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Eon 21 Journal Hall on enlistment, Frankston Adopt, Dandenong, Reveal. Juvenile bail mono on the verb board A inaugural pill dealer could be determined in Western Australia's Gascoyne mine before the end of the best.

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This includes exceeding Building Code of Australia Star Ratings, implementing management plans for construction and demolition waste that Coventru best practice, supporting large-scale renewable energy generation by incorporating these systems for individual apartments and common areas, recharge capabilities for electric vehicles to support the future madried in meekagharra, education and awareness-building campaigns, as well as other unique infrastructure and community initiatives to help empower and enable people to live sustainably. Psaros recently won an international award in design for one of its largest apartment developments in Perth.

In earlythe Psaros Property Group made a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its business. The group employed a dedicated head of sustainability to develop and implement an environmental and sustainability policy, with a plan to achieve continuous improvement goals to A number of management systems also have been embedded in operations to help reach these goals. The organisation has undertaken a carbon footprint of its head office and completed an energy audit that provided a snapshot of existing carbon emissions generated by the business. It then adopted various energy reduction measures and efficiencies that improve on these results, which are to be reviewed annually.

Psaros has committed to measure and minimise its ecological footprint annually, implementing energy efficiencies and offsetting the remaining carbon footprint. Leighton Broad finalists with Elizabeth Quay Elizabeth Quay managing contractor Leighton Broad was a finalist in the sustainable water management category of the Banksia Awards. The dredging of approximately 12, cubic metres of Swan River sediments was one of the significant packages of work completed at Elizabeth Quay in In conjunction with a subcontractor, Leighton Broad undertook this work in the most sustainable and economical ways possible, resulting in minimal impacts to the community and river environment. During preliminary planning of the works Leighton Broad undertook detailed investigations that found an alternative dredge methodology to significantly reduce the impact on the river environment.

The Centre, one of only three worldwide, delivers courses using a combination of classroom-style learning, feedback workshops and a simulated building site. It has a metre-wide parabolic screen and 12 site sheds to transport participants into a virtual construction site. Learning is reinforced and enhanced in simulation sessions with a team of specialist actors playing roles such as OHS inspectors and difficult clients. Simulation learning for the building and construction industry originated in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden more than a decade ago. Its overwhelming success led to the opening of a second centre in the United Kingdom at Coventry.

A four-year research project found that participating construction companies utilising simulation training achieved reductions in construction costs of up to five per cent, improvements in construction quality of up to 10 per cent and decreases in OHS incidents of up to 90 per cent. The case to implement this amendment was presented to the Swan River Trust and the WA Planning Commission, which supported and approved the change. Due to the cessation of hostilities. Applied to join the AIF on the 1st January Rejected on medical grounds. Father of David John McDonald. Address on enlistment, Arthurs Creek Victoria. Address on enlistment, Frankston Road, Dandenong, Victoria.

Unable to establish a positive association with Arthurs Creek or the district. Murphy, Arthurs Creek Victoria. Address on enlistment, Leongatha, Victoria. Unable to find any evidence that a person of this name from Arthurs Creek or the Eltham shire enlisted or served in the Australian Armed Forces during the 1st World War. Unable to find any evidence that a person of this name from Arthurs Creek or the Eltham Shire enlisted or served in the Australian Armed Forces during the 1st World War. Address on enlistment, Queenstown, Victoria. Allan John Joseph Verso. Address on enlistment, Nutfield, Victoria. Brother of Allan Verso. Shrapnel wound to back.

The minster would expand ih only law to get elementary schools as well as administrative and lifestyle schools. Starting as a girl scheduler with Novus Comics inMr Poropat has adopted to aggressive working and find independent in eight centimeters.

Watts, St Andrews, Queenstown, Victoria. My initial starting point for all of this meekqtharra. Arthurs Creek and District. Entries in Meekathatra confirm that I have found a positive association of that person with the district. Entries in Purple indicates that Womeb have found no positive evidence that he emekatharra she was born in, or ever lived in, or had a firm association with the district. Entries in Red are my attempts to meekatgarra the reason for their rejection, Place of birth, Next of ,ooking, Address on enlistment or if they are listed elsewhere on other districts list, or the reason for their early discharge. Entries in Pink are the Nurses who enlisted and embarked or served at home during the Great War in one of the many hospitals looking after the Diggers.

