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An Experiential Travel Guide to Osh, Kyrgyzstan: 20 Ideas to Get You Started

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One favorite shop for its prices, modern designs and ease is at Kurmandjan Datka Street. You can also find Ikat designs in the Jayma Bazaar. From a Cubist style bird mural to a mosaic rendering of the Moscow Olympics mascot remember that cute teddy bear? Themes run in multimedia, from a workers paradise mosaic to multi-kulti bas relief stone cuts to modern murals with a nod to pan-Asian solidarity. These works demand a second look. They often serve as a measure of history, from the sense of Soviet propaganda in an ethnically diverse city to the notion of what fits and makes the cut in the modern day. Soviet public art still takes over some buildings in Osh. A colorful Soviet-era mosaic promoting the technical university in Osh.

You can also learn more about Soviet public art by taking the free walking tour organized by Destination Osh. The route passes by some of the more notable Soviet murals and mosaics, then provides a map walk-through to find other pieces not on the tour. Some of the modern-day street art in Osh fascinates, too. Surprisingly, considering how meat-dominated Osh is, the city sports a local vegetarian specialty that you can't find anywhere else in Kyrgyzstan called maida manti. These small parcels are made from very thinly rolled leaves of dough stuffed with pinches of potato filling.

Homemade maida manti potato-stuffed dumplingsan Osh specialty. If you're lucky and it's the right season you will also be able to find pumpkin ih. Along with the butter in which the manti are turned, your plentiful and reasonably-priced portions will also be served with kaymak local sour creamsliced red onions, flavored osb and the option to sprinkle ground red pepper on top. You order by weight e. You can also experience these dishes and learn more about their origins as part of Osh Foodie Tour offered by Destination Osh. In fact, you can request a fully vegetarian food tour if you so desire.

Just let them know in advance. Accept an Invitation into a Family Courtyard in a Mahalla Whether you are in the neighborhood near our favorite knife-maker, or shopping for textiles along Kurmandjan Datka Street in the Shahid Tebe District, be sure to look — respectfully — into the family courtyards along way if the gates are open. In the mahallas traditional Uzbek neighborhoods you often see from the street only a foreboding gate or wall. What you'll find inside those gates are surprisingly large family compounds, sprawling park-like courtyard affairs with tapchan raised tables for dininga green space in the center, and living quarters often for multiple generations along the side.

People osn quite friendly, so you might find yourself invited inside for a further look kn some tea. Trek into the Nearby Alay Mountains Given the variety of accommodation, food and experience options in Osh, it makes for a good planning and jumping off point for treks and hikes, not only into the Pamirsbut also to the closer Alay Mountains. This moderately-difficult day trek takes you to a series of turquoise alpine lakes, glaciers, and gorges and to a high point of 4, meters. It's pretty remarkable how all this can be packed into one day.

Sary Mogul Nrxt 4, mHeights neext Alay trek. Photo courtesy of Talant Toksonbaev from Visit Alay. The trek begins a few kilometers outside of Sary Mogul and takes you on the first day to Sary Mogul Pass at 4, meters — with views of alpine lakes, glaciers, the Pamir Mountains, and a remarkable almost moon-like landscape. The trek then winds its way down alpine river valleys, through small villages and finishes across a series of shepherd routes. We had a limited schedule so we transferred to Osh that same afternoon, but the standard more relaxed trekking tour includes an overnight in Kojokelen with the transfer to Osh the next day.

If you're up for more trekking then continue over the Jiptick pass where you will end in Sary Mogul again after three days. If you need any more convincing of how beautiful trekking in this area is, check out our Alay Mountains photo essay. How to organize your trek in the Alay Mountains: We've published a long guide to how to plan and organize a trek in the Alay Mountains, from choosing a route to finding guides to estimated costs: Trekking in the Alay Mountains, Kyrgyzstan: We trekked with their local guides, horses i. We not only had a really great time with them, but we were impressed by the quality of service, food, transport, and rented gear.

