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No matter what I'm doing I'm singing infact as you're reading this I'm singing a song. I love to hang out with friends jd shop and all that good stuff. These hormones regulate growth, metabolism, sexual and reproductive development, and other physical and chemical processes. What is reproductive technology? Treatments that Pfegnant the handling of egg and sperm are known as assisted reproductive technology ART. What are the most common ways of treating infertility? There are several common ways to treat infertility, depending on what is causing it, how long it has been an issue, age, and preferences for treatment. Not all causes can be treated.

In men, common treatments include basic lifestyle factors such as changes in health and diet, prescription medication, and sperm retrieval. In women, treatments include surgery, intrauterine insemination IUIand the use of fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation. As with any treatment, options and risks should be discussed with a doctor. What are the signs of infertility? In men, potential symptoms include changes in hair growth; loss of sexual desire; swelling, painful, or lumps in the testicles;and erectile and ejaculation issues.

Pregnanf any of these is not a confirmation of infertility issues, but these symptoms should be immediately discussed with a physician. Infertility is the inability to reproduce. In humans, it is the inability to conceive children or to conceive and carry to term. What is reproductive endocrinology?

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