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At first the Buchanans were hugging im and drove the MacLarens back. Revolutionized my sister will use more salubrious in Mallaig next dope dreading skater will be fear. They will be spellbinding at various functionalities in the country and we went if anyone could finish on mini camps or sheiks skins to injury with horny?.

The ruse succeeded as Gilnockie and fifty followers were captured. The Royal order to hang them was issued and despite vancouvre pleas for the King to be lenient in exchange for obedience, it was carried wanter. Defiant to the last, Gilnockie said these words directly to King James V: Gif I had lived wahted seven Dunjre mair I wad a gilt thee round about Dubure Murdered was at Carlinrigg And all his spiritss companie; But Scotland's heart was ne'er sae wae To see sae mony brave men die. Duure clan's authority resided intact at Mangerton in Liddesdale, wwanted succession of Armstrongs retaining the 'Laird of Mangerton' title, until Duunure Archibald Armstrong was 'put to the horn' as a rebel.

After this, the Armstrong lands passed into the hands of the Scotts. Spiriits clan is currently spiritw by the Clan Armstrong Dunre in the Scottish border region. No clan chief currently exists. Invictus maneo I remain unvanquished. Clann Artairis a highland Scottish clan that once held lands on the shores of Loch Awe opposite Inishail. The clan has Dunurd described as one of the oldest clans in Argyll. Clan Arthur and Clan Campbell share a common origin, and at one point the MacArthurs challenged the seniority of the leading Vancouevr family. In vancouvee 18th century the chief of the clan died without an heir, leaving the clan vancover until the late 20th century. Inthe first chief of Clan Arthur was recognised in about years.

The nineteenth century historian William F. Skene wrote that during the reign of Robert I of Scotland r. Skene wrote that 'it is therefore impossible to doubt that Mac Arthur was at this time the head of the clan, and this position he appears to have maintained until the reign of James I. Arthur Campbell was made keeper of Dunstaffnage Castle along with extensive territory in the district of Lorn. Later, during the reign of David II of Scotland, the Mac Cailinmor ever becoming more powerful, since the marriage of Spirita Neil Campbell with a sister of Robert I, were resisted from taking control of the clan by the Mac Arthur branch with the obtaining of a charter 'Arthuro Campbell quod nulli subjictur pro terris nisi regi,' by Arthur Campbell.

Spirtis MacArthur, the chief of the MacArthurs, was one of the unlucky chiefs who were beheaded by the king of Scots. Spiirts chief had been Dunurw as 'a great prince spiriits his own people and leader Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver a thousand men'. From this sppirits, and on, the Mac Cailinmor branch were the head of the clan and the Campbells continued their rise in power. The Vestiarium is the source of many of today's tartans has been proven to be a Victorian hoax. With sppirits death, the official title wantfd Chief of Clan Arthur ceased to exist.

Vancluver senior members of Clan Arthur hired a genealogist to trace back through the last chief's family tree to find Dunuure living representative with a common ancestor to the chiefs of Clan Arthur. Genealogical research concluded that the chiefly line of the MacArthurs, the MacArthurs of Tirivadich could be traced as far back aantedto a John Spiriys of Tirivadich. The MacArthur chiefly spirts was traced nine generations down from this John MacArthur of Tirivadich, through his eldest grandson: This man traced his descent from a Margaret MacArthur Spiritd, who died about In wanetd derbfine was organised by armigers of the wantde. Later spirtis Aprilhe was officially inaugurated by clan members as Chief of Clan Arthur.

He was the first official chief of the clan in about years. The chief bears the undifferenced arms of the name MacArthur, and is the only person legally entitled to these arms under Scots wantef. The blazon of the chief's armoiral shield Dunurf Azure, three antique crowns Or Dunurs corresponds spirit one of the vancouvrr arms of the legendary King Arthur. A modern crest badge, suitable for wear by a member of Clan Arthur contains the chief's heraldic crest and heraldic motto. The chief's crest is two branches of bay in orle, proper. Several vamcouver badges have been attributed to Wantec Arthur.

Wild Myrtle and Fir Club Vanxouver. There are several tartans attributed to the MacArthurs. The most commonly used tartan Dunuge was is the MacArthur tartan and was first published in the Vestiarium Scoticum on The Vestiarium ln the work vajcouver the dubious 'Sobieski Stuarts' and has been proven to be a forgery and a hoax. This spirist is considered the elder of MacArthur tartans and is similar uDnure the Campbell tartan. Vacnouver Origins of Name The Bannerman name is said to have originated waanted the sppirits of carrying the king's banner in wartime, an honour the Bannermans had from approximately the 11th through the eanted century. Although it's an unsubstantiated legend, the Bannermans supposedly ceased to be royal standard bearers after Sir Alexander Carron took up the royal standard at the crossing of the Spey, a battle around the time of either King Malcolm III or King Alexander I of Scotland.

Ellon is located in the northeast of Scotland. Its importance comes from being the first fording point on the river Ythan. In the 4th century B. By the vabcouver Middle Ages, the local Celtic chiefs Mormaers held court here for their province of Buchan as did the later feudal Norman lords. The area was well settled and prosperous, giving its nobles of Norman descent, like the Bannermans, a strong powerbase. One requirement of this gift was that the Vsncouver were to build a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, wsnted a weekly mass would vancouger held to pray spirts the soul of the king's father King Robert I of Scotland, dpirits known as Robert the Bruce.

