulled his two feet of still spiraling cock from her.

Everything stayed in place. The feeling of that much cock leaving her made Valerie cum again. Curley ventured off this time. Valerie realized that it had been an hour and a half since the bus had left for school with the kids. Curley was a pretty clean animal, but the young wife smelled like a pig had fucked her. Valerie dressed to get back to the house, Putting her clothes directly into the washing machine she patted her pussy finding it wet but absolutely not leaking. The pig gel plug had sealed even the second load in her. As she entered the shower she wondered if it would all gush out as she cleaned herself.

Valerie was in kind of a dream state about what she had let happen to her. She washed her body with particular attention to her swollen breasts and tummy following up with a deep dive at her slit with the wash cloth. Valerie had dried off and laid naked on the bed. There was that uneasy feeling with her expecting the plug to leave her cervix and make a huge mess. On her side she looked at her tummy. A half quart of pig cum almost times two left her uterus swollen like when she was two to three months pregnant. The website had said that sperm in a sow was viable for up to three days. She felt herself down there.

The slithering pig cock had done nothing to change the opening between her pussy lips. It would be how deep the twisting two foot pig dick went in her and how much in opened her cervix. Both of those things would never be noticeable to her husband. He could never go anyways near that deep of even nudge her cervix. Being so loaded with sperm gave her a relaxed and well fucked feeling. She got up from her bed and walked around naked from room to room. She went into the bedrooms where the girls slept. Thinking about her babies she caressed her swollen tummy as she looked around the rooms where her children played and slept. Valerie went to the kitchen and looked out the window towards the barn.

Curley was back to his favorite spot under the apple tree snoozing in the shade. Valerie loved the fullness of her womb. She was starting to trust the spongy plug that the pig had left in her cervix. She went to the master bedroom. A wedding picture of her and her husband was on the nightstand by the bed. Family pictures with the kids were on the dresser. From her inner sanctum it was hard to believe the fuck of her life happened in the barn. Everything seemed to hit Valerie at once. Sure she had cheated in the past, but this was animal sex. Nothing flashy like a dog or a pony, but a pig! Now with a uterus packed with pig semen she felt gloriously content.

She hugged he extended tummy any laid herself on the bed. She had a weird dream. She was out in the lot by the barn, tummy over a tree stump.

Curley had fucked her and dozens of other fycking were mounting her, too. Each would fuck into her and fill her with pig sperm. Her husband was running around telling them to quit fucking his wife. One would cum in her and the next would follow immediately and shove the next pulsing, spurting cock into her. I want the pig to fuck me, too! She patted her swollen snatch.

That Curley had definitely sealed her up. Still time to dress and pick up her daughter at school. She glanced at Curley as she drove away. Her mystery lover was still asleep under the apple tree. Other moms waited near their cars to pick up their children. Nancy came over for some chitchat. A few months back Nancy had confided that she had cheated with a man that had a much bigger cock than her husband. Valerie had done Girl fucking pig cheating of her own and let herself be a little too interested in a stranger with a big cock. Nancy was more than happy to share details and even offered a phone number if she wanted to fuck him. The number was still hidden at home in her dresser when hubby would never look.

Valerie felt herself getting wet from the details Nancy was chattering on about. I thought you had to be interested. I decided to try it and felt all guilty at the sound if his voice. I made a date to go to his house and all I could think about was how big you said he was down there. It made her eyes roll back a little from the feeling. She was sure Nancy would notice. I know he Girl fucking pig me up because mine looks a little puckered and open for a couple of days after a visit Roger. Let me know how it felt when you decide to go ahead with it. She felt alive and content. Just then the kids burst from the school breaking up the discussion with Nancy as she moved away to her car.

Can we get a happy meal? With a happy meal devoured and gone Valerie sat at the plastic table and bench and watched her child play. She was well aware of billions of pig sperm swimming and scattering about her womb. A couple of other moms struck up conversations helping pass the half hour her daughter spent climbing and sliding before wearing down. Once at home it was a normal play afternoon for her little preschooler as Valerie did some laundry and ironed some clothes. All the while the Girl fucking pig in her womb gave her a warm feeling as the back and forth motions of ironing and the fluid moving deep inside her gave her a pleasant surprise orgasm.

