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If the certificate is issued in countries who are members of the Apostille Convention www. Passports must have entry stamps. All original documents must be brought along to Svendborg Kommune and presented to the marriage office. It is your own responsibility to cross the border legally.

Marriage appointment About two weeks after having sent the required documents, you can contact us to make an appointment. You will not be scheduled for marriage before we have approved your documentation A marriage ceremony can take place Monday-Friday during opening hours and Saturdays between Witnesses For the marriage ceremony you need to provide two witnesses. If you are not able to provide your own witnesses, Svendborg Kommune can provide the witnesses, but only Monday-Friday during business hours. Staying in Svendborg You have to appear in person with the original documents three days before the wedding.

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You can visit svendblrg website for information about hotels and facilities in the town: The bride, groom and witnesses must be able to understand danish, german or english or ask for a interpreter. That is why working with us ensures you the ability to stay ahead in your field of competition, as we have done in ours for decades. Svendborg Brakes is a company of experts. Thus we can credibly assist you in your efforts to achieve the same status in your field of operation.

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Yaw Noise Reduction Svendborg Brakes has turned svendgorg expertise on yaw brake noise and developed a solution that can be applied to the majority of installations, an Anti-Glazing Groove. Contains less than 0. See special features and view 2 min. Now ready to download free of charge! We look forward to welcoming you to our stands. Please click to view full list. Visit us and our sister companies!

Two booths with the largest product display ever and amazing 3D Cave! New Svvendborg Svendborg Brakes' US and Austalia Perth offices relocate to bigger and better facilities - now with extensive spare parts stocks and workshop. Japan Wind Expo Svendborg Brakes created a lot of interest displaying a range of brakes - supporting small wind turbines to large megawatt turbines - to the Japanese and Asia Pacific markets!

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