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They also experience "abseiling" descending a steep cliff on a rope and enjoy Woh safari. The roommates also try bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, an experience that proves memorable for Matt, David and Julie. Danny and Matt, who believes homosexuality is sinful, fromm their differences; and Jamie produces an episode of the "Real 7" that explores the influence of African tribal music. Also, Jamie confronts Kelley about her attitude toward him. She also produces an episode of "The Real 7" and books her brother Alan's band to appear on the show. Danny, who's aware that Alan and his pals have not been exposed to many gay people, tries to change their views.

In other events, Kelley is indecisive about leaving New Orleansand Peteronce taping ends. Also, she makes a curt comment that leads to a spat with Peter. Also, Jamie decides to enlist Julie as his spiritual guide when he tires of the party-animal lifestyle he's been living. Also, Matt meets a girl who intrigues him, leading Julie to pull a prank that further distances her from Matt.

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Also, David throws a party for his friends, including several strippers, angering his roommates. In addition, he skips cleaning the house in favor us rehearsing for a recording session, a decision that leads Jamie to call a house meeting to confront him about his behavior. In other events, Julie and Matt discuss her letter to him, and Kelleywho's kept her distancereintegrates herself into the house. One by one, they each say goodbye and leave New Orleans and the Belfort mansion behind forever. Everyone wonders if Simon is gay. Leah finds herself attracted to Ace, but Ace is turned off by her smoking.

Also, Adam is smitten hlokup Mallory, but the infatuation fades when he learns the feeling isn't mutual. Christina flirts with C. Mallory also loses her purse, which contains Leah's iis and Adam apologizes to Leah for his behavior. Meanwhile, Ace frets about kissing Mallory, who worries about how to ffrom Leah, who also likes him. Meanwhile, Adam meets a woman at a club, but the morning after isn't as much fun as the night before. Christina turns in an assignment ahead of the others, causing dissension within the group; a group project is assigned.

While they dated casually, it didn't work out. While they had a brief romance in on Rivals III, the pair recently revealed they have a daughter, Ryder. Our daughter is the best of both of us. After meeting during a season of the show 's The Gauntlet III and going on to compete together, the couple married in and have two kids together.

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But Tori and Brad split in After a long hiatus, Brad returned to compete in season 31, hooking up with Reak Thornton. The Are You The One? Veterans entered the Dirty 30 game together, with Tori quickly becoming one of the best rookies in the show's history. But at the reunion, it was revealed Tori cheated on Derrick with fellow competitor Jordan Wiseley the two claim to be just friends now …and then accused Derrick of hacking her phone. The duo met during 's Invasion of the Champions Dario was a rookie while Ashley was a champ and have been dating ever since.

CT and Diem provided th franchise with its most talked-about romance. After meeting on The Duel, bad boy CT supported Diem as she dealt with the side-effects of her chemotherapy. The couple would date on and off for years some of them tumultuousappearing on the show together and competing as a team during Battle of the Exes II. Unfortunately, Diem's ovarian cancer returned and she had to leave the show, with CT by her side. Diem passed away in November at the age of CT posted a touching tribute to Diem on his Instagram following her death, writing, "Our plan to be together forever hasn't changed

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