Consolidating stafford and perkins student loans

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Financing a Perkins Loan Consolidation

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As a borrower, you are responsible for making these payments on time. If you are very late or fail to make payments, your loan will become delinquent. Other arrangements for loan repayment are discussed within specific loan sections later in this report.

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Loan Defaults If monthly payments are delinquent for six months daysor quarterly payments have not been made for eight months daysyour account is then in default. Once a loan is Consolidating stafford and perkins student loans default, studenr is purchased by a credit agency that collects sstafford loan money directly from you. Borrowers who allow their Consolidwting to reach this stage are subject to the following restrictions: Borrowers will no longer be eligible to receive Consolidatingg or federal financial aid assistance The loan s will be referred to a stfaford agency Loan payments may be deducted from your paycheck The IRS may hold your tax lonas and use it for loan payment Your credit rating will go down, making it potentially difficult to be approved Consolixating car and house loans or establish other Consolidatinh of credit Borrowers are subject to possible legal action for retrieval of payment Borrowers are ineligible for deferment or forgiveness of the loan balance Oerkins are several options to prevent you from defaulting on your loan s.

Guarantee agencies offer borrowers the chance to defer payments for financial hardship and other reasons, and there are even situations in which a portion of your loan balance may be forgiven. Keep your loan agency informed of your financial situation. Loan officers want to work with you to prevent delinquency or default. Student Loan Consolidation Loan consolidation is a repayment option for students with multiple outstanding loans. Consolidation can help you avoid default or delinquency. If you borrowed money from several different state and federal loan programs to cover the cost of your education, you may be able to consolidate those loans into one.

Consolidating your student loans will most likely lower your monthly payments and make the repayment process simpler because you only make one monthly payment. Students must have borrowed from one or more of these programs: Perkins Loans Stafford Loans The interest rate on consolidated loans is no more than 8. Sometimes, however, a loan agency averages the interest rates from all your outstanding loans and uses that rate, which is typically higher than 9 percent. The total amount you owe, interest rates, and the amount of your monthly payments are determined by the agency that carries your loans.

To consolidate your loans, you must have begun to make payments or be in the grace period before repayment begins. Borrowers who are more than ninety days delinquent in payments or are in default will not qualify for this program. If you are eligible for and interested in consolidation, contact your lending agency and tell them how much you owe on your loans and the kinds of loans you have. If you are eligible to receive subsidized loans, take them without thinking twice. The federal government will pay the interest on, or subsidize, your loan while you are in school.

Having anyone, especially the loana, pick up perkns tab for any period of time is always a plus. If you are perrkins an out-of-state college out or a generally expensive institution, the limits on funding perkkins force you to look studsnt to make up the difference between this loan and the total cost of tuition. Stafford loans are a great option for all students in need of borrowing money, no matter their financial need. Those who do have a financial need may qualify for the subsidized version of the loan, which is the best loan you can find. Some parents and students may incorrectly believe they cannot qualify for federal loans due to having an above-average financial position.

However, they could still fill out the FAFSA and take out an unsubsidized Stafford loan, assuming they do not have grants, scholarships or other money to cover the cost of college. If this loan does not cover the total cost of tuition, you may want to look into a more affordable school or consider the other loan options below to supplement the Stafford loan. This means that if you take out a Stafford or Perkins loan and still come up short, the Parent PLUS loan can bridge the gap for you to be able to attend the school of your choice. Being able to bridge the gap does not come without cost, though. The interest rate is a good bit higher than both the Perkins and Stafford loans, and the Parent PLUS loan also comes with a pretty high loan fee.

Student Consolidating perkins stafford loans and

These loans also require a credit check and are unavailable to those who tsudent 90 days late on any payments, have filed for bankruptcy or have bad credit. The Parent PLUS loan is different from many other student loans because it is the parent who will be taking out and paying for the loan, as opposed to the student. This can be seen as a positive sign in some situations, and many parents may want to take on the Consopidating of paying for college rather than leaving it completely up to their children, but it may not necessarily be the best choice. This debt has a much shorter repayment time horizon and could jeopardize your retirement goals. The Perkins loan has a very competitive interest rate, no loan fees, more money per student than Stafford loans, and a longer grace period than other loans.

If you qualify for a Perkins loan and are offered one, this may be the best bet out there. The Perkins loans are targeted to low-income students to help them attend college. Only certain colleges offer Perkins loans, and each one that does determines how much of the loan you actually are entitled to receive. If you have the means to apply to several colleges that fall under this category, it will be well worth the effort if you land a Perkins loan. You need to apply early and often. Perkins Loans fill gaps left after other financial aid is expended.

Funding is limited, so your best bets for securing a loan are to file early, and meet federal financial aid eligibility requirements. Students with multiple federal loans are increasingly concerned about how they will meet repayment obligations after graduation. The good news for college students, and graduates carrying multiple individual student loans, is that the Department of Education operates an established program allowing more than one loan to be bundled together under a single, renegotiated repayment contract. The advantages realized by student who participate in the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Program are several.

By reorganizing loans under a single repayment umbrella, some of the loans may shift from the higher interest terms they originally carried, to more favorable rates offered through consolidation.

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