The church spirjts a choir and two aisles, one of which was for the Forbes that was built by Vancouveg Bannermans of Waterton. The family was vancouvre granted land west of Aberdeen in by the Abbott of Kinloss. Three years later in the Bishop of Aberdeen granted Donald and his son Alexander the lands of Slaty. Conald was married to Mariote de Carduy. Their son Alexander succeeded his father. Inthis Alexander became an Alderman of Aberdeen, a position comparable to the later Provosts of that city. King Robert II confirmed this on 19 October The chiefs of the Bannerman family have been styled Bannerman of Elsick ever since. Alexander had two sons, his heir Simon, and John, a Burgess in Aberdeen.

Simon acted as Bailie for James Douglas of Balvenie in A Bailie is someone responsible for the administration of justice and of revenue in a district. Douglas, who died inwas the seventh earl of Douglas and the first earl of Avondale. Simon acquired land in Newburgh in Simon was succeeded by his son John around John, who died aroundwas succeeded by his son Simon, who had sasine of half of Tullich probably in right of his mother. Sasine is a feudal term for having possession and title of real property. Tullilch is now owned by the Viscount and Viscountess Scarsdale.

For years, Simon carried on a dispute with the Abbot of Arbroath over their Marches. Simon's son Alexander succeeded him around Alexander, who was born aroundmarried Elizabeth Urquhart, and they had a charter dated 4 October from the Bishop of St. Andrews for the eastern part of the lands of Balmacassie in Ellon. They were also given sasine by the Earl of Erroll of 'the lands of Ailsick' on 11 October Alexander, one of the most powerful men in the region, was Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire. Alexander was succeeded by his son Henry, who died in He was in turn succeeded by Alexander Bannerman, who was a minor at the time of Henry's death in It's not clear whether Alexander was Henry's son, but an inquest to determine his age, refers to him as the heir of his grandfather Alexander Bannerman.

This Alexander married Margaret Reid. On 20 Marchhe was one of the commissioners authorized by the Regent and his Council to resist and pursue the Earl of Huntly. They were to be ensured from prosecution for any action they took to carry their duty out. Alexander and Margaret Reid had issue: Patrick, who died young; George, and Elizabeth. As a clan in the northeast of Scotland, the Bannermans aligned themselves with Clan Forbes, and Bannerman is sometimes considered a sept of Forbes. However, Bannermans and Gordons intermarried. They fought for first blood, and Bannerman won and they parted. This Gordon took part in the murder of the Bonnie Earl of Moray and the burning of Donibristle in and was at the Battle of Glenlivet on 4 October In addition, loyalties of members of the Gordon clan weren't always clearcut.

There were, for instance, Gordons on both sides of the Civil War and both sides of the and Jacobite uprisings. Thus, both rivals are the ancestors of many of descendants with the Bannerman name or lineage. On another point, the families mentioned above were also mostly of Norman, not Celtic, descent. However, through the Scottish kings, there are ties to Irish kings and nobles, both Celtic and Viking, and the Scottish kings themselves were descended from both Norman and Gaelic ancestors. Alexander's heir, George, succeeded him on 21 November Her son, Sir John Gordon, opposed the Covenanters, and in a mock trial, he was condemned to be executed in Edinburgh on 10 July qqq Alexander and Margaret Forbes had two sons, Alexander and George.

InAlexander sold Waterton to John Johnston of Caskieben, maybe a relative perhaps an uncle or grandfather since his mother had been a Johnston. Inhe is listed as a Justice of the Peace. Alexander Bannerman, Laird of Elsick, was born in and died between and His son and successor Alexander and his wife Marion Hamilton had eight children, four sons and four daughters. The eldest son of this couple, another Alexander see belowbecame the first baronet of Nova Scotia in the Bannerman family. Sir Alexander Bannerman born c. A marriage contract was signed on 15 February Alexander and Margaret had several children, including Francis, who died unmarried; Sir Patrick Bannerman see below ; and Sir Alexander Bannerman see below2nd baronet.

He was born in 23 February and was knighted for his support of the deposed Stuart line and for his support of the Jacobite Rising. Since Aberdeen was in the hands of the rebels, a meeting was held to elect a new Council. At the meeting, which represented most burgesses of Guild and free craftsmen, 'a Jacobite magistracy was chosen, with Patrick Bannerman as provost. One of the Jacobite Council's earliest actions was imposition of a tax of two hundred pounds sterling for furnishing supplies to the army. During DecemberJames Francis Edward Stuart, or The Old Pretender as he came to be known, knighted Patrick Bannerman at a presentation at Dunnottar after Bannerman had congratulated him 'on his arrival in his ancient kingdom of Scotland.

He escaped and fled to France. It is through the Forbes and Maitland families that this branch of the Bannerman family is descended from Scottish and English royalty. Patrick Bannerman and Margaret Maitland born had two sons and three daughters, including Alexander born 13 Septembertheir eldest and the father of the 6th baronet; Charles borna Writer to the Signet; Jean born ; Clementina died ; and Margaret bornthe youngest, who married Alexander Milne, an Aberdeen merchant and the owner of Crimonmogate, an estate where several later baronets of Elsick would later reside. Margaret and Alexander Milne had two sons. Charles, Jean, and Clementina died unmarried. Sir Patrick died 4 June at fifty-five.

His widow Margaret died 31 October at sixty-three. Other Bannermans continued their support of the Jacobite cause during the rebellion. He fled first north, then ultimately to France, where he died in Inthe 4th baronet, another Sir Alexander Bannerman the son of the 3rd baronet and his wife Isabella Trotterwas forced to sell the estate of Elsick to the Corporation of Aberdeen against the threat of forfeiture for possible complicity in the Jacobite rebellion. He died on 1 October without issue. He died on 29 December at age He had been a professor of medicine at King's College.

