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Regardless of whether you click the link in the email or not you are going to have to give your credit card details. The banner everywhere saying " Credits for FREE" doesn't mention that you do have to give your credit card details for "verification", but there is no initial charge. You get credits and no charge on your card, but of course once you have Flirt4free free video this they have your CC so you can spend easily later! Either way, via email or credit card, you are going to be given free credits if you give them your CC details. It may take a while to hunt around for a camgirl who is willing to talk to guests, or at least tolerates them, but they are there.

A free account even if basic does get you a lot of useful things, like you can now sort by number of people in the room. It doesn't say how many there are, but it's easy to guess that the more popular rooms have the more interesting hosts working, so this sort is helpful. Other nice controls are the ability to change your nick at any time in chat, though you can't use one that would conflict with the "reserved" nicks of VIPs. Basic registered users can also have "full" video which is bigger though not huge. Of course once registered a lot of buttons appear suggesting you buy credits and spend them!

A typical cost for a show is 60 credits per minute, so those "free credits" you got are worth only two minutes which is a bit disappointing. Some hosts suggest that you use them instead to pledge towards a group chat; that way something like 50 credits can get you a 5 or 10 minute show, though shared with others of course in a group. All over Flirt4Free there are also prominent links to "VOD" or "Video On Demand" which is recorded videos both of the host you are chatting with and lots of others as well. A recorded video can be like 40 credits per minute, which is not a lot cheaper than live! Previews for free are available if you are a confirmed e. The previews are 12 seconds from the middle of the recorded video, so you can see what sort of action is there in the recording.

For reasons I don't quite get hosts can, and do, set their VOD to only be viewable by the person who originally paid for the show, but if and only if the host is a top ranking one. So medium or low ranking hosts have no choice but need to let their show recordings be available for people to watch. VOD shows are available from as far back asincluding many vids of people who no longer seem to be doing shows.

I wonder if they get a payout when people view them? Current hosts do get paid I know, though they say it is a very small fee. Pretty much everywhere in the system tipping is possible but of course only if you are confirmed, verified, and of course have credits. There are pre-set amounts from 5 to credits As well as privates for around 60 credits a minute you can watch as a voyeur for about 20 credits a minute. Which of course means the "privates" are not truly private. Flirt4free doesn't seem to have a "super private" like that at freecamstars which is really just you and nobody else.

Down sides to being a free basic registered user? Well the "Next model" button disappears which actually makes it harder to browse quickly through each room to see what is happening. Not a big thing, but I would have like to see that button retained. Back to the room sorting and another way is by "Type" of room and this gives another interesting view on the different ways you can use flirt4free. Premier Extra expensive shows - as much as credits a minute. Only the highest rated chathosts are able to do a premier chatroom as it is expected that they are the best possible performers.

A normal private session where you are paying by the minute, typically 60 credits a minute privates though it can be as low as 30 for less established hosts. Voyeur That's when you are peeking in on someone else's Standard or Premium, and all you get to see is the video. No audio and no text chat, not even reading. Costs 10 to 40 credits per minute Multi-User Like a private but not just for you, other people get to enter into the private as well. This can have by far the largest variation in pricing, from 10 credits to credits a minute! Depending on how many models there are in the chatroom and their rankings it would seem. Combo A combination, hence the name, of multi-user and private.

Meaning you can get to join in on someone elses private and participate. Semi-Private So pay when enter, other people can join, but invisible for you. So this isn't Voyeur, it sounds pretty confusing as of course the host will see everybody and will want to interact with them or take directions. It's more like free-chat-plus I feel rather than anything private. Group Chat These are rooms where the host has started to collect pledges of 50 tokens each, not tips, towards doing a show. There is a little countdown timer and a running total of the credits pledged in a graphical jar.

If you would cross to become Inaccurate Kinky, please email site kink. The fingers cannot be dated; only got from the quality. Hosts seem to not include to own about this in detail, and it isn't crazed anyway on flirt4free.

Once her target is reached within the time then she'll do the show she has promised for those who have contributed to the group. She has 30 seconds to start the show. If the timer runs out though without hitting the target then nobody pays. So this is quite a different idea to MFC or Chaturbate where people throw in tips, and sometimes get nothing if the host doesn't meet her target. Much fairer for the viewer, but probably frustrating for the chathost. Of course if she "fails" she can try again with a lower target based on how close she got to her goal last time.

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During the build up to a group show the flit4free performers don't accept tips at all. It's a bit tree watching an auction, and honestly not that fascinating. Even the girls who are chatting during viveo time are not really that fun as they are focused on hitting their target. Some of them don't even do sound during this period which kills it entirely for me. And boring also for others I guess as those without sound seemed to get a Flirt4freee less pledged. A few girls did manage to still vkdeo interesting during their viedo for pledges, and I fee that helped them get videeo the asked for. They are hiring to get viceo until 10pm Who should I contact if I have a question once I am a broadcasting model?

If you are an approved model, you may wish to contact the Flirt4Free team first for assistance. They are experts with regard to the platform and can provide you with the best help. If you would like to do a multi-person show, once your profiles are active, please contact broadcastsupport flirt4free. They are hiring to get support until 10pm Of course, we here at KinkLive are also available to assist you. Click here Link to Terms of Service and Rules coming soon. These documents can be reviewed as part of the application process. Will my private shows be recorded and sold? The system records all paid shows and automatically adds the recordings to the Video on Demand system VOD.

Customers can browse the archive of all available recorded shows and purchase access to watch the recordings. The videos cannot be downloaded; only streamed on the site. Encrypted streams prevent caching, saving and unauthorized access. You can control the price in credits that customers pay to watch your recorded shows. Options range from 6cpm to 40cpm and can be controlled for each specific recording. In your model dashboard, you can elect to have your recorded shows not sold, sold only to the member who paid for the private show, or to be available for purchase by any fan.

Flirt4Free will specifically contact you for permission if they wish to use your video recordings for any other purpose than what you have allowed in your settings.

How can I disable voyeurs? Why should I start a Fan Club? Reward your biggest fans by starting your own Fan Club! You can build a personalized fan site and upload special photos, videos, and blogs just for your fans. Use the fan club to send Mail Blasts to just your Fan Club members. You can set your Fan Club page to also display your Twitter feed. You will earn additional credits from their monthly membership fees, and they will get discounts on private shows and VODs. Fan club members will show up in a special font color in your room, and will be able to view special Members Only Shows. How can I prevent a member from recording my show?

The videos cannot be downloaded; only streamed from the site. Further, the streams are encrypted RTMPe using the same level of security employed by most online banks. These security measures prevent unauthorized playback, saving of the files and caching of the streamed content. Are Skype shows allowed? Do you have geo-blocking? Geo-blocking is easy on Flirt4Free: How can I promote myself through social media? When you fill in your Flirt4Free profile, you can add links to your Twitter and Instagram account, making it easy for your fans to find you on social media. Can I promote my online wish list? Flirt4Free has partnered with the owners of SexToy. Performers can securely set up a wishlist on your model profile, and customers can use it to buy products for their favorite performers!

Models will also soon be able to add a wishlist from the new Kink. How do I handle abusive members? The Performer Application broadcasting software allows you to eject and ban abusive customers from your room to ensure a positive chat experience. You can also ban additional users from your room by either IP address or nickname through your model dashboard. By default a ban expires after hours. What is the process for doing a non-solo show? For non-solo shows, please use the following steps: To do so, please contact broadcastsupport flirt4free. Or contact KinkLive at support kink. Is there a way to not show up on other Flirt4Free F4F white labels?

At this time, no. We are in discussions with F4F about developing this feature. I do not identify as male or female.

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