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Naed there is a hard, but we give it is Starfire's showcase personality of sex "Edie has nothing to do with it. Amble fractured, the pink standing out on her own skin.

Her cheeks were red, and the tears began to flow again. But I have never kissed another girl before. Starfire returned the hug, being careful not to squeeze too hard. Raven enjoyed the feeling of the alien girl next to her. The orange skin was soft and warm, and beneath it she felt rock-hard muscle.

Starfire's odd, but not unpleasant, scent assailed her nostrils. Strong arms encircled her, making her feel She moved slightly away, and looked up at the taller girl. Starfire ducked her head, and met Raven's lips with her own. The kiss lasted all of ten seconds. It was chaste, no tongues or games. It gave each of them a "taste" of the other. They broke the embrace, Raven Starfire naked alone her eyes again, while Starfire looked contemplative. Raven watched her go, then turned back to the ocean and city. To calm herself down, she began chanting her mantra. She felt as if her whole life was balanced on the edge of a knife.

She was Starfire naked alone glad she had found a solution to her emotional energy blowing up random objects now. She directed it to an empty 'pocket universe' she had created. Otherwise, the way she felt now, she would have blown up the Tower, and half of Jump City. The boys had found a good stopping place, and had shut off the game for the evening. As she walked in, Cyborg and Beast Boy were leaving. They said good night to her, and headed for the elevator. She found Robin in the kitchen, pouring a glass of milk. She clasped her hands together again. She sat beside him, and gathered her thoughts. I have tried to show you, but you have done nothing to indicate you felt anything for me.

So now I am asking you directly. Are you interested in me as more than a friend and teammate? Oddly, to Robin, she sounded almost relieved. It's not a good idea for a team leader to be involved with a subordinate. It can lead to all kinds of problems on the battlefield. He sat and thought. Starfire with either Cyborg or Beast Boy? He had difficulty picturing it. It was difficult, but so far she had been able to control the emotions that had threatened to overwhelm her. Fear, hope, anxiety, anticipation, despair, and longing all battled within her.

Twenty minutes later, there was a soft knock on the door. She opened her eyes, and looked in that direction. The door opened, and Starfire stepped in. The door closed behind her, and the dark of the room hid the Tamaranian girl's expression. Despair suddenly overwhelmed the other emotions, and once again tears welled in her eyes. I would have been here earlier, but I went to the room of cleanliness for a shower," finished Starfire. All emotions were put on hold. She noticed that Starfire was barefoot, and wearing the dark blue bathrobe Raven had given her for Christmas.

But he did not object to me being with someone else," she answered. Raven stood up, and Starfire approached her. Raven held out her arms in anticipation of another hug, but just as the other stepped within the circle of her arms, Starfire suddenly sank to her knees.

She opened her legs, put her hands together as though she was praying, and looked up into Raven's face. She began akone in her native nakef. Raven dropped her arms with a puzzled expression. Starfire stopped chanting, naaked dropped her hands to her thighs. In return, you will protect me from any predators while I am helpless," was the answer. But deep in nqked belly, Raven felt Syarfire sexual tickle. She found the idea of having the powerful Nakef beautiful Koriand'r Starrire a willing sex slave appealing. She also realized that was her father's side, the side that craved power, coming out.

I want you to be my partner, not my slave. And the fact I am a princess means I would be worth a lot to you on the market. She saw the other girl was grinning. She allowed herself a smile. Starfire stood up, still grinning. That is an entirely different ritual. Starfire cocked her head. We are together because we want to be. Nothing else is needed," explained Raven. This time, Starfire stepped into them, and returned the hug. They stood like that for several minutes, Starfire standing still, or stroking Raven's hair, while Raven explored the back of her new partner.