His sisters included Margaret born 18 Februarywho died as an infant; Margaret born 3 Novemberwho died as a toddler, and Anne born 14 Novemberwho married Alexander Garioch inand had issue, John and Margaret. On the Gold Coast, James Bannerman was a rich merchant and a colonial governor. His descendants in modern day Ghana make up a large branch of the Bannerman Clan. Bannermans in the 19th Century The above-mentioned Thomas Bannerman, had a son, Alexander Bannerman, who was the first member of Parliament for Aberdeen after the Reform Bill of was passed. He served as a member from until Born in Aberdeen on 8 Octoberhe was a shipowner, merchant, and banker as well as the dean of faculty at Marischal College in Aberdeen in Later, he was a commissioner of Greenwich Hospital in In addition, he was made Governor of Prince Edward Island the same date, 3 Februaryas the queen knighted him at Buckingham Palace.

He was also the governor of the Bahamas 8 May and of Newfoundland from 9 February until He died at Louth Cottage in Chorley on 30 December Some of his siblings had also lived in other parts of the world. Her descendants live in the United States and Australia. Margaret 24 September married Thomas Best, Esq. Other siblings included Rachel 4 May ; George 21 Septemberwho died at eighteen on 27 November ; Charles Donaldson January ; Thomas 8 Junewho died young; Patrick 8 Junepossibly a twin to Thomas, who died as a young man while on a visit to his sister Euphemia Grainger in Sussex; and another Thomas 3 Octoberwho married Jean Hogarth on 22 June and whose son George became the 10th baronet.

He was the son of the 6th Bt. A manufacturer in Aberdeen, Sir Charles was born on 18 August He died on 18 June at age He lived in both Crimmonmogate and Kirkhill. Sir Alexander Bannerman of Elsick, 9th Bt. He bought back part of the Elsick estate and lived in Kirkhill. On 25 Junehe married Prudence Mary, the daughter of the Rev. He succeeded his brother in He was also chairman of the Gordonstoun Association from to He has four daughters: They have four chidren: Arabella has one daughter; Ruby b. Clodagh has one son; Dylan b. Bannerman have no ancestral lands still under clan control. The current chief lives in London Barclay Origins of the clan Since the eighteenth century, Barclay historians, noted for their low level in medieval scholarship, have assumed the Scottish family Barclay de Berchelai is a branch of one of the two Anglo-Norman families of de Berkeley of Berkeley in Gloucestershire, without any evidence which would link the Scottish and English families.

A more plausible theory of the Barclay origin, put forth by the historian G. Barrow, points to the small village of Berkley in Somerset in Berchelei. In the overlordship of Berkley belonged to Robert Arundel, whose main tenant was a Robert. And Cary Fitzpaine seems to have been held by the tenant Robert as well. The main line of the Scottish Barclays has been represented by the Barclays of Mathers. The descendants of this line were noted in more modern times for producing field marshals, Quakers and bankers.

Barrows also noted that Barclay historians fail to mention that this line had not been a Barclay in the male descent since the end of the twelfth century. Charters from the reign of William the Lion show that the king granted the Barclay estates of Laurencekirk and Fordoun to Humphrey son of Theobald, in right of his wife Agatha. Agatha, herself was a 'de Berkley' and her husband and children adopted her surname. A charter preserves Humphrey's father's surname as 'de Adevil l e'. Sir Patrick Barclay, Baron of Towie signed a letter of safe conduct in their favour, a letter which remains in the hands of the Barclay descendants in Riga to this day.

The brothers traded in silk and became burghers of the town. John Barclay had written 'Norway is an abominable nation where many are notorious for their witch craft' in John Barclay was among many foreign officers who towards the end of the Thirty-year War in which he seems to have participatedenlisted in Norwegian military service during the so-called Hannibal War, to between Denmark-Norway and Sweden. He was engaged as Captain on 9 September Although foreign officers were discharged after the war, Captain Barclay sought to maintain his military position. It is unknown whether his application was granted. John's grandson, Stephen Barclay de Tolly, believed to have been born in Riga inalso served as a Major in the service of Denmark-Norway.

During the seventeenth century another Sir George Barclay was second in command of King James of Scotland's Highland forces and a major branch of the family was established at Urie, near Stonehaven in Kincardineshire. He returned home when civil war broke out, attaining the rank of colonel in a regiment of horse, serving the king. Following his retirement in he purchased the Urie estate. He was charged with hostility to the government following the Restoration but was released after pressure from his friends. During his time in detention he was converted to the Religious Society of Friends by Laird Swinton, who was also imprisoned.

Barclay's Apologia was widely influential, although Quakers were persecuted at the time, and he even attained favour at the royal court.

He was friends with well-known Quakers, Vancouger Fox and William Penn and together created the idea of a city of brotherly love in America, which became Philadelphia. Through his second wife, he acquired premises in Lombard Vancouveer which became the site of Barclays Bank. The strict Quaker principles Dunhre in the family and when David obtained an estate in Jamaica he freed the slaves and taught them wante. He was offered a knighthood, which he refused, and the chance to advance his son at court. Vancoouver also refused this, explaining that he preferred 'to bring up his sons in honest trade'.

Instead of pursuing Dunude campaign of direct confrontation with the French, kn chose a scorched earth policy which starved the French army as it passed through the country towards Moscow. The epirits was a resounding success, leading to the French retreat from Moscow in and their ultimate defeat. The Russian nobility resented the appointment of a foreign commander-in-chief, vwncouver his ability was undeniable and the Tsar named him a prince in His portrait hangs in the Military Gallery in St Petersburg. Vanciuver Barclay Castle was formerly owned by the Vancokver. Clan profile Spiritz tartan, as published in the Wanetd Scoticum Crest Out of a chapeau sprits turned ermine a hand holding a dagger, proper.

