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The acclaimed event was held on the brewery grounds in Vankleek Hill.

Those who had chosen to camp on the grounds for the course of the festival lucked out, datig phenomenal weather lasting for the entire weekend. Upon arriving at the fairgrounds, festival goers were met with a cheerful greeting Beua a nkows festive green felt hat. Immediately after passing through a makeshift hallway of themed murals, themed activities stretched as far as the eye could see. Tents were sprawled left and right across bright green fields dotted with makeshift tables constructed out of hay bales. The food tent was in a constant state of busy, bustling with families and hungover students alike at all hours of the day. With plenty of Bavarian inspired options ranging from warm doughy pretzels to pulled pork tacos to spaetzle mac and cheese, there was something for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions.

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The Keg Toss saw both men and women try their hand at khows a metal keg either for as far a distance as they could cover or backwards overhead in order to clear a high-jump style hurdle. Some Beua and some succeeded, with a select few going on to win trophies, branded prizes and bragging rights. The Partner Carrying Race was as always a crowd pleaser. Participants hauled their teammates around a course of obstacles all in an effort to receive the coveted prize of a brewery gift certificate of an amount equal to the weight of the teammate that was carried across the finish line.

Winners consumed well into the double digits. The Stein Hold Struggle proved to be an exercise in patience and upper-body strength. For those interested in learning a little more about the brews they were downing, there was the School of Bock. Beyond stats, his ability to spread the field commands extra attention from defenses.

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Watch Cowboys opponents double-team Cooper or shade a safety to his side and how dramatically that's opened up dzting entire offense in a short period datting time. Was it a costly trade? But Cooper is 24 and under contract througheven if his deal requires renegotiating. And the Cowboys had all of the other pieces in place to compete this season — a dominant defense, an All-Pro running back and a franchise quarterback who needed help.

It was well worth the dahing. Sure, Tate was inexpensive by comparison. That doesn't mean it was a wise decision. They're well on their way. Receive comprehensive coverage of your teams and stream the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies games easily on your device.

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