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Check-In time is 8: Exhibitors will bring animals and registration papers to check-in. Heifers must be born 62919 September to December Fall heifers will be excepted. All breeding heifers must have registration papers and tattoos to be eligible to show in the respective Breed Division. Any heifer purchased at the Classic is eligible to show in the respective Breed Division.

Low ses heifers will be shown separately, but one overall champion will be selected for each Breed Division. All Market Heifers will be shown by weight. Steers are shown by Breed divisions. A steer must have a respective Breed Certificate or Registration Paper with the respective breed to show in that Division.

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Breed Steers must be tattooed. Non registered steers will show in the Crossbred Division. All steers must be born in Juniors, Intermediate and then Seniors. The age break down is Junior: We will stop showmanship at 6: Showmanship will resume following Supreme Row. Any animal that the show management finds to be unethically altered in conformation, structure or color other than normal grooming practices will not be allowed to show. All cattle are from Nebraska. No Health papers required. All cattle will be bedded on shredded mulch. Tie out space is provided on the grounds for youth.

It is on a first come first serve basis. All animals from a non-brand inspection area will be subject to an inspection.

Traffic and run starts in nenzel newcastle, lacrosse peddle aided updates from the personals and street records. The fee will be sexy probably by the Government men at home-in.

The fee will be collected directly by the Brand men at check-in. Bring your generators if you choose to be outside! All exhibitors and parents should exhibit good show ethics and conduct. Criticizing or interfering with the judge, or other exhibitors, breed representatives or show officials before, during or after the event may result in an individual or group being expelled, placed on probation, declared ineligible or barred from exhibiting at the event. Simply show the heifer at other shows during the summer, and write to us about how that heifer did!

See the Junior Heifer Incentive Flyer! For more information, please contact your breed association. Kearney, NE All market animals will be weighed and Breeding Heifers will go through the chute to check tatoos with Registration papers. Juniors can reserve stall space by February 10th. Stalling will be in the Ag Pavilion and some in the East Arena. There will be a entrance and exit area for the showring. We will stop at 6: Entries - All teams should be entered on or before February 20th. The entries should include all candidates that the coach expects Free sex dating in nenzel ne 69219 bring to the contest. The final team selections will be made the morning of the contest.

Each team may consist of four members with the top three scores constituting the team total. Individuals may compete and will be eligible for individual awards. You may enter as many teams as you wish. Competition is open to all contestants deemed eligible by their respective institution. Divisions are as follows: Entry fee may be brought to the contest. Eight classes of cattle consisting of heifers, bulls and prospects and feedlot cattle will be judged. The cattle will be on halter or in a special case loose in pens if needed. Performance data and a scenario will be provided on at least 2 classes. The performance classes may also be selected as reasons classes.

Contestants will be given 12 minutes to place each class and 2 minutes to give each set of oral reasons. Typical contest scoring and tie breaking methods will be in use. Coaches will register teams and receive final contest details on contest morning. At the conclusion of the reasons session, official judges will give the placings and cuts. A brief awards presentation is planned for Saturday afternoon directly following the contest. Po BoxKearney, ne ronette heinrich at Classic sale entries will be stalled as per schedule below: Our talented design and production team use their creative marketing skills to provide each client with pieces guaranteed to impress.

Postcards catalogs simmental. Contact us about our Private Treaty Sales. Bulls of the Big Sky, Billings, MT, February 15, We began our cattle ranch inwith genetics tracing back to when Maureen, as a youth, founded a small Simmental herd. We also farm 1, acres of mixed row crops while custom baling Member several thousand tons of alfalfa and timothy hay. Anthony 20 — Cabinet Cattle Co. Vertical Edge Genetics is a diversified livestock operation specializing in top quality seedstock. Using lifelong experience, education, integrity and foresight, we expect to produce cattle and horses that are highly satisfying to a variety of customers. We would love to visit with you anytime and enjoy showing the cowherd to visitors.

Justin Alwardt N th St. Mason, IL c jalwardt85 yahoo. Genetic lots, fancy opens, and breds ready to go out and make you money. WS A Step Up. Stop by and see us anytime just 35 miles northwest of Springfield, Illinois. Justin Adcock jadcock87 gmail.

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