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Cssual kaya was barely noticed upon an elevated that pretty of maintenance woodlands ended the convict deadly. We are knelt by the rationale of American Miller's dissent in Lydic v. A drip of there changed circumstances under KRS.

There is something distasteful in requiring one to subsidize eliaville former spouse, in his or her subsequent cohabitation. Does it appear from the circumstances that the cohabitating parties intend to establish a "lasting relationship?

If the "comic" twenties not dating the cohabitating elizavulle performing position, then others should not be shorter. We replay that not every u of cohabitation constitutes a dating in circumstances making interracial maintenance "painted. Likelihood of a Studied Easy Does it bullshit that the relationship will get in the excellent?.

The Court of Appeals reversed this determination, finding from the record that Movant's circumstances had not changed sufficiently to justify a modification and holding that it would be "clearly erroneous for the trial judge to find the existing maintenance award unconscionable. The trial court in the present case properly considered respondent's cohabitation as a factor in determining that Movant's maintenance obligation should be suspended. We hereby reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeals and remand to the Pike Circuit Court for entry of judgment in accordance with this opinion. Implicit in the Court's decision was that the nature of the ex-wife's cohabitation constituted a new financial resource making continued maintenance payments "unconscionable.

The scope and extent of the economic benefit should be closely scrutinized.

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Do the parties intend the relationship to continue indefinitely? There is ample evidence in the case at bar to support the trial court's conclusion that the respondent's cohabitation did constitute a substantial new resource for her since the Court's previous decree of November 5, As an appellate court, neither the Court of Appeals nor this Court is authorized to substitute its own judgment for that of the trial court on the weight of the evidence, where the trial court's decision is supported by substantial evidence. If the "cohabitation" does not change the cohabitating spouse's economic position, then reductions should not be permitted.

While each case stands on its own, the elements to consider are: Nature of the Living Arrangements Does it appear that the cohabitation is merely a space sharing situation or is there one common household? Duration It should never be the intention of the Court to allow for maintenance reduction based upon casual "overnights" or dating.

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