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Job Senescence We deduct with dreams. All obsession named to have their names and for Us, her names are already victorious. Big And Pip Satellite Curves. I cornbqnk try my best to come up to your desires. This poem shall be preserved by me as a souvenir. It will strengthen our bond of friendship. I pray to the Almighty that your verses shall become immortal and the future generations may read your works with the same fervor as we read today. Your friend Allen What has Time been portrayed as, and Why? Time has been portrayed as a man carrying the banner in his hands.

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Secondly, time has been portrayed as a human being because the poem is meant for them. The perpetuity of his poetic art and the immortality of his verse is a characteristic attribute which can be noticed in the quality of the poet. It is a well-known fact that like Time and Nature, literary art is also eternal and permanent, making poets live through their work, for thousands of years. Why does the poet refer to Time as being sluttish? The poet refers to Time as sluttish for the reason that it spoils the patterned or gilded monuments.

It discolours them, spoils them and ruins them progressively through its various agents or forces. These agents are like air, rain, natural vegetation, etc. Sluttishhere just means really disgustingly messy. The lines repeat the theme of strong, supposedly permanent things decaying as time goes by. What How does the poet immortalize his beloved?

The poet immortalizes his beloved by saying that his beloved shall live forever in this sonnet and in the eyes of generations to come. Also he will wear out this world till the judgement day and live longer than it. The individual being addressed in the sonnet will live longer in human memory because he is cherished in the poem. He is simply saying that the poem he is writing to some unnamed person will last longer than marble gravestones or stone monuments decorated with gold dedicated to departed royalty.

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And the individual being addressed in the sonnet will live longer in human memory because he is enshrined in the poem. The living record is the verse or sonnet that is transcribed to immortalize the young man. Shakespeare thought that as long as the poem was read by others the man would live always. Death and all its antagonism will not stop him. All of the future age group even to the end of time will praise him. Shakespeare often wrote as though his poetry had a life of its own, as he does in this verse. As long as this poem is recited by future groups, this person will remain to live.

It is a fact that this prediction came true: We are still reading this poem four hundred years later. The speaker in this sonnet is apparently Shakespeare himself. He is very confident of his genius as a poet, and he is saying that the sonnet he is in the process of creating will survive structures made of marble and other stones. It is worth mentioning that the imagery is very strongly associated with garden of remembrance. This suggests that the person to whom this sonnet is addressed has recently died and that this particular sonnet is a monument or requiem.

Otherwise it would seem inappropriate to use such melancholic images in a love sonnet addressed either to a living man or woman. It would create an unfriendly imprint on the person to whom the sonnet was addressed. His sonnet was written some four hundred years ago and has survived many gilded monuments of princes. The speaker is maintaining that he is giving someone prolonged existence through his poem which will last longer than monuments committed to the most powerful individuals. What is the subject matter of the sonnet by William Shakespeare? Uncertainty was a favourite subject of writers during the middle ages and the Renaissance.

In fact sonnet 55 is one of the classic expressions of this idea. At the same time, the poem also emphasizes another key idea from this period, the idea that being distinguished in great poetry can help the person adorned in such poetry to cheat mutability, including death, by giving him or her a status that will last forever. Yet Shakespeare ends this poem with a cunning turn, suggesting that the only way to achieve true immortality and divine existence is to be saved at the end of time by God. Pitino, jurich address allegations of louisville basketball sex scandal lexington herald leader. Whereto, offer right person for a successful.

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