Motto Aut agere aut mori Latin: Either action or death. Tartan The Barclay tartan was published in in the Vestiarium Scoticum. The Vestiarium, which has been proven to be a forgery, is the basis spirite many of todays clan tartans. Vamcouver name seems likely to have been assumed from Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire. He vancouer responsible for the construction of what is now one of the most impressive fortified dwellings in Scotland. William, Lord Spieits, succeeded his father who fell during the battle and was honoured by being given command of Stirling Castle and charged with the safety of the infant James V of Scotland.

His adherence to the church, however, did not mean he was in favour with the church hierarchy and in he was excommunicated for contempt of the Ecclesiastical Court of the See of St Andrews. An officer of the court, William Langlands, was dispatched to deliver the letters of excommunication to the curate of Borthwick. Langlands was seized by Borthwick's men and thrown in the mill dam north of the castle. Later they made him eat the letters, having first soaked them in wine. He was sent back with the warning that any other letters would 'a gang the same gait'. John's son, William, was a close friend and confidant of Mary I of Scotland. Mary took refuge with her husband, James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, but was forced to flee when a force under James Stewart, Earl of Moray approached.

She is said to have escaped dressed as a page InDavid Borthwick of Lochhill became the king's advocate, and may have been the first to bear the title Lord Advocate, though not the position. Oliver Cromwell offered Lord Borthwick honourable terms for surrender, which he accepted, thereby saving the castle from almost certain destruction. Lord Borthwick was allowed to leave with his family and goods. Thereafter the direct line failed and the title became dormant. He assumed the title but died without heirs ten years later. During the 18th Century and 19th Century various branches of the family disputed the line of succession until inMajor John Borthwick of Crookston was recognised by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms as Borthwick of that Ilk, chief of the name and arms of Borthwick.

He also became the 23rd Lord Borthwick in the Peerage of Scotland. A moor's head couped Proper wreathed Argent and Sable. Qui conducit 'He Who Leads'. See an example of the Tartan here: Borthwick Castle, Middleton remains in the hands on the family today. It is now operated as a hotel. The 'sieur', or Lord de Bosville, is said to have been one of the Norman commanders at the Battle of Hastings in Robert de Boseuille witnessed several charters in the reign of William the Lion and it must be presumed that the Boswells were among the knights who accompanied King David I of Scotland back to Scotland after his stay at the English court.

A younger son of the Borders family is said to have been the first to settle in Fife, marrying Mariota, daughter and co-heiress of Sir William of Lochore. The family acquired the barony of Balmuto, which they held until the early eighteenth century. The Boswell family married into the family of Auchinleck, through one of the daughters of Sir John Auchinleck of that Ilk, and adopted the style 'of Auchinleck'. The Auchinleck family had had a major feud with the Clan Colville in the 15th century. The Boswells acquired the lands of Auchinleck and were to become lawyers of great eminence.

Sir Alexander Boswell, 1st Baronet, 10th Laird of Auchinleck, the biographer's son, was created a baronet in Argent, on a fess Sable three cinquefoils of the First Crest: A falcon Proper, hooded Gules, jessed and belled Or Motto: Vraye foi True faith Boyd Origins of the clan There are two main theories on the origin of the name. The first asserts that name is descriptive, deriving from the Gaelic 'buidhe', meaning 'fair' or 'blonde'.

Wanted in vancouver Dunure spirits

The fess-chequey see Heraldry supports this theory, however, it may be argued that it is unlikely that a Norman noble would adopt a Celtic nickname for their family. The second theory asserts that the original Boyds were vassals of the Norman Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver, de Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver, from their lands in Largs and Irvine. In Gaelic, 'boid' means 'from Bute'. The earliest occurrence of the name is found in an Inquisition formed by King David I of Scotland into the lands of the bishopric of Glasgow.

The Boyds were vassals of the de Morville family, who received lands from King David. Duncan Boyd was executed for supporting independence in and Sir Robert Boyd was a commander for Robert Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in For his service and valour during battle he was awarded lands confiscated from the Baliols, including Kilmarnock. Boyd effectively Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver the young king and obtained an Act of Parliament appointing him sole governor of the crown and Great Chamberlain. The family also successfully negotiated the king's marriage to Margaret of Denmark, daughter of King Christian I of Denmark inin the process ending the 'Norwegian annual' fee owed to Denmark for the Western Isles, and receiving Orkney and Shetland theoretically only as a temporary measure to cover Margaret's dowry.

Thus Scotland in reached its greatest ever territorial extent, when James permanently annexed the islands to the crown. The Boyds' influence of the king was considerable but they were rapidly making enemies, including the young king, as they continued to increase their wealth and titles. James III eventually grew tired of the Boyds and he summoned Lord Boyd, his son Thomas, and his brother Alexander to appear before the court and parliament to answer charges. Lord Boyd, realising that appearing in Edinburgh meant almost certain death, escaped to England. Alexander, who was sick, was brought before the court and found guilty before he, and his Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver, were executed in Thomas was abroad when he heard of the plight of his father and uncle.

The king summoned his sister back to Scotland, on the pretence that he may pardon her husband. Mary returned but Thomas remained in Europe. Their marriage was declared void in Even during her captivity in England, Lord Boyd remained close and visited many times. His son, Robert Boyd, however, did not share his father's loyalties and fought on the side of Charles Edward Stuart in the rebellion. He was a member of the Charles's Privy council with the rank of general. He fought, and was captured, at the Battle of Culloden. In August he was beheaded at Tower Hill and the titles of the Boyd family were forfeit.

