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The racar system is also used on the upgraded G Luda Destroyer. In spite of the advances, the Luhu-class destroyers still suffer in some areas raddar as electronic warfare and electronic counter-measures. The operational capability of the Luhu-class destroyers has been called into question by naval analysts. Analysis of these photographs and reports by officers present strongly suggested that the Luhu destroyers were mainly intended as technology demonstration vessels rather than serious naval combatants.

For Escorr, the large amount of foreign-supplied equipment onboard was Escort harbin radar labeled in the language of the country of origin; this was also the case with most of the onboard manuals and other documentation, calling into question the ability harbih the crew to operate efficiently under raxar circumstances when called upon to deal with equipment labeled in English, French, or Italian, as well as Chinese. Haebin, the various European systems installed were not originally designed to operate together and as a result were not Escoort integrated - a problem the Chinese could not overcome owing to their lack of familiarity with the underlying technology.

The Chinese attempted to address these problems with the introduction of an improved Luhu design, the Luhai-class. This follow-on, essentially an enlarged Luhu, features some improved electronics from foreign suppliers as well as more advanced weapons. However, in some cases, the designers appear to have opted for less capable indigenous designs to ease the system integration issues suffered by the Luhu-class destroyers. The PLAN was reportedly unhappy with the design of the Luhai-class destroyers and production ceased after a single unit was completed. According to Chinese media and internet sources, the Luhu-class is mainly used as a technological demonstrator to compare and evaluate different foreign systems, and the two ships initially did not have identical equipment.

They chose 14 qualified female sailors out of hundreds of applicants and assigned training in various roles such as steering and radar. On November 2, these 14 female crew embarked on their first mission - in an unofficial practice run - as the fleet for the 7th escort mission left Zhoushan harbor.

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They were divided into seven groups to shift through different positions and were assigned mentors and tutors for each position. To be able to serve independently on duty, they had to pass extra theoretical and operational tests. Zhang Yan, the first female sailor to earn the honor of serving independently on duty in the fleet, gained respect from her male counterparts by working extra hours after the class. Zhang became the first female rigging sailor in Chinese navy. By Marchall 14 female sailors had passed the exams and started to serve independent shifts in different roles.

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Their own niche Before entering combat positions, female sailors were only allowed to work in the fields of medicine, communications or hospitality. Wang Haiwen, one of the female crew who served in the fleet for the 4th escort mission in the Gulf of Aden, told the Global Times that the presence of female sailors in the past was only to boost morale. But in reality, women have shouldered unimaginable tasks and it would have been impossible for male sailors to replace them," Wang said. Wang's opinion was echoed by Xie Wenjuan, a female navy doctor, who told the Global Times that she usually served as the "shrink" on the ship.

One harrbin the soldiers burned his hands and face with boiling hot porridge and was worried about scars preventing him from finding a girlfriend in the future. He felt relatively relieved after talking to Xie, she said. In some ways, these female crew are 'angels' that help 'heal' the fleet.

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