She would frequently move a finger between her cunt lips to look Girl fucking pig any sign of leakage only to be greeted by her own copious secretions. Curley had sealed her cervix up well. Once at home it was a normal play afternoon for her little preschooler as Valerie did some laundry and ironed some clothes. All the while the snugness in her womb gave her a warm feeling as the back and forth motions of ironing and the fluid moving deep inside her gave her a pleasant surprise orgasm. She would frequently move Girl fucking pig finger between her cunt lips to look for any sign of leakage only to be greeted by her own copious secretions.

Curley had sealed her cervix up well. The older two arrived from the bus and Valerie was in her usual Mom duties. After a snack everyone went out to play with the animals. Valerie gave him a smile and a wink as he ran along the fence beside her until giving up and going back to the shade of the apple Girl fucking pig. Husband Mark came home from work and things progressed towards dinner and finally into bed time for the girls. Soon after Mark had picked up on a difference in his wife. It seemed like a perfectly normal day. Then, none of them spiraled two feet of cock up her twat and through her cervix to dump a half quart of cum inside her either.

Mark was interested and playful. Valerie had planned to put him off for a week if he tried to have sex with her. However, she felt a little horny herself. She could slip off and put a couple of fingers up herself, but she really wanted a cock in her. Valerie decided she was going to fuck her husband. The excitement was overbearing. She fucked Mark hard and he really pounded her cunt. She really slickened his cock with her juices and he shot a good load into her. Yet, when she rose to clean herself in the bathroom only their juices ran from her slit.

She sat on the toilet and grinned. She had gotten away with it. She ran her hands over the little paunch like a pregnant mother liking the feel of the bulge in her abdomen. Soon her husband was snoring. Valerie reviewed the events of the day knowing she would fuck the pig again soon. Five billion pig sperm active inside her for 24 hours and some lasting up to three days. Her finger traced her twat to finally settle on her clit. A couple of minutes teasing her clit sent her into an orgasm with a slight moan escaping her throat. Everyone was out of the house the next morning. Valerie was feeling an overwhelming horniness. She dabbled into her pussy, teased teased her clit.

She had to cum again. I feel like I have to fuck. No not fuck … breed. Either her uterus had really flared out or she was absorbing pig cum. She dropped back on the couch and removed her shorts and underwear. Two fingers went between her cunt lips. She gasped at her own contact and began to finger-fuck herself, building to the edge of orgasm, backing off, then building to the edge again and again before letting herself cum. By nightfall Valerie had fingered herself to orgasm a half dozen more times.

The girls were home as well as her husband. After the kids were in bed and husband Mark was on the computer Valerie sat at the kitchen table and got herself off again. What have you done to me? Twice during the night she had to relieve herself with her fingers twice more. The pig semen that her body was absorbing was lighting a fire she could not put out despite her best efforts. Then she was alone the next morning. It was day three. After a vigorous clit rubbing to yet another orgasm Valerie walked towards the barn. Curley grunted at her arrival. Valerie really wanted to fuck him then on the spot.

The over urging need to be bred again kept her constantly at her cunt. Whatever was still left inside her was firmly staying put. The day progressed into night and to bedtime. Mark, her husband, seemed interested in a little pussy. By then Valerie really wanted to fuck him. After all another roll in the bed with him would affirm that Curley kept her sealed up tight. After taking another enthusiastic fucking she was still sealed up tight. Cum ran from her, but it was all from Mark. He seemed proud to claim the new glow from his pretty wife.

After the sex Valerie had one thing on her mind. She had worked hard to stay trim after three kids. Any sign of Curley swelling her belly was now gone. Even Mark noticed her happy mood. He had made her cum hard, but the real spring in her step was knowing in less than an hour the family pig would have his cock up her cunt. The kids were off to school. Mark was at work. Valerie was headed to the barn with Curley right behind her grunting as he chugged along. A little more planning this time. She carried an old blanket and a foam pad. In the barn was stored an old sofa table just about the right height for a sow.

The pad went over the table to keep the blanket from sliding off giving it kind of the awkward shape of a sow. Valerie called the pig over and scratched his ears. The pig sniffed her crotch several times and mounted his legs up over the table. Before Valerie could reach for his cock to guide it the tip dead centered in her outer lips and started spiraling inside her. The tip quickly found her cervix. It started into her uterus. It was as difficult an entry as the first time. The plunging, twisting cock moved deeper inside her uterus. The fluids were starting now and the first clear thin stage of pig cum began to pump and flow. It made Valerie cum while she ignored the sting of her cervix opening up.

