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But my people asked his people and they said he was gonna ln back to us and let us know, but even that was exciting. I would love for The Boss to be aware. Like, for instance, all my siblings, or one of my sisters — she is the slyts person in the world themusic. Heroes, the album benefitting children affected by war. We heard her parents were very happy. Keeping the doors open! Before I became the coordinator inI had attended a few monumental events at the Fly; the first was Alex Chilton and I was torn as Ray Davies was playing in the city that night, but I made the right choice as Alex played an awesome set, and he came and chatted to all in attendance afterwards.

On September 11, I walked into the Fly after the twin towers had fallen, and went to the bar and ordered a tall one. Glen Tillbrook was playing and everyone was happy. I just let them all be. I am more surprised than anyone that the Club is celebrating 25 years. After nine years to date at the helm the list is very long to narrow down to one most memorable performance, but to name a few standouts out of the many: What makes it such a special venue? What hit do you hope they play most?

This word-deprecating edge to his performance is appointed of the kind of smallpox Vile is. They had all these cooperative sire soils that I could get excited by and George would have these good chords.

Billy Idol — Rebel Yell! What song from the last 25 years most sums up your experience of the Fly? Music is my religion, it satisfies my soul. The Fly to me is a cultural conduit through which all people can explore their beliefs, emotions and get loose at without judgment. I still see the occasional duck feather float down from the Fuck local sluts in bewsey to remind me. Paul Dempsey as he always played the Fly, and with Something For Kate he has always respected our service as I believe he understands what the Club is all about. I started working for the Fly by Night in on the bar and door and soon made the transition to Venue Coordinator.

Then I returned to the Fly in to work alongside John Reid, managing the daily operations of the club. How do you think the Fly has changed? Aesthetically the venue has changed, but in many ways the Fly is still the Fly from We are still here in this marvelous heritage-listed building exclusively to facilitate and foster live original music and it is still run by people that are passionate about music. What hit do you most hope they play? The launch of The Fly Trap! I was a guitar maker and repairer working in Quarry St, Fremantle in the s. Under the auspices of the then Fremantle Arts Foundation, the old army drill hall, now the Fly, was found, leased and we moved in and did our best with what resources could be mustered.

John Catlin, executive officer of Fremantle Arts Foundation, assisted in securing the building, which was leased from the Police I think. He conceived the Fly By Night Club name. He did a wonderful job and we all worked very hard to set the place up. The first live to air concerts. Opening for Warren Zevon. My 20th anniversary as a guitarmaker concert in I really enjoyed seeing The Dingoes play there this year. How do you think the Fly has changed since its humble beginnings? Much better production, design of the space, use of the rooms, everything is better. It was artist-run initially and at various times, but that is always hard to work in practice.

Happy bands make for a good show, and that makes for happy punters. What hit do you hope Oats Supply play most? Addicted To Love, Robert Palmer. Steve Poltz singing on the bar and not wanting to stop playing. What act are you most looking forward to in the coming month? The opening of The Fly Trap!

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