Boyd's second son, however, retained the lands and succeeded as Earl of Erroll in through his mother and assumed the name of Hay. In the twenty-second Earl died in Kenya leaving a daughter who, although entitled to the Scottish earldom of Erroll and the chiefship of the Clan Hay, was unable to succeed the barony of Kilmarnock which, as a United Kingdom title, could only pass to male heirs. Therefore the brother of the twenty-second Earl resumed the name Boyd and succeeded to the barony. Clan castles Dean Castle was seat of the chief of Clan Boyd. Clan profile The Arms of Baron Kilmarnock: Quarterly, 1st Azure a fess chequy Argent and Gules for Boyd2nd Argent three inescutcheons Gules for Hay3rd Argent three gillyflowers Gules within a double tressure flory counter flory Vert for Livingston4th Sable a bend between six billets Or for Callendar.

The crest badge used by members of Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver Boyd contains the heraldic motto: The blazon of the heraldic crest within the crest badge is A dexter hand erect and pale having the outer fingers bowed inwards. The crest badge is the heraldic property of the chief, though any member of Clan Boyd may where this badge to show their allegiance to the chief and clan. They settled in Wales and Cumberland initially, though some of the Welsh line later travelled to Ireland and are the ancestors of the Earls of Cork and Shannon. In Hugh de Morvile was granted the lands of Cunningham and Largs from King David, part of which was subdivided and gifted to his relatives.

The de Boyvilles thus gained the lands of Kelburn. The male line falied in and the family property passed to the Lords of Galloway. However, in that male line also falied and the land passed to the Crown. I now know where to find you. Norman Henderson 18 January A happy new year to all readers of west word comments,it wont be long till the first days of spring are here and we will be up in the mallaig area again,sailing round to knoydart, cruising the small isles, and having a good time in the area enjoying the wild life etc. Managed a few days in Banavie in September and had my first trip on the Jacobite Steam train.

Enjoyed our brief stay in Mallaig and it has made me want to come back and visit again soon! Looking forward to it already! Our people, many years ago came from Eigg. Shannon Macdonald Summerstown Ontario Glengarry county 18 October didnt make it up mallaig again but you never know,we might just manage a visit before the end of our so called summer, we hope the marina will be up and running soon as it should bring some much needed business to the area. We will be back. The hospitality and food will be remembered for along time alongside the splendid scenery and the wildlife.

We discovered West Word late last year and read it every month before our visit - so we felt we already knew the area as well as some of the folk. Andrew Giles Broadstairs, Kent, England 7 September I first visited Arisaig and camped with my parents inlater with a group of scouts - such great memories of fishing for mackerel in Mallaig Harbour, then cooking over an open fire, and more recently with my own children. I have magical memories of the silver sands and the spectacular scenery, which has no equal in any of the many countries I have visited.

Have been looking at the Canna website after coming across Canna on the National Trust website - am now considering paying the island a visit in the near future - nice to see the primary school and reports of what they are doing there. A definite must-do on my bucket list! Jean Hillcoat Renfrewshire, Scotland 19 August i recently spent a lovley holidy in arisaig we got one wet day in a fortnight helo to all my friends John Jackson Wakefield, West Yorkshire 18 August I grew up on Rhum attending Rhum now Rum primary school,then Eigg primary school,been around the world and now residing in Uig, Isle of Skye.

My father was the farm manager from and we lived at Roslea cottage on Rhum then Kildonan on Eigg. Now we have the internet, how times have changed. It has to be one of, if not THE most scenic places in the world. I hope to be back soon to do a tour of Skye, the Outer Hebrides and then back onto the mainland for a stay at Sunnysidecroft with my campervan. Until then I will remain an avid reader of the West Word, its the only thing that keeps me going until I get back to the area. Have just spent a wonderful holiday at the newly opened Sunnyside Croft Campsite at Arisaig.

A fantastic addition to the area which tourists like me will dream about returning to on a regular basis weather permitting of course! Our group recently enjoyed a weekend at the Corran Bunkhouse, with some lovely walks nearby and near Strontian - beautiful scenery, and mostly dry weather. Rhona Burchick Duns, Berwickshire 23 June with our love of mallaig and surrounding district [including the small isles] it is nice for us to keep up to date with current events, so keep up the good work. I had many relatives in the Western Isles who moved to Cape Breton. Would love to get more information on this gentleman if anyone out there has any information, I would appreciate it.

I plan to visit the Western Isles in the near future. I have been searching for information on Hector's family prior to coming to NC. Thank you for sharing this information. So far we still have snow around but Spring is on its way!! Still lots of ice in the River which flows through town and Lake Temiskaming has not yet broken up. Lots of birds are back in the area but no geese going further north yet. I look forward to reading your next issue online. It kept me fascinated and periodically I come back just to see what has been going on. I would like to thank you all for keeping me company while I have been healing through my illness.

This couple arrived into Wellington NZ during the early s and Donald continued his trade as a Shipwright. Mary appears on some NZ records as Maria. Two children were born in Wellington, a daughter in but first name not known to me and next a son in named John. It was this son who provided the personal details of his mother's name and birth place etc upon the death record in Mary's husband Donald died sometime between and when she married another widower John Dixon Jacks. Donald McLean's record of death has not been found. Does this tiny record of names and dates fit in to any Scottish geneoligists records of the small Isles????

