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Night Shtick : Officer-Turned-Comic Finds That Police Work Is a Funny Act to Follow

He routes it off with, "I'm trained, not dead. Kindof Inside Exquisite 18, at 6:.

Which, thinking about it, strikes oddly close to home. The most prominent example takes place in Season 3's episode, "Earshot", where Buffy gains mind-reading powers. What am I gonna do? I think about sex all the time! Is that all you think about? And earlier in the episode: And Wesley's thoughts, too, centering on Cordelia. I'm a bad man, I'm a bad bad man. Does looking at guns really make you want to have sex? Looking at linoleum makes me want to have sex. Spike has his moments of perversion too, especially in season 5. Highlights include breaking into Buffy's house to sniff articles of her clothing, stealing her panties and ordering a Sex Bot made in her image.

When Xander finds out about the Sex Bothe says that it's every guy's dream. Faced by the disapproving looks of the female Scoobies, he says there's too many girls in their group. He wouldn't have said anything, but he'd get it. Do you know what would be the best way to wipe out all of humankind if you were a space alien with a special mind-ray? Man are not people! Women think we are normal Haven't seen you in this place before What type of music do you like? If we ever lost control for a second we all start shouting: In the same episode as the title quote Steve is worried because Susan found one of his porn tapes it was early in their relationship and that she might think he is some kind of masturbating pervert, to which all three men immediately agree they all are.

Steve made it very clear that just because he liked seeing girlflesh in no way meant he was any less dedicated to Susan and their relationship. An entire episode was devoted to man's inability to refrain from masturbation. Then again, Elaine wasn't much better at abstaining coming in third place behind Jerry and George. Could it be equal opportunity? Or maybe it has something to do with Elaine being One of the Boys. Then again, the guys didn't initially want her in on the bet because they are aware of this trope, and only let her in if she paid more.

Another episode dictated what happened to a man or woman if they abstained from sex for some time. George ends up becoming significantly more intelligent and Meen fixing most of the problems in his life along with learning at a great pace. George decides that he prefers being smart and plans to abstain sllergic sex from the rest of his life After he has sex he immediately reverts back to ssluts. Men allergic to sluts comic on the other hand becomes progressively dumber without sex. Jerry explains to her that because men are so obsessed with sex all the time, women can get sex so easily that they take it for granted. Jerry wrestles allergicc this one in another episode. He's dating a woman who's very attractive but also very dumb and unlikable, and he's debating whether or not to break up with her.

He says this inner struggle is like a chess game between his brain and his penis. This leads to a rather humorous visual metaphor. His brain wins and he breaks it off, though this is treated like an upset. Of course your penis wins. Your penis wins until you're fifty. After you're fifty he doesn't win anymore? Just not by as much. In another episode, George refuses to hire an attractive woman to be his secretary, knowing that he'll be too distracted by them to get any work done at all. As he tells one, "If I hire you, it's only a matter of time before you file a sexual harassment complaint.

Some of Jay Leno 's jokes come from this premise. Kevin Eubanks often gets treated as an exception, but in general it's assumed in the jokes that this trope holds. UFO naturally, given the shows' in-your-face Fanservice. In one episode the aliens are using a weapon that freezes time. Straker enters the film studio used to disguise SHADO headquarters and sees an actor permanently "glancing" down the cleavage of the well-endowed actress opposite him. Dean counted out the money slowly, gasping in shock at the total. I only worked one-fifty.

Why-" Looking over his shoulder revealed that the demon had vanished. Muttering, Dean sat up as he grabbed at his clothes, wiping himself clean before dressing.

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Crowley went on his way, making a few deals, his thoughts on a certain hunter. Neither knew what awaited them. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Afterward, he would report to work as a patrolman on the graveyard shift in the streets of West Los Angeles, the division in which the club is located. Jordan's commanding lieutenant thought that his lampooning of the Police Department could undermine his authority. If he didn't, I'd give him a ticket,' " Jordan said. One of a crop of shorter-than-average officers allowed on the force when the department lowered its height standards to recruit more women and minorities, Jordan had trouble reaching the gas pedal of his patrol car, one of his ratings reports noted.

Beautifail October 18, at Wix October 18, at 4: Wandering Meme October 18, at MichaelHaneline October 18, at If you want to be safe, at least. Whenever they actually get a peek at a woman's breaststhey lose all brain function. This trope is often used as an excuse to hand male characters the Idiot Ball. Men will become catatonic, prove unable to think straightget massive nosebleedsetc. If a man shows any amount of interest in a woman, it's assumed to be sexual. This trope is so prevalent that, if a male character is not being lecherous around women, he is often assumed to be either gay, autisticor a eunuch.

This leads to Unfortunate Implications for any male-female relationship between characters that would normally not involve sex.

Any contact, be it between family members, at the workplace, or even in a celibate organization has the potential to be treated as Meh especially when law enforcement is involved, regardless of the truth. Comix there's the Double Standard: Rape, Female on Malesuggesting that if all men always want sex and would never turn it down, then they cannot be raped by a woman. Needless to say, this is all ripe for exploitation by a villain ess. Slutd notion that men are incapable of self-control or thinking of women as anything other than sex objects or that sex itself is evil leads ccomic Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny and the Darker and Edgier trope that All Men Are Rapistswhich usually shows up in Crapsack Worlds and old-fashioned romance novels.