Curley stepped up closer and had all of his cock folding and bending to get all of him inside her. He buried in her with a couple of more twisting lunges. Valerie had all of the two foot hog penis into her vagina, through her cervix and was now pulsing, twisting, and cumming in her womb. In addition to the undulating motion pig cum was pumping into her. Not the fertile stuff yet. Curley was still working on unloading the thin, sterile fluid into her. His cock was firmly planted in her, The eight inches into her vagina was pushing the rest of the sixteen inches past her cervix.

All that twisting, curling cock was flinching around in her uterus. There was very little physical movement from Curley, just his cock spasming inside her fleshing out her very womanhood with pig penis and constantly flowing pig seed. Motion stopped for a few moments. The the stirring started again. This time Curley was releasing his fertile, thicker cum into her in spurts that would last maybe twenty minutes as the pig cock spiraled, twisted, and twirled. Valerie was losing a sense of control as her whole tummy contracted in orgasm after orgasm. The narrow width of the pig cock was tight enough in her cervix to prevent any leakage. Curley was almost motionless as he worked his cock inside her.

He would squirt almost a half quart of pig cum in her uterus before sealing her cervix with the last load that would make the spongy plug. Valerie would cum time and time again while he completed the cycle. The milky, thicker seed had entered her as he planted another 5 billion sperm in her before sealing her up. Lost in time Valerie hoped the feeling would never end. Between the fucking and the flooding of her uterus was absolutely euphoric with desire. Then a pause and she could feel the final load consisting of the sticky stuff that would lock the pig seed inside her.

Soon after Curley grunted and climbed off the table as the two feet of his cock pulled from her. Valerie made no effort to move from under the makeshift bench. Even if she could she would probably be on unsteady legs. Curley was still grunting around the barn. He came by twice to sniff at his handiwork. Would he make a second coupling with the pretty human mother and wife like he had the last time? Valerie gave him time because she really wanted him to fuck her again. Valerie caught her breath. This time the whole two feet was curling inside her in mere seconds. She braced herself for fucking.

Then the breeding part began. Still another twenty minutes of fertile seed squirted into her. Maybe even thirty minutes this time as he tried to breed her well. Lastly, another gel plug to close her cervix opening and capture the seed from escaping. Valerie felt filled, smug, satisfied, and content. Her uterus must have been more acceptable to the pig cum. It felt more expanded and taunt. A feeling Valerie liked very much. She went to shower the pig and sex smell off before picking up her daughter from school. She admired her figure in the mirror. He tummy was larger.

Not by much, but noticeable to the pretty young mother. She ran her hands over it in the showers with the washcloth and soap. She felt like she did when cleaning up after some of her adulteress affairs that Mark never had a clue about. Nothing had ever felt as good as Curley fucking her. Her daughter took a shot at getting another Happy Meal and a chance to play in the play yard. Valerie was feeling too mellow after the pig fucking to say no. They went home and Valerie went about usual Mom activities. When she sat on the couch to watch a cartoon with her child she reflected on the events with Curley. Something about the billions of pig sperm grew the connection to Curley.

Saturday was looking normal. Valerie did chores with the animals, keeping it causal with Curley with interacting with the children and the goats and chickens. Mark was mowing grass with the little tractor. They went in to shower off after the busy morning before taking the kids to town. Usually Valerie would be tempted to get in the shower with her husband on such an occasion. This time she knew her swollen belly would attract his attention and give him the idea of a new pregnancy. When she was dressed and ready to go Mark was on the phone to his mother. That would be nice.

That urge she had to fuck Curley since sun up had been eating at her. She had already diddled herself to orgasm once already. I hope you want to fuck again. She called out to him at the gate. Mommy needs your wiggly cock up my cunt. When he saw her get out the table and padding he began to grunt excessively. This violated her three day experimental rule to see what happened after he fucked her. Seeing her husband and kids drive away triggered something very primeval in her. Valerie stripped her clothes and positioned herself to get bred. Curley came up fast and immediately had it threaded in her.

Valerie leaked some of his first load as the thin fluid dissolved the plug he had sealed her with the day before. Her cervix had no resistance this time. Curley easily twisted through and buried all he had in her uterus. The trembling turned into a chain of instant orgasms for Valerie, each one increasing in intensity until she thought she would lose her mind. The short pause came as Curley moved slightly as the breeding semen started to squirt into her. Pornstars, Tits Asses interesting things at Heavy-R, completely offering world's hardcore New about added today!

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