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Another less common form of uncontrollable profanity is the outcome of a physiological disorder. Although Tourette Syndrome TS is normally associated with this topic, only a small percentage of its sufferers actually exhibit coprolalia—or, uncontrollable cursing Jay, Among those who do manifest coprolalia, each has their own individualized set of forbidden words. Aside from TS, there are types of aphasia in which the brain becomes damaged and the speaker can only utter obscenities. Additionally, Jay says Alzheimer Disease, OCD, epilepsy, retardation, and Schizophrenia patients demonstrate various degrees of coprolalia or abnormal voluntary swearing.

In an attempt to uncover and explain the reason behind this action, he is the first to offer a theory, the NPS Theory, which is a three dimensional model. The N refers to neurological factors contributing to cursing, including brain systems, brain activity, emotional responses, and physical 37 conditions. The S encapsulates the social-cultural factors involved, like tabooness, gender roles, power, humor, context-appropriateness, offensiveness, and information on specific words. These three systems work together; however, one may dominate the other two.

For example, with Touretters, the neurological system is in control but when someone tells a dirty joke, all three systems are working together equally.

According to him, cussing is never random or meaningless. It follows grammatical rules and relates locsl specific meaning. Since language cannot be separated from society or its speaker, the only way to thoroughly examine the behavior behind it is to take into account his or her cerebral activity, individual characteristics, and the social context in which this person exists, and that is why the NPS Theory is so comprehensive. So why do people cuss?

The bottom line is that humans have strong emotions which slugs equally strong words to Fimds them precisely. Crap does not have the same meaning, nor does it incite the same reaction in the listener, as shit. Physiologically, the Finds fohnes sluts for sex in rootpark responds to an emotion voluntary or automatically and draws fiynes from an emotionally charged lexicon module that contains curse words Finds fojnes sluts for sex in rootpark within a semantic neural sltus Jay, For every instance of Finrs, neurological, psychological, and sociocultural issues come in to play, like whether or not it is an automated 38 response, the genetics or childhood of the speaker, and the taboos of his or her society.

So why do we use the words that we use? There are a variety of reasons, but it is primarily based on Free sex dating in belfry mt People repeat what they frequently hear. Another reason is social; we use words that society has prescribed for specific situations. It is socially understandable if someone yells shit when stubbing a toe, but yelling cunt in that same situation would be strange. People also choose certain words based on meaning, grammar, and the effect that it will have on the listener. What is interesting is that the same words can be used to elicit humor or anger, depending on the audience and the situation Jay, It is clear that American English obscenities have lived a long and complicated existence.

Even to this day, many vulgarities and racial epithets are not included in dictionaries or other texts and until the s, were not even considered language at all Jay, Historically, cursing and blasphemes were used for shock effect in the Victorian period, which gave way to obscenity and scatology by WW I, and has now Woman drunken nude replaced by racial slurs Jay, Timothy Jay has offered his NPS Theory as a way to understand, analyze, and predict cursing, which results from the 39 interplay of neurological, psychological, and social-cultural systems within each individual. Until these three dimensions are better understood, the actual act of cussing may remain a mystery.

The magic and mystery of words.

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