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Travel Advice for Women in Russia

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Many of littlf main dishes in Turkish can be found here. The beef acvice lamb shashlik is also excellent. All will be grilled fresh, right in front of you. They also have great deserts, including marinated walnuts and dates, vanilla rice pudding and of course, some of the best bakhlava to be found in Kazan. If you're in the center and tired of standard Russian or Tatar fare, head over to Sofra Kebab. They also have a good "bizness lunch" special. Main courses Rubles. Clean, quiet, and a bit off the tourist path, this is a good place for relaxing and having tea. Although its name means Bachelor's Refuge which makes it sound like a strip club or something, it is nothing of the sort.

Self-caterers can find a large supermarket one of the Bakhetle chain in the TsUM bulding across from the Mirage Hotel. The bakery across from the Milena Hotel on Tazi Gizzata Street has excellent bread and a few groceries. Moscow's famous khinkalnaya comes to Kazan!

A great place for Georgian cuisine, with amazing khinkali. Slated to open on September 22, Good for a night out. Advicd hostel at the centre of a city. Advicce is a kafe inside, games, music, fun and etc. Guest kitchen, free WiFi, cosy common room. Founded littlr as a family enterprise by Ekaterina Bulgaru and Timur Kamalov. Their concept and major ambition is to combine the care and comfort of a family hotel with the fun and free atmosphere of a student's hostel. While offering a hour reception and placing no formal constraints on guests like some old Soviet-era hotels, they don't limit themselves to providing only basic utilities.

This is a new hostel, next to the Kremlin, which advertises a friendly atmosphere and cleanliness. Walking down the hall, you can feel like you are on the one of the main streets Tatarstan capital. A new, clean, quiet hotel within walking distance from the train station, and also easy walking distance from Bauman Street and the Kremlin.

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Note that there is no elevator in the building, so request a first-floor room if that is important to you. Rooms start at Rubles. Next door to the Milena hotel, and quite comparable to it. Check if they say that there are no cheap rooms available. The rooms have large windows with Kazan Kremlin views. The hotel's Lobby Bar has an innovative setting and relaxed atmosphere and a free WiFi. Full American-style breakfast buffet in main restaurant. Roof Bar with Kazan city views and tasty cocktails. Location near the Kazan Kremlin and main Kazan corporations. Easily the most expensive hotel in Kazan, but in a prime location with the greatest number of amenities.

Rack rate starting at over rubles. Within international standards of service and comfort. Starting at rubles per person. Comparable in class of service to the Shalyapin Palace, but a bit further away from the city center. The Kremlin is not walkable from here, but it can be reached by a short taxi ride or bus. Rooms start at about rubles. The "Kazan phenomenon" of street gangs even became a journalistic and sociological concept. However, since the late '90s, the situation has changed fundamentally. Kazan has become a host city for a lot of large international events. As a result there was a modernization of police, so crime rate decreased significantly.

Contact[ edit ] Internet cafes and restaurants with WiFi are found throughout the city. Probably the most useful internet cafe for travelers is a small one across from the train station. From the main station building, cross through the park and cross the main street. It is at the corner to one's left, but hidden behind a newspaper stand and some kiosks. The post office in Kremlyovskaya St. Pay in advance at the register. Your unspent minutes will be refunded. Tattelecom on the corner of Baumana and Pushkina, opposite the Koljco mall, has computers with ok Internet for 48 r per hour.

Up Pushkina there are a few cafes and restaurants with free unprotected wifi. Also, outside of the Subway restaurant further up on Pushkina there is free unprotected wifi.

There are several different things to see other the Kremlin, including: Golds today will be able to see many of the taken or more-constructed sites from the extensive celebration.

Mcdonalds also has free wifi on Baumana and by the train station. The greatest object of this monastery is the Georgian Mother of God icon, which in its day was venerated as a miraculous object with the power to heal the sick. Today the Raifa Monastery is among the most-visited in the world. The grounds of the monastery are located within the Volga-Kama National Park, where the terrain is a combination of southern taiga and deciduous forests. The park's botanical garden features more than species of exotic plants from North America, Asia and Europe Ancient city of Bolgar The National Park of Bolgar is one of few historical-architectural complexes left by the Volga Tatars.

It is located on the bank of the Volga km away from Kazan. It is a sacred place for all Tatars, a place of pilgrimage for Muslims, and a place generally steeped in legend and history. The National Park of Bolgar is an object of historical and cultural significance. In National Park of Bolgar you can visit Museum of Bakery, a museum of archaeology at the time of writing this has yet to fully openmonuments of Islamic architecture from the 13thth centuries. To get there, buses depart from Kazan's South Bus Station which itself can be reached by taking the number 22 bus from anywhere along Karl Marx Street in the city centre at The only hotel, the Hotel Regina, is located at the very north end of the town.

Room rates start from 1, Rubles. Food options are limited, as expected, but an assortment of cheap eateries and a reasonably well-stocked supermarket can be located near the town's bus station. Finally, entry to the site is free, although visitors may be charged for entry to the museums. Sviyazhsk was built by Ivan the Terrible as a fortress for the siege of Kazan, and it went on to become the first Orthodox Christian city in our area, the center of the spread of Christianity. The island also became home to the Uspensky monastery and the Ioanno-Predtechensky nunnery. When Alexander Pushkin first saw Sviyazhsk, he was overjoyed.

It seems the city was exactly what he imagined for an ideal fairytale setting: This island with its surprising history cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Elabuga This charming year old trade center that located on the shore of the river Kama and surrounded by natural beauty is one of the oldest cities in Tatarstan. Throughout its history the city was the cradle of Russian trade, where diverse waves of remarkable people flowed together. Most of its buildings have been preserved in their original condition to this day. Examples include the memorial house museum of Ivan Shishkin and the homestead museum of N.

Some useful tips to take a car: If a car you don't like stops for you, kindly ignore it or nod a 'no' with the head and step back with the people waiting for the bus. Some of them are not very reliable, and they propose high prices. It is not very safe to use their services. To get to the city, there is a shuttle in the day time from the airport to the nearest Metro stations in Moscow and St Pete; in Irkutsk there is a bus to the city. If you arrive late at night, it is safe to book a taxi beforehand, it will be cheaper and safe, at the condition that you get in the car of the right driver. You can order a taxi for a transfer in Moscow through our site.

You can tell us with what sign you want the taxi driver to meet you. They told me they had hesitated to pack their mini skirts, and short shorts to wear while in Russia. But when they saw how the girls where dressed here, they felt very free of wearing what they like, even they felt like cutting their shorts shorter. If in the daytime, in the summer, it might be tempting to walk in the streets of big cities, dressed like the Russian girls, with no bra, mini skirts In winter, it feels as if you're wearing two skins: Most public places, like libraries, universities, museums, cinemas, concert rooms, have a cloak room, so you can leave your warm coat, and hat and walk in light demi-saison clothes.

Nice staff who allowed me to use the the shower and laundry facilities before check in time and to store my luggage as I had arrived on an early morning train. Very good facilities and spacious, comfortable dorm rooms. Great location as within about 10 minutes walk of train station, Kremlin and less to Baumann Street. Ross, United Kingdom Staff was friendly, location was great, everything was super clean. I love that only the toilets were separate and that the showers included a sink area. Decor was tasteful and lounge and kitchen areas were very conducive to socialising.

It really felt like home. Nadia, Singapore Amazing hostel.

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