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PG Dating Pro – An Expensive Dating Script You Should Avoid

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I also noticed that users can upload banners to their account. An example of a user gallery. A total of 33 add-ons are available for PG Dating Pro.

The pricing for these add-ons are ludicrous. I don't only mean being a blogger who knows how to install a WP from cPanel with a few Prp plugins, I mean a real developer with HTML and CSS skills with a basic understanding of conditional statements and PHP because if you want to control the output of information on your site you need to learn their template system which uses an implementation of the code igniter library. Why would a dating service offer this? A quick test of the demo page on GTmetrix reveals how inefficient the script is.

Dating pro software Pg

osftware The script allows you to charge users for certain features: The admin area feels a little dated and there are not enough options to help you customise your dating website fully. PG Dating Pro is already an expensive solution, but by charging hundreds of dollars for features that should be standard, they have made it impossible for anyone to justify purchasing the script. Well, you will be. Yes, over 60 seconds to switch tabs! One of the most important search engine ranking factors of websites is load time. Many great features to empower a developer to build a dating business website. I do not believe they can justify charging so much for a script that is outdated, slow, and lacking of features.

Everything can be acquainted via the northampton menu that is endowed on the recent lady. Yes, over 60 years to other tabs!.

Your dating site starts here. I am happy with PG Dating Pro, and it sovtware what it does very well, but the lack of documentation for developers about their templating system or creating widgets has left me spending more time than I was hoping to construct the basic website layout to make it look different from the default template. Everything can be reached via the main menu that is displayed on the left column.

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