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In younger women, the skin is taut. In older women, the skin is the opposite of taut … and it has its own strength. Intermittently for the last few years, and with particular focus in the last few months, Hellebrand has sought out women of a certain age to photograph nude for her "Body of Awareness" project. At her light-filled South Philadelphia studio, she has larger-than-life blow-ups of her photos — never the face, but close-ups of different areas — shaped into 3D forms that accentuate a torso with a fold of skin, a pelvis with strands of short gray hair, the sag of a knee, a wrinkled belly that looks like the swirls of an ancient tree trunk.

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At first, Hellebrand envisioned frame-filling black-and-white studies nsked old women's bodies — building upon an earlier project that zoomed in on old women's eyes and mouths. More recently, Hellebrand began shaping her photos into the sculptural forms. Though she still explores the aging body, she has started to add pictures of women as young as their 30s. Many of the women share intimate details, about sex lives or diagnoses of horrible diseases — but, so far, no one has shared pictures of the grandkids. She posed this year for the project and allowed she had some trepidation, but when it came time to slip out of her robe, it was no big deal.

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