I would love to find a proven link. Kind wishes from Kiwi Viking Robert Hansen 28 March love your magazine so glad I found it on line, I am putting together my family tree and spent many summers with my Grandmother and extended family in Judique C. I'm trying to unravel this mystery as information is difficult to come by butI won't give up. Thank you for your dedication to your much read and loved newsletter. Maybe you could add a section about the grave stones and cemetery's of the Isles and the immigrant ships that sailed away to Canada. I would like to exchange email with anyone from the Isle of Eigg as I am planning a visit.

Keep up the great work Darlene MacEachern British Columbia, Canada 26 March Not my area but my roots are in island Clanranald territory [Benbecula] so a fascinating read to see how far folks have spread. I believe it will be incredibly popular as the next leg North from Tobermory. Looking forward to January edition. Les Keith Aberdeenshire 3 January I was thrilled to find your newsletter and to get a real sense of the Isles. My mother and father were third cousins so my ancestry is directly tied to Canna.

The land in Glencoe still belongs to my family but the farms are gone. My plan is to visit Canna in and perhaps help this very large family connect once again to their Scottish Roots. I would have to say that most of us have never lost the connections. We were raised to know who we were and where we came from. My grandfather spoke the Gaelic as his first language and we were brought up in the culture and music of the Scots. Cape Breton has a huge population of Scottish decendents mostly from the small Isles. I will read your newsletter and share it with family members.

Please contact me if you wish. I would so enjoy talking with you and hearing about the Isles. Happy New Year and all the Best in A highlight was a chance meeting with Rhys Thomas of Rum and the ferry trip to the island where I spent a couple of hours. If anyone's interested, I've written about it on the Travelpod blogsite under my "Traveler" name, Jockmcconn and the particular posting is " A Rum Experience ". I'm planning a return trip as soon as possible as there is still much to explore. Discovering "West Word" makes me feel as if I'm back there alreaddy and I will be an avid reader from now on!

John McConnachie Grahamstown, South Africa 14 December What an excellent publication this is, it's far better than any newspaper, as this is full of interesting articles especially for us who can only visit thia area on holidays. Well done to all and thank you all. I consider Corpach as home as I visit often. I have always emphasised that the only good thing out of England is the road to Scotland. As I am retired I have bee seeking a worthwhile cause. Let me know if I can be of any help. Donald was a Chemical worker.

My father had an uncle John in Glasgow. Another brother went to USA or Canada and became a ballistics or forensic expert. Most settled in Victoria Australia in 's. I think their great grandfather was named James Macdonald. He was a merchant in Howbeg. I would be interested to hear from any relatives in Benbecula or elsewhere. Rosaleen Macdonald formerly Brisbane, Australia 25 October I am attempting to locate any information I can with respect to the immigration of the MacDonald family to Canada from Eigg. Unfortunately, I have little to offer in terms of details other than the names of the family members.

Neil MacDonald and his wife Mary my grandfather and grandmother Sons Donald; and Angus my father Daughters, Catherine, Christine and Margaret my aunts It is my understanding that they left the island in Unfortuntately, I do not have a month of departure. I appreciate the fact that yours is probably not the appropriate forum for inquires of this nature, but I would be most grateful for any assistance that you can provide in terms of information or perhaps agencies that may have such information. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. I like very much: I've made own arrangements of these songs.

I would like to see your iles sometime. Your magazin West Word gives me some input to what is happening in Your home. Ihave been fortunate enough to have taken two trips to Scotland. Augustus and Loch Lomond are the places I visited. Now that I know about Eigg I hope I can return some day to see your beautiful island. Sheila Hunt Warwick, RI. USA 17 September Good to see a lively local newsletter. However, apart from in the title, there is not a word of Gaelic to be seen! Surely in a area such as this there must be an interest in the language!

Or does the 'Rathad nan Eilean' go nowhere?

The next day of the mediator, Henry, no longer Dunire himselfde Rencontre, being described as 'Henricus de Aynstrother dominus ejusdem' in a challenge confirming grants of consent to Balmerino Tariff. The saw of spacious erudition has according roots in Lebanon course history throughout all the pros.

I have been caravanning at Invercaimbe with my family for over 20 years and always look forward to re-visiting such a beautiful and vibrant area and curling up with a copy of West Word to find out what's been going on. Keep up the brilliant work! It's nice to keep updated with the various happenings though, and we continue to visit, albeit as holiday folks. Maybe one day our dream will come true. We have been to Scotland twice. Last time we got married on the Isle of Skye. We miss the land, but most of all we miss the people. Your site makes us remember our experience, and makes us wish to return there.

This is a great way of keeping up on what's going on, and to help us plan for our next trip. Thank you for all you do. Aron and Amber Leonard and our sons Ian and Gavin. I also hope the church got its scaffolding back. I was also searching for some temporary lodging for 1to2 months late fall small furn. My great-grandfather was from Edinburgh. I just have some odd need to see his homeland, do some basic geneology, and visit the inner and outer islands. Any thoughts or suggestions "stay away Yank! Reading the West Word gives me just enough of a taste of home to keep me sane!

The only thing I don't miss are the midges! Rob Austin Wigan 26 July Visited Mallaig during my latest Scotland tour arrived on the Jacobite - was pleased to see fellow Johnstons in a successful business. My grandfather originated in Aberdeen. Enjoyed my visit will spend more time in Mallaig next time hoping weather will be better. I now live in south east Brazil but have been able to keep in touch with many of my old friends via the internet. I would be delighted to exchange greetings with an old school friend, John McDonald, who lived in Mallaig.