All Women Are Prudes is this trope's corollary and a harmful Double Standardbecause it promotes the idea that female sexuality is somehow abnormal, with Nipple and Dimed or other body parts applying only to women. This is a Cyclic Trope. It was prevalent in the past that All Women Were Lustfulwith men considered less sexually motivated than women as recently as the Renaissance. Compare All Gays Are Promiscuous what happens when there aren't any women involved to say noAll Women Are Doms, All Men Are Subs as long as he has a chance to get some sex out of itI'm a Man; I Can't Help It focuses more specifically on the idea that a man can't function without sex instead of a universal perversionA Man Is Always Eager which purports that "real men" never say no to sex when presented with the opportunity, no matter the circumstancesNerds Are Virgins just because you're a pervert doesn't mean you get laid.

In the one targeted at menthe 1 Million perfume a man clicks his fingers and a woman's dress falls off. In the Lady Million perfume advert, a woman clicks her fingers and marriage ring appears on her finger. Actually, in the Lady Million ad she just makes her ring bigger, the man is the one who snaps his fingers to get the ring.

One of the victims parties, "Igor like sex," and the blues says, "Yeah, we were. Man are not many!.

A Pepsi Max commercial starts off with a couple on a first date. The woman asks herself the usual questions of marriage and children, whereas the man constantly thinks about sex with her. Commercials for Sling TV slugs feature a couple being approached by another couple and being invited to a "Sling party," which sounds suspiciously like a sex thing. The woman is perplexed and uncomfortable, while the man is ready to go. How many banner ads have you seen for "Hot Sexy Girls in [your area]"? Anime and Manga Battle Royale 's Mitsuko Souma believes alergic trope, and is allwrgic surprised when Yuichiro Takiguchi doesn't feel her up, despite giving him ample opportunity slutss do so.

Berserkstaying true to its dark nature, plays sults trope straight and is mostly unsympathetic in its depiction of it. When Slutx saves Casca from a nasty fall: After the Eclipse when Guts accidentally rips open Casca's Men allergic to sluts comic, exposing her Me, and Yo leans in, presumably to kiss her and then go and Well, Casca allerglc just gone through the horrific ordeal fomic being brutally raped to insanity - Mne Guts was Forced to Watch as it happened - coimc of course she frantically runs allergjc from him, leaving Guts to hang his head in shame for his lapse of self-control. Ckmic The Princess' Skirt skit in Castle Town Dandelionafter knowing Akane is bottomless allerhic the day and she would have to use the stairs, all the 10th grade boys stormed out of their classrooms so skuts they can have a peek on Akane's panties.

There's only one major male character, but the sheer amount of perversion that Ryo Saeba emits is enough to qualify for this trope. Many men who actually have any sort of role besides him aren't much better. Colorfulwhere the fanservice-laden environment does nothing to deter this behavior aside from the occasional Megaton Punch. Daily Lives of High School Boys has a milder example: Considering this show is about a kid, it's wrong or at least weird in many ways. His rival Hattori also ogles girls whenever swimsuits are involved. In one episode of Eureka SevenRenton inadvertently says something to Eureka that touches a nerve.

It has to do with her not being human. He looks through the Gekko's magazine rack to see if something there might offer some advice on how to ease the tension between them, and gets caught looking through a porno magazine. Though it's clear to the audience that he had no idea what it was really about when he first picked it up, the other Gekkostate members take it as evidence that the visible tension between the two is due to Renton pressuring Eureka for sex. While the girls go talk to Eureka about standing up for herself and making sure Renton respects her boundaries, the guys come to Renton's room with a whole stack of porn and set about redecorating his room to create an atmosphere fit for seduction.

And, of course, Holland finds them at that moment and Hilarity Ensues. Played straight with the Shinryuuji Nagas minus Unsui in Eyeshield 21 who either start blushing, hollering or hooting whenever they see a pretty girl, since they attend an all-boys school. Also with Agon who is usually seen with A Lady on Each Arm and sleeps with several girls and then dumps them afterwards. Several guys line up to join the Deimon Devilbats because Mamori was handing out flyers. However, most of the other male characters avert this who rarely, if not never, shows an interest in romance. Hayate the Combat Butler Hinagiku is ogled by both the majority of boys and the majority of girls of her school.

We start with Issei of course, but he's definitely not the most perverted guy ever. The only male character who doesn't seem to even be remotely close as a pervert is ironically Vali, his rival. Her Gag Boobs and official adventuring attire don't help. She's aware of it, but ignores it, most of the time. Tag NSFW content when needed. What is OK to Post Comic covers or short excerpts - A few scanned pages can be posted for discussion. Don't post entire comic books. Posts with too many pages will get removed. At one point, he was put on notice for wearing a black head scarf and a gold earring with his uniform. Another time, he was called on the carpet for wearing goofy-looking sunglasses.

He was chastised for pulling over a motorist in the middle of summer--the temperature was 95 degrees--while wearing a winter jacket. His sergeant did not think it was funny.

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