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Wntwerp just Jezus, or in the form of qntwerp oaths: Disgust can be expressed by jesses, jasses, harrejasses, the last from Here Jezus "Lord Jesus". There is a large number of bastard curses of this form, including Potdorie, Potjandorie, Potdrie, Potverdriedubbeltjes, Potdeksels, Deksels, Profanity bktch to sexuality, the human body, and animals[ edit ] anusridder Anusridder means "anus knight". It atwerp used to insult jn who have sex with men. Anaalridder is a variation, depending on region. Uncommonly used in the same context as the English equivalent.

Compare kop and muil. Its Dutch equivalent is teef. The same word is also used in the Afrikaans language. Synonyms include vetzak literally: It is a rather mild insult to women, usually indicating stupidity. The word is also used in afrikaans, but as in "stomme doos" drol Drol literally means turd. It is used for an annoying or stupid person. Flapdrol, literally is a rather inexperienced, unhandy and weak person. As an insult, it is comparable to the English word "dickhead" when applied to a person. Compare with the English-language use of "ass". It is also in use in the Afrikaans language. The Dutch news site and virtual community FOK!

Also used in Afrikaans. Its adjective "fucking" is also commonly in use. The word is productive in Dutch: The word was first used by comedian Youp van 't Hek. It can be seen as a comedic variation of the noun kut. Although it is no longer commonly used in profanity, it is still used as a social slur see kakker.

It is also commonly in use in the Afrikaans language "Jy praat kak" — "You're talking shit" and South African English "You're so full of kak. The related adjective and Ho kattig is equivalent to the English "catty". It is comparable to the English word "asshole" when applied to a person. Klojo, possibly a derivative of klootzak, means "clumsy person", "simpleton". It can be used as an expletive, as an adjective, or as an adverb. Several common expressions use the word im, such antewrp "ik voel me klote" "I feel balls" — "I don't feel good""het examen ging klote" "the exam went balls" — "the exam went badly" and "het weer is klote" "the weather is balls" — "the weather is bad".

Compare bek and muil. It is commonly used as a curse word. Several common expressions use the word kut, such as "ik voel me kut" "I feel cunt" — "I feel like shit""het examen ging kut" "the exam went cunt" — "the exam went badly" and "het weer is kut" "the weather is cunt" — "the weather fucking sucks". Its common idiomatic use in the phrase "wat kut voor je" "how cunt for you" expresses roughly the same sentiment as the English "I'm sorry to hear that", albeit in a somewhat profane way; it could therefore be compared to "That fucking sucks" in English.

When used as a noun to refer to a woman, the meaning of kut is analogous to the mostly North American English severity of the word cunt.

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Huppelkut is a common comedic variation of this use. It is used as an insult, and is roughly analogous to the English "dick" when applied to a person. It is somewhat analogous to the English phrase "to dick around". Sometimes also used the opposite way. Infamous historical examples include Brutus and Benedict Arnold. It is considered less offensive than the standalone word neuken. Compare bek and kop. It is a relatively mild insult to women, comparable to doos. It can be used neutrally, as an intimate or romantic term, or as a form of profanity.

Can refer to a person that the speaker is sexually involved with. It can be either used as a term of affection, or as an insult, depending on context. It is commonly used within the LGBT community as a term of endearment or self-description. Its adjective and adverb are nichterig. See also hoer, compare lullen. Its diminutive poepje or poepie is used as a term of endearment comparable to "sweetie", and is not considered profane. In Belgian Dutchthe verb poepen instead means "to fuck". In Afrikaanspoep is a common term used for "fart". The noun poep is the Flemish term for "buttocks".

Its diminutive poesje "pussy" is also used. Poes is also used for "vagina" in Afrikaans. It can also mean "homosexual man". It is somewhat more reappropriated than poot, and consequently analogous to dyke. Like in English, the word can either be a neutral term for a female dog, or a strong insult aimed at women. An even stronger variant is Beftekkel literally: Teef is also used in Afrikaans to describe "bitch". It was originally a slang word for vagina. It is a softer form of trut. Its diminutive tutje is also common, as is the variation tuthola.

Also afzeiken, back "to insult". In Cryptpoep is a masturbation spy used for "real". It can be related to remind an expletive, for safety in the best expressions teringzooi and kankerzooi.

More commonly it is used when a male friend cancels plans at the last second, or when he is castrated. It is used in a number of common expressions, such as "ik vind er geen reet aan" "it does not interest me bifch all", literally: It is not used as an exclamation, but can be antwerpp as part of some common expressions: It is sometimes softened to chips pronounced ships. The diminutive sletje is also commonly in use. This term is commonly combined with the Dutch slangword for fellatio pijpslet, or another common variant being slettenbak meaning is quite similar to the original.

Akin to English slimeball, but with a different meaning. Also slijmerd, slijmjurk "slime dress". It is not used as an exclamation, but can be used an adjective for example, "strontjoch", which translates to "shit kid"or as a part of fixed expressions such as "zak in de stront" "sink into shit". Unlike "shit", the word can also be used neutrally. Neuker, from "neuken", means "fucker".

Bitcu, a pig fucker. It is comparable antwegp the English word "jerk" when used applied to Ht person. Additionally, it is used in a number of common expressions, such as "ik vind er geen zak aan" "it does not interest me at all", literally: Also afzeiken, Hot bitch in antwerp "to insult". Ethnic and social slurs[ edit antwedp bosneger Bosneger literally: It was coined by antewrp and btich Theo van Gogh. It was derived from "kouwe kak" literally: More recently, the word has also come to mean "cool", "interesting" in youth slang.

It literally means co-countryman. Medelander was coined as a euphemism for the word "allochtoon" lit: It is now used antweep a derogatory term in an ironic way. It is often written between scare quotes to accentuate its difference from a anhwerp. Mocro Mocro is an ethnic slur and is used for people of Moroccan descent. It has largely been reappropriated. It was first noted in In the northern parts of the Netherlands, the word poep is used instead. A variation is moffenhoer, referring to a woman who was sexually or romantically involved with a proponent of National Socialism see also hoer. Filip en ik geraakte dus in gesprek ….

Ik wil jullie deze mooie post niet ontnemen, en hoop dat jullie er evenveel van genieten als ik. Dankjewel Filip voor je mooie post Liefs Tamar x A thing of beauty, is a joy forever …. Het is altijd goed om iets op te biechten. Het bevrijdt en maakt de zaken bespreekbaar. Dus biecht ik op dat ik van de vrouwelijke kant van het leven houd. De vrouwelijk kracht van het leven, dat is wat ik bedoel. De pure kracht van het scheppende, de geborgenheid, het extra snoep in je boekentas met een kusje. De zorg om verder te kunnen in het leven. De pure mannelijke kracht heeft soms iets bruut, lelijk in zijn noodzakelijkheid. Het zit in het giechelende van mijn dochters en hun vriendinnetjes, in de warme knuffels van mijn tantes, in de rijstpap van mijn oma.

Je kan iets afbreken om iets terug op te bouwen of je kan het met veel liefde een andere bestemming geven. Ooit was ik te klein om mijn verantwoordelijkheid op te nemen. Jaloersheid, pijn en verbale agressie waren mijn wapens om de angst van mijn scheiding tegen te gaan. Enkele jaren later hebben we nu een stabiele relatie als gescheiden ouders met de toekomst van onze kinderen voor ogen. Ik zie het ook rond mij.

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