We both went to the same school, St Josephs College in Dumfries, and he coxed our boat to win the Scottish Schools Championship in He would be in his early 60s now. If anyone knows of him, I would be grateful if they would pass on this message. Alastair Kinghorn Brazil 18 July I have been going to Canna and staying in Kates Cottage for 20 years and tha last 2 years I have taken a small microlite with me and flown around the island, taking some of the islanders and there children up with me and filmed and put to the music the results to DVD. If any one would like a copy please email me and I will send them a copy!

Neil born abt South Uist. Having then read all about your Island, it sounds like a beautiful place to live. However, with only 1, eight month old baby, I don't think I will fit the criteria! It's lovely to dream though And I now plan to visit next summer. I wish the Muck Islanders all the best in their search for new residents. I have always dreamt of living on a wee island, so went online to find out more about Muck, and discovered West Word. Reading a few of the items has been bliss, so keep up the good work all of you!!! I will be back to read some more soon. I have a few papers at home outlining my ancestors from Eigg. I belong to the MacDonald clan through my mother's family.

I would really like to go further into this side of my family history. Hope to come and visit you sometime in the future. Ragnhild Iceland 27 June I have enjoyed my reading trip thru all of you for a breif moment. My brother ,Robert William Smeaton ,living in California, has taken extreme interest in in his Scots Ancestery that he wears the Smeaton kilts in plain view when he is out on his outings. He is now trying to master piping, Our Great Grandparents were from Perth? William Smeaton was born in Scotland. Eventuallysometime after the civil war War of the Stateshe married the daughter Mary M.

Wright of the Nez Perce ChiefJoseph. We are very proud of our Ancestery. Thank you for inviting me to your guest book. We stayed in Glebe Barn which was fantastic and we all had a great time. We were made to feel very welcome and we especially enjoyed the live music in the community hall on the Thursday. We had brilliant weather most of the week, especially on the Sunday when we climbed to the top of the Scurr. Thank you everyone on Eigg who helped to make it a holiday Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver remember, we will be back!!!

Also a special thank you to John, the Warden from the Scottish Wildlife Trust, who took us on a very interesting walk around the island, it was very informative - great day. If anyone has any information on this family I would love to know. He married Ann McLeod. Around the family immigrated to Ontario, Canada. And "I ha the look o a MacEachern aboot me" as I've been told, whatever that means, lol: I know Neil had a brother Alexander who held the tack on S Uist, did he or any other brothers go to Ireland?

Does anyone know where I would research to discover the history of the farm Seanachaich near Iverie? I am interested in the family Donald Macdonald and Catherine Macgillis who lived there. Wondering if anyone knows anything about Donald's father John and Grandfather John? Wondering how many generations this family lived in the Knoydart area? Thanks for pointing me in the correct Dunure spirits wanted in vancouver. They left in We the descendants dont know the whole story. What we do know is that their father died and their mother Anne Macdonald married again, a Simon Campbell.

We think a further son was born to that union again simon. My Granfather Alec, told of wrestling with the Irish labourers who built the viaduct at Glenfinnan when he was young, for entertainment. We think there was also a son William born to Mary, but we aren,t sure. They went to the Kinghorn Hotel in Fife, long gone. I visited with my family first inand stayed at Altdarroch Farm, My Father became very friendly with Mr. Both had fought in the 1st World war. I have returned many times staying in and around the area but haven,t come across many relatives, if anyone knows anything, please contact me. John Dunne Haltwhistle, Northunberland 5 April Nice to see the area appearing with street-level photos on Google Maps now - especially nice to see that the car made the trip down to Bracara!

Keith Lazarus Leavenworth, KS 11 March My mothers people came from Eigg around the or so, although I have visited Scotland twice, it was on a tour and we were not able to visit the Island. My fathers people came from Canna about the same time. Maybe someday I shall be lucky enough to visit both Islands. I lived the majority of my live in NewWaterford, Nova Scotia, but am now living elsewhere in Canada for employment reasons much like many members of your own community. The community focus and feel to West Word is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me much of the area where I grew up in Nova Scotia. West Word is a excellent way to keep the community spirit intact, regardless of how spread out among the world its members are.

You are all doing a great job of keeping your community spirit and camaraderie alive this in my opinion seems to be a lost concern in todays modern world. Although, my family has been removed from Scotland and your area for very long time, the area around where I grew up, seemed somewhat similar in many ways. I guess I could have just said great website in order to keep it short, so thanks for reading if you've got this far. We enjoyed the Radio 4 programme on Canna, which aired before Christmas; it brought back some good memories. On the last visit, there was no cafe so we look forward to having a good meal when we next visit.

We send our best wishes to all residents, especially the school children, whom we wish the best of luck with their sheep project. Your Island is beautiful! Coming up again in June, you guys are so lucky to live insuch a great place. Hope the weather is improving - and that the new sofas are really comfy. Jillian Aboltins Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 1 February Hi i just came across this page ,im trying to find my family tree on my granparents my granpa name was john randal mcdonald ,his father was dan mcdonald and his mother was catherine mckinnon,my granpa john was born in alexandria ont in ,if any one can help me,i would love it.

Nearly every night the pine marten would come and feed in the garden, within view from our house. The local shops must have made a fortune out of our party from buying fat balls continuously! We also had Siki deer graze in the garden and multitude of birds, who did manage to get to the fat balls before the pine marten, was a wonderful sight. The otters frequented an area in Loch Morar and it was glorious to see how playful and graceful they were. I would like to thank the local people who keep the area so clean and tidy. The courtesy shown in every shop I visited was second to none, and even a quick unexpected visit to the local GP was a pleasure to be met with such helpful and considerate staff.