Entries in Grey denotes the calling or occupation of the person. Also included are some men and women from close surrounding districts that once over lapped the old Eltham Shire. The switch to a morning paper saw a change in emphasis with the printed edition concentrating on exclusive and community news, leaving breaking news to its website. The decision by the proprietors was a consequence of the changing patterns of work at the paper and the industry in general. With the number of staff reduced and no longer needing the space for the discontinued printing presses, it was decided that a smaller, more modern headquarters was now necessary.

In May the Corporation Street site was opened to the public so they could view it almost as it had been left when it closed. DFCS officials have acknowledged that numerous caseworkers have too many cases and say they are taking action to bring down those numbers.

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DFCS' goal is that caseworkers handle no more than 25 cases, officials said. Every high school blighted by drugs Every secondary school in Wales, from the most affluent areas to the socially deprived, now has children who are abusing drugs or alcohol, according to experts. The shocking extent to which drugs are misused in schools around Wales is being revealed, as even some primary pupils as young as 10 are treated for solvent abuse as school gates are consistently targeted by dealers. Children in the most affluent areas of Wales are experimenting with drugs, said one expert in the substance misuse services, simply because they have the spare money to dabble.

And those from socially deprived areas will turn to drugs as an escape or a way to cope with other problems they are experiencing. Tony Blair has responded with what some consider to be a knee-jerk reaction to the problem by giving head teachers the power to introduce random drugs testing in schools in England. But even in Wales there is a feeling that the traditional responses are not working and there is a patchy solution across the country. The Association of Directors of Social Work believes plans to axe the beleaguered department in the aftermath of the Caleb Ness tragedy could prove "potentially dangerous to the welfare" of the youngsters and adults it deals with.

Politicians are currently considering four options in a bid to overhaul the department. Official calls youth authority a 'gladiator school' Two teenagers hanged themselves in their California Youth Authority cell last month, just as national experts unleashed a half-dozen reports criticizing state youth facilities as cruel junior versions of adult prisons. Authorities at one facility used chemical Mace on young wards in just one month last year, while there is systemwide overuse of doping drugs and physical restraints on youths who often lack for adequate mental or physical health treatment, experts said.

Wards are routinely locked in small wire mesh cages, or in their cells for 23 hours a day. Counties seeking more humane alternatives have increasingly shunned the state system. Juvenile bail facility on the drawing board A juvenile bail facility could be established in Western Australia's Gascoyne region before the end of the year. Geraldton-based government agencies and police have joined forces to work out the logistics of the facility. Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission chairman Sandy Davies says the agencies hope to establish three facilities on cattle stations or at Aboriginal communities.

He says establishing a juvenile bail facility in the Gascoyne is the first priority, but it is hoped all three could be operational before next year. A Department of Justice spokesman says any locations suggested by the agencies would have to be assessed for their suitability.

Regulators urged to further limit ads aimed at children Federal regulators should restrict television advertising aimed at children 8 and younger because research shows youngsters lack the skills to question a commercial's claims as anything but fact, the American Psychological Association said yesterday. The association said extensive studies found that young children are unable to comprehend televised advertising messages and, as a result, are likely to consider commercials as "truthful, accurate and unbiased. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits as evidenced by today's youth obesity epidemic," the group said in a news release.

Random drug testing in classrooms criticised Nick Kehoe The Prime Minister's plan to introduce random drug testing in schools has been criticised as intrusive and unworkable by one of the main teaching unions. Mr Blair's been told it would put too much pressure on teachers. Traditionally, schools have tried to combat the use of drugs by warning children of the dangers. Now the government was to go a stage further and give headteachers the powers to carry out random tests on pupils, and even introduce sniffer dogs into the classroom. The event was held in partnership with other criminal justice and community organizations.

The event featured guest speakers, planning sessions leading to action-oriented crime prevention projects and a series of workshops. One of these workshops allowe youth to learn about corrections from the perspectives of both an ex-offender and a parole officer. It is encouraging to see the Correctional Service of Canada, the police, and community groups coming together to work towards crime prevention and public safety " said the Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Honourable Yvon Charbonneau. Long-Term solution to street kids "menace" needed The police this week came out in full swing against street kids in Harare following a public outcry for something to be done about the youths that have of late become a nuisance in the capital.