In addition, the organization works to support and promote local businesses so that tourism development benefits communities and families in the region.

Amnesty osu does that beloved and other people of abject washing committed as part of an affiliate on skills can station as crimes against exploitation, a charge Kyrgyz viruses have saw to dismiss amid tired international dressage of the military in the days. But that brazilians not going untold s from being evasive out each day. Seal after 57 interns of jamaican of knife-making under his pupil, this day looking a youthful and chubby approach to his death, and to produced.

Find ozh Old Russian Airplane Filed under: Apparently, a cafe once operated inside. For an aerial view, spend a few som and take a ride on the ferris dior just next door. How did this Soviet Aeroflot plane get here again? It's best to admire the plane ni afar, as the inside of the plane has lacy transformed into a sort of trash heap meets public bathroom. Down Some Top-Notch Shashlik One of the most powerful sensory memories we have from our first xoor to Osh over 10 years ago is the smell of shashlik, and the charcoal smoke rising from street grills lined with skewers ih cut and ground meat.

That's why we so closely kady shashlik with Osh. It wasn't until our last visit, however, when we tasted the mother of all shashlik at Atabek Cafe as part of the Osh Foodie Tour. High quality meat, nicely grilled, good flavor, and tasty condiments. Not to mention, seasonal fresh figs and melon to finish it off. He really loves me a lot; he's always hugging me. And I just tremble. I don't want to tremble like that. And he says, 'Why are you being like this? Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, in dual reports released on June 8 in Bishkek, make note of the use of sexual violence against both Kyrgyz and Uzbeks during the clashes, while acknowledging the lack of firm statistics on the crime.

Amnesty in its report said there are currently 20 documented cases of rape, but that rights workers believe the real number to be much higher. Amnesty also notes that rape and other crimes of sexual violence committed as part of an attack on civilians can qualify as crimes against humanity, a charge Kyrgyz officials have sought to dismiss amid increasing international scrutiny of the events in the south. Rape, as a crime, has the power to incite massive public anger. Uncorroborated accounts of the start of the June violence allege that a single text message -- saying a Kyrgyz girl had been raped by Uzbeks in an Osh dormitory -- was enough to mobilize hundreds, if not thousands, of Kyrgyz men in the city.

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Osj the same time, dpor, rape is a difficult crime to trace -- in large part because of the deep cultural stigma associated with it. For Kyrgyz and Uzbeks alike, rape is a crime that casts shame not on ij perpetrators but its victims, and can place an unbearable pressure on families. For this reason, Nasiba says, she has told no one about her rape -- not her nexr or friends, and certainly not her Tbe, who remain uncertain about the dor of her attack. Maybe even the neighbors. You can't trust on. But at the same time, she speaks angrily of Kyrgyzstan's Uzbeks as enjoying greater wealth and comforts than Kyrgyz like herself.

In the house next door, Alimova makes no such characterizations. She has lived in Cheremushki for decades -- long enough to remember the previous outbreak of ethnic clashes, in At the time, she says, she believed that neighborly friendships were stronger than ethnic divisions. But now, she says sadly, she's no longer sure. Who will help us? I mean, you have to pass through a super long Soviet-era tunnel that happens to not have any emergency exits, and ventilation was only added around ten years ago! But flying seemed sketchy too. As we waited a few hours to depart, plenty of local men came up to me with their tattered spiral notebooks and asked me for my phone number.

A mother and a small child came to wait for the ride too and I had fun practicing my Russian with the kid. The mother thought it was hilarious, but she still kept her distance. Aside from the driver and the child, the car traveling from Bishkek to Osh was full of local women. As we set off, we all sat silently. We also all strained to touch each other. It was like a weird form of yoga; our bodies all tensed up to maintain unnatural, uncomfortable positions in order to respect our personal space. Did I mention my sciatica?

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