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If you are again taking medication to talk ADHD symptoms, you may take the vaginal dose of such thing on the day of your requirement. Cash is not used. Structural, Brown or Capable Sweater:.

If peasant are unsure about an article of clothing, bring it to the school to be approved by administration before wearing. Dress Code Philosophy Clothing represents an important personal expression of one's self.

Race, gender, heritage, age, and wealth can all influence how one dresses. Our students are each different; differences that we celebrate as a school. Enforcement of a dress code plrasant causes friction between students and many adults in their lives, including parents and faculty. It is the goal of the administration and staff to encourage the celebration of self, while avoiding the potential conflicts that can result from extremes in fashion or the meaning behind certain fashions that are counter to our mission. How a person dresses tells a story about who they are and influences how others may treat them.

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We would encourage all students pleasznt by the dress code to dress as they would imagine dressing moknt their future occupation. Success is the result of hard work and goal setting. Dressing for the role students hope pleasang possess in the future helps to build good habits and allows a student to see themselves as they want plasant to see them. Heat-press transfers are also available through Allen Sports. Uniform pieces available online must be purchased through on approved sources: Along with the approved online sources above, there are several local vendors including JC Penney, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Signature and Gymboree that have uniforms which will duplicate the styles chosen by RFM from the online companies.

Boys — Grades 3K- 5 Pants or Shorts: Khaki or Black No carpenter or cargo styles may be worn Shirt: Black, Brown, or Khaki Sweater: Hooded pullover, hooded zipped or crewneck, free from lettering or graphics except school branding — White, Red, Black, or Gray Fleece: Solid White or Solid Black Shoes: Hats may not be worn in the school buildings during the regular school day. Hair may not be dyed a color beyond the realm of normal, natural hair color. Girls — Grades 3K — 5 Jumper: Khaki, Black, or Approved Munroe Plaid No fringe, gems, or other adornments may be added to pants, jumpers, dresses, shorts, skorts, or skirts. Black, Brown or Khaki Sweater: Solid White or Solid Black — No holes or runs, leggings must be ankle length.

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Earrings are permitted, but must hang no lower than one inch below the lowest part of the earlobe. Girls must wear proper foundation garments under clothing when necessary. I am going to begin adding face-shot photos of these people, so if you have photos of anyone buried here, please send them to me. Angela Cassidy, County Coordinator. Originally surveyed by Wayne Carpenter in May and June We built upon Wayne Carpenter's survey and added death dates for people who have died since his survey and added new burials. This is a huge cemetery and even updating this old index was a time-consuming job.

We estimate that Wayne must have spent a good hours on the ground copying information from grave stones back in Wayne has passed on, but I like to remember him and thank him for his hard work and commitment to this project. All evaluations are conducted one-to-one in a private interview room in the Center. For evaluation of ADHD: During the evaluation, you will complete a variety of self-report measures. You will have an extensive interview, and you will be given a screening of cognitive abilities and educational skills.

The evaluation itself is approximately 5 hours in length and is usually scheduled to be completed in 1 day. Preparation for the Evaluation For evaluation of Learning Disability: The evaluation will consist of assessments that were specifically developed for identifying problems in learning. The assessments were designed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your ability to problem-solve novel tasks; answer questions related to basic reading, writing and math skills; and process information. No preparation is needed for the evaluation except for bringing the requested documentation.

It will be in your best interest to be physically prepared for the evaluation: Breaks will be provided during the evaluation, including a lunch break if you are tested in one whole day. Also, please note that it is in your best interest to put forth your best effort during the evaluation. A diagnosis of learning disability is determined by a particular pattern of scores and not an overall deficit in performance. No preparation is required for the testing other than gathering information to bring with you. Because a diagnosis of ADHD requires documentation of difficulties in childhood, it is important that you gather any relevant information such as report cards, prior evaluations, or high school transcripts.

If you are currently taking medication to treat ADHD symptoms, you may take the regular dose of such medication on the day of your assessment. Taking or not taking such medications will not influence a diagnosis. Results Results of your evaluation will be available within four to six weeks after the evaluation date.

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