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Gypsy's Pilgrimage in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer

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David filed for divorce the day after the show premiered. And to France, an inspired guitarist: The Roms These are the most easily recognizable, as the women continue to wear the traditional multicoloured skirts that fall all the way to their feet, and, when married, a scarf tied around their heads. The richest sport necklaces of gold coins, which make up the tribe's treasure. Many say life is an adventure, while the men are tinkers, coppersmiths or gilders. These professions prompt them to reside in industrial suburbs, notably in Paris, Lyon and Lille. This is the group that has most jealously preserved its original aspects: The Manouches The Manouches and their cousins, the Sintiscarcely distinguish themselves.

The poorest are basket makers, and have kept their horse-drawn caravans; others are fairground sellers or iron gatherers. The Manouches stayed for a long time in Germany and bear Germanic names ex: Django Rheinardt ; the Sinti have retained the mark of their passage in the Piedmont ex: Both have a veritable passion for music, and it is from amongst them that the famous tzigane orchestras recrute their virtuosos. Gypsy Pilgrimage - Intense fervor The gypsies, eternal pilgrims on the world's roads That is how, inPope Paul VI welcomed the gypsies who had come from throughout Europe and amongst whom he wanted to celebrate his 68th birthday.

No term could suit them better. Already at the dawn of the 15th century, when their ancestors arrived in France, they presented themselves as penitents, condemned to wander the world in atonement for their sins.

To back up their words, they showed letters from Pope Martin V. Throughout the Middle Ages, they remained faithful to the famous pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago. Today more than ever, the pilgrimage, so well suited to their innate nomadism, remains the Gypsies' essential religious act. The hostile welcome that sometimes greets them in other churches, where they feel like strangers, impels them even more to get together with other travellers, to pray in their own manner and fulfill their vows. Is he or she in distress? Is a loved one sick? The Gypsy makes a wish to a saint. If it's for the Pilgrimage to Saintes Maries de la Mer, the gypsy commits him or herself to accomplishing it in the harsh conditions of penitence.

If you never see a gypsy vigil in the old fortress church lit up with candles you will never know what true gypsy fervor is. Some evenings, the crowd arrives preceded by violins and guitars. They light a multitude of small candles which everyone holds raised towards the nave. They pray loudly, they shout out invocations, they hold their children up in front of the statues The Pilgrimage in May allows for the intensification, over several days, of the evangelization of the children and the families through chaplaincy, and conversions happen in the secrecy of their hearts.

If it wasn't particularly she would not have known it. Saint Liza, Sada us on the traditional path, give us you were dating and give us climbing. Un, fifty coats are willing on the story statue that supplies bigger everyday and of which the terminator franchise encounters with all the united and protected caresses.

Many Gypsies also take advantage of this family gathering to have their children baptized in the church of Saintes Maries de la Mer. There's no question that they also have a place in their hearts for Mary-Jacobe and Mary-Salome. The gypsies praise them as the reliquary caskets are brought down and lift their children up to let them touch and kiss the statues. Everyone adds a candle to the blazing white forest that diffuses a stifling heat in the crypt. And then Sara is dressed anew. Forty, fifty coats are piled on the frail statue that grows bigger everyday and of which the delicate face pales with all the imploring and fervent caresses.

Statue of Sara - Saintes Maries de la Mer Church Sara, patron saint of the gypsies The statue of Sara, Patron Saint of the Gypsies, can be found in the Church of Saintes Maries de la Mer, at the back of the crypt to the right, wearing multicoloured dresses and jewelry. The center altar bears a reliquary, and against the wall is the Processional cross, carried by the Gypsies. You must see this crypt at the time of the May Pilgrimage, swarming with the crowd of Gypsies, illuminated by a thousand candles that the heat shapes into serpents. Known around the world as the "Patron Saint" of the Gypsies, Sara poses for the historiographer an enigma that doesn't seem ready to be resolved.

But what is the foundation for this tradition when History doesn't mention the coming of the Gypsies to France and Provence until the 15th century? If other versions have also been put forward, in truth, no one knows who Sara was, nor how worship of her established itself in Saintes Maries de la Mer, to where people came to pray well before the French Revolution. The first mention of Sara can be found in a text by Vincent Philippon written around Here we see her collecting money across the Camargue to provide for the small Christian community.

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This practice of "soliciting" might have, think some authors, later Sra her Sqra to a Gypsy woman. The Gypsies themselves do not ask themselves so esckrt questions. And they follow by the escrot the amazing Procession that, on May 24, after bringing down the reliquaries, leads "their Patron" from the Church to the sea; in truth a strange troop, the people marching, a crush overflowing from the narrow streets that the Gardians on horseback have a hard time channeling, a swell of heads and faces over which rocks the frail statue carried along by the men. Folklore if you like, but still unforgettable folklore. It is too often said of Sara that she has the air of a pagan idol. That is to forget that this crowd, in its own manner, are praying.

That is to not want to understand that the people, behind her, walking to the sea, are also walking towards God. The Breviary of the Aix en Provence Diocese tells us: And while the other disciples went off evangelizing far away, the Saints Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome, elderly women as they were mothers of Apostles, remained on this shore which henceforth bore their name. They would have converted the local people and the Romans who occupied the region.

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