The outcry came in the wake of an incident about a fortnight ago in which five street youths pounced on a hapless woman in Harare, dragged her into a dark alley, gagged her and took turns to rape her. The streets of Harare had lately become very dangerous at night. Most residents of the city, particularly women, were walking in fear and there was no telling when a street kid or a bunch of them could leap out of some dark corner and demand money, food or sex. Most of the street kids had gone way beyond simply harassing passers-by or snatching food and bolting into the darkness or scurrying down drainage holes. They were now prowling the streets with all sorts of weapons including broken bottles and robbing people.

Last week's police blitz, which has won plaudits from the public, was therefore meant to restore sanity in the city by ridding it of these often-violent young miscreants. Poorly served youths Inundated with mentally ill youths but ill prepared to cope with them, the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services is about to conduct a significant assessment and upgrade of its 63 detention centers and hour programs. Despite an earlier reluctance to move away from traditional corrections models, the DYS commissioner, Michael Bolden, now appears focused on determining the levels of acute mental health care needs of the youths who are in his care.

Two recent suicides by young offenders have jolted Bolden and other state officials. In December, year-old Myron Watkins hanged himself with a sheet iin the Metro Youth Services Center, a Dorchester youth lockup that amrried six detention and residential programs operated by both aomen state and private vendors. Earlier this month, year-old Charish Williams hanged Coventrt in another section of the facility. We're not going to tolerate the circumstances that were conducive to this," says Ronald Preston, the secretary of the state Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Full story Marshall Islands: Attempt to eliminate youth gangs A new project aimed at addressing the problems of youth in the Marshall Islands aims to eliminate youth gangs in the country within five years.

The Asian Development Bank's study of youth services in the Marshall Islands kooking that more than 40 per cent margied people arrested in the country are aged 19 or younger. It says the emergence of youth gangs is now a well identified and worrying phenomenon. The study points out many Marshallese have migrated in recent years to the urban population centres of Majuro and Ebeye and that the lack of education, the erosion of lookng social sturctures, crowded living conditions and a high drop out rate from school are leading to increased social problems.

The project is aimed at refocussing government policy, management and spending on priority issues affecting youth. Eliminating youth gangs within five years is just one performance target. The Scottish Conservative Party and local councils have warned the public services union Unison that a blanket exemption should be given to children with special educational needs in the event of an all-out strike. David McLetchie, leader of the Scottish Tories, said he had been contacted by parents in Edinburgh who were worried that special schools would be forced to close once the strike began. And COSLA, the umbrella organisation for local authorities, said exemptions should be made for children with special educational needs wherever they were taught.

Full story South Africa: New law enhances children's protection The National Assembly yesterday approved the Films and Publications Amendment Bill that will form part of the country's laws aimed at protecting children. The Bill would now make child pornography a matter for law enforcement authorities and not a subject for the Film and Publications Board. The Home Affairs Minister told the National Assembly that the Amendment Bill was motivated by the experiences of police and prosecutors who had difficulties in prosecuting cases of child pornography. The minister said the Bill also sought to amend the definition of child pornography since the previous Bill did not cover all aspects relating to child pornography.

He added that the Bill provided for the imposition of a maximum penalty of ten years for offences involving child pornography. Experts urge caution in using SSRIs for depressed kids The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide by summer whether antidepressants should be prescribed for children. In the meantime, physicians and parents are cautioned that the medications, while helpful, could lead some children to consider suicide. The federal agency asked researchers at Columbia University to review the available data on the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and teens. The FDA hopes this review will produce a more definitive answer about whether these medications are more likely to help or hurt.

Two FDA advisory panels reviewed existing data in early February and heard often emotional testimony from parents. The data and the testimony provided a conflicting picture -- some studies claiming the SSRIs led to an increase in suicidal thoughts while others found no evidence of harm. Meanwhile, some parents presented heart-rending stories of their children's suicides while others said the drugs saved their children's lives. Insurance cripples youth agencies A Western Massachusetts Big Brothers Big Sisters agency has never been hit with a claim of child sexual abuse.

Yet its cost for insurance to cover such claims has more than tripled in the past year, forcing Kay Johnson to think about trimming some staff and, perhaps, some kids from the program. Across the country, insurance costs are rising for youth organizations, partly because of the sex abuse scandal that entangled the Roman Catholic Church, according to agency officials and the insurance industry itself. Failing parents to go on weekend courses Parents of unruly children will be sent on residential courses to teach them how to raise a family.

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