How I envy all you locals living in such a wonderful place on this earth. Moira Livings 28 January I have such fond memories of a wonderful camping holiday with my granddaughter on Muck in August Thank you all, especially Rosie and Jenny for your hospitality. While I have never visited Arisaig my bride and I did spend a week in Scotland One of our "bucket list" plans is to rent out our home here in the states for a year and spend that year in Scotland. Penelope was also the daughter of Dr. Hello to all in the home land I moved from Mallaig to Dunure so the papers are still a connection with mallaig life but my daughter Gemma has to fill me in with who is who as everyone i knew have all grown up!!

It has been fascinating to read all of the stories about the people of the Islands and West Highlands. My wife and I are saving up to make a journey to the area sometime in the next couple of years. Keep up the amazing work you're doing it's like an armchair vacation! Used to talk to you a few years ago on this site but it's been awhile. Marietta and I hope to visit the Isle of Muck in the near future. I met James while he was working here last year. My maiden name is MacKinnon and I never thought I'd ever find someone with the same name as myself. My favorite things, Old Trains, Sail boats, and lots of green sea and land.

A place I hope to visit someday. I was my mother and father that ran Jacques place along with me working there myself in th summer. My parents Agnes and Jacques meheut. I have to say i do miss the village and it is so magical so are all the people who live there i remember going to the primary school with yhe head teacher ms blackburn. When she and her cousins were tiny we rented various caravans in the area but also the showmans caravan which was then almost on the beach and is now in the architect's, sorry dont know his name, garden.

Originally we rented it from Murdo Grant, a family friend and then from Moby Mclean. Idyllic memories of sunsets, cowrie hunting, fishing, 'golfing' through the cows on Traigh and so so much more have made her want to share it with fiance and friends. They will be staying at various locations in the area and we wondered if anyone could advise on mini busses or people carriers to help with transport? Always hoping that someone may have a connection to the family. Keep up the good work in spreading the news from the West.

I see many relatives down the line writing in the guest book of the West Word and thought I'd drop a line as well. Evan MacDonald Prince Edward Island, Canada 28 October I enjoy reading your interesting and informative'edition'which covers such a wide spectrum of interests. With all good wishes, Malcolm C. Would appreciate any info from your side of the world. The information has been helpfull. Regards Ian Mackinnon UK 6 October Have read all about your lovely island and am looking forward to coming to see it for real next August with my Spanish family. Canada 23 August Thankyou Morar at al Another fantastic week staying in Bracara with heavenly views over Loch Morar, truly blessed.

Been coming up for 21yrs now and never tire of the awsome beauty. Again Castle Tioram was a joy to visit Hope you are better Jessie. I utilized your source to find out more about Hector MacAskill. I have been unable to find any village named Harris until I realised that in there was still a village by that name on the west coast of the Isle of Rum. Are there any resources to investigate individuals among the population of Rum before the 'clearances' aroundand are there any descendents still in the neighborhood? They migrated to Geelong, Victoria, Australia in aboard the ship 'Clifton', with three children. They traveled to western Victoria where they helped pioneer the wool industry.

I want to say that everyone helped me so much this year in bringing along my powered paratrike and this gave me the freedom to fly around the coastline of Canna and Sanday and film it from the air. I have made a short dvd dedicated to these flights 11 minutes to music and poetry so if anyone would like to have a copy just ask! Or you can go to Youtube and find my page by typing in billy and you will see the link to the film from there Thanks, Peter Waller Somerset 19 July My husband George Hector and I have enjoyed reading all the Mallaig news in your paper.

If George were more fit we would have loved to visit Mallaig once more but it is not possible. The paper gives great information. Thank you for all the hard work in putting it together. I am descended from emigraton of to Prince Edward Island led by Capt. I believe I also have Angus Borrodale as an ancestor. Donald Macdonald of Alisary was his son by some histories and he emigrated on this trip with his son John. I haven't been back to your beautiful part of the world since so I am overdue. God bless you all. Macdonald Ottawa, Canada 16 July Some fifty years ago a dear friend and his wife introduced my family and I to your beautiful Lochaber - more specifically Arisaig - and we shall always feel indebted to them for doing that.

The family has grown a lot since then and we look forward to coming once again, in force, next year. West Word enables us to keep in touch with what "goes on" up there during our enforced absences. Thank you for that. Denis Cox Shepperton, Middlesex 16 June I am very impressed by the work you have all done and i hope you will keep it up? I will return to my grandfather's domain in Arisaig and reclaim my inheritance! Silver Sands is mine!! Used to visit my late great aunt Kate MacKinnon in Morar every summer when I was a child; I now visit the area with my own children. I look forward to keeping in touch with your newsletter from now on. Durham 14 May Looking for any literature at all about the area, i found your site.

Its so that i can make the most of a week's special holiday at Camusdarach at the back of May. Found the genealogy fascinating. Can't wait to visit. Heather Smethurst Cambridge 14 May gerry and i used to fight over who was getting to read the westword first and i used to say to him you have been reading it for years its now my turn to read it ha ha i love on a sunday morning when iam up in the beautifull west highland village of arasiag looking out over to rum and eigg with my westword and good old cuppa tea and having a good old catch up of all the gossip and the exciting things that are going on love from annie mac East Kilbride Glasgow 28 April 28 Thanks again for another wonderful West Word.

I always like to keep in touch with my favourite place on earth. What a wonderful find! My daughter and I visited Scotland last year for the first time and cannot wait to return. We fell in love with the country side, as wsell as the kind, generous and helpful people. My ancestors were from Moidart. I believe that is located near Mallaig but I could be wrong. I will visit it often. That is not the view my clients wish to see.

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