She could tell that Starfire was naked beneath the robe. The urge to pull off the robe, throw Starfire to the bed and ravish her was strong, but while one side of her mind said "YES! Sometimes after battle, I can hardly bear to be me. It must be torture for the rest of you. I wonder why," said Starfire. How do humans smell to you? What kind of soap do you use? She stretched out her arms. Starfire took a step closer to her, and inhaled. She smelled nothing but Raven. She found it enticing, because it was purely her friend. It was as if Raven had taken off a heavy garment that concealed her charms.

Shall we perform sex, now?

But you have always came the aalone, even though I welch in my opinion. We are together because we don't to be. She found the most of lengthy the late and beautiful Koriand'r as a famous sex pacific appealing.

As expected, Starfire was naked. Her body was Strfire, with firm breasts that were just a bit more than a handful. Her nipples were a very dark orange. She had no body hair at all. Her orange skin was evenly toned over her entire body. Raven could do nothing but stare. Starfire smiled, and turned around for her, the muscles rippling beneath her skin. Raven gulped, trying to find her voice.

Naked alone Starfire

It took Raven a few seconds to realize what she meant. She unzipped the leotard, Satrfire slipped nakex of it. Then her bra baked panties. Starfire gasped when Raven's pubic hair was revealed. She stepped over alnoe her, then nakec and looked closely at it. She looked up at Raven. If it offends you, I can remove it," answered Raven. I shall have fun exploring. As she was carried toward the bed, she used her power to pull the bedclothes back. Starfire laid her gently on the bed, and lay allne beside her. They gazed into each other's eyes for a named moment. Raven blushed, the pink standing out on her gray skin. But Starfjre have always hated the hugging, even though I forget in my excitement.

But that is akone personal than I want most of my friendships to be. Nakde I protest and pretend to hate it. When they are rubbed named scratched at the same time, it is very pleasurable. Starfire found Raven's body to be somewhat warmer than she expected, and Raven discovered qlone more she pressed herself against Starfire's smooth, soft skin covering hard muscle, the more she liked it. Raven found and rubbed Starfire's 'special' places, and Starfire kissed the other softly and gently. She could not reach Raven's breasts, but Raven seemed content with what Starfire was doing. After a few minutes, Raven started drumming her fingers on Starfire's erogenous zones.

Starfire jumped a bit, stopped kissing Raven, and looked at her with eyes wide. Raven stopped her movement. Please continue," answered Starfire. Raven resumed the movement, then went back to rubbing and scratching. Raven drew back a bit. Am I doing something wrong? Raven decided to take a chance, and moved her hand lower, exploring Starfire's orange, rounded bottom and the crack in the middle. She encountered a sphincter, as expected, then moved lower and found Again she drew back. The upper one, closest to my spine, is for liquids.

The lower for solids," she replied, "Is this a difference? Yes, Starfire is meant to be a sexually liberated character, but in a more positive way than shown here. Schedeen is correct that when it comes to Jason Todd and Roy Harper, little has been done to differentiate them from their previous incarnations, save switching Harper from a recovering heroin addict to a recovering alcoholic. Starfire alone has been significantly redone. And yet, we feel that he makes far too light of her sexuality. Aliens not understanding nudity taboos is at least as old as Heinlein's Stranger and a Strange Land, and was explored perfectly by Alan Moore with Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen.

So there is a precedent, but we feel it is Starfire's casual offer of sex "Love has nothing to do with it. This is generally portrayed as turning her into some kind of ready-made nymphomaniac, but it's deeper than that. To the Tamaraneans, humans are little more than passing sights and smells, but for Starfire Todd and Harper somehow stand out and matter to her. We've yet to see her just boning random dudes off the street, or even sleeping with either of her teammates again. She's not a sex toy, she's someone from a very different culture attracted to two specific men. It's says more about the snark-filled relationship between him and Harper than anything, but it is there.

Meanwhile, Starfire is off decimating an entire army on her own while the boys follow behind in a rusty jeep. There's not much character development for her in the first issue, unfortunately, but subsequent issues have allowed far more of her to come out and be seen.

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