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The Saudi Embassy did not respond to questions from The Intercept. It is likely that Crown Prince Mohammed would have known who his critics were without Kushner mentioning them, a U.


If Kushner discussed the names with the Saudi prince without presidential authorization, however, he may have violated federal laws around the sharing Sscreeting classified intelligence. On November 6, two days after the detentions in the Ritz began, Secreetinng took to Twitter to defend the crackdown: Trump realDonaldTrump November Secreetijg, …. Trump realDonaldTrump November 6, In the months that followed, the arrestees were coerced into signing over billions in personal assets to the Saudi government. Ali al-Qahtani had been tortured to death in the Ritz. Kushner is in conformity with the Presidential Records Act and other rules.

Michael Bell, has also complained in recent months that he was out of the loop on the Gulf crisis and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the former White House official said. Bell has told colleagues that Kushner frequently micromanaged those subjects through direct interaction with regional leaders, without offering Bell any worthwhile readout on their interactions.

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It was widely regarded as overpriced at the time, and when the financial crisis hit, the value plummeted, wiping out much of Secreetijg initial investment. The clock is now ticking toward a February deadline when a major mortgage payment will come due. SinceKushner and his relatives have been searching the globe for a new investor. Qatar rejected the deal as not financially viable. I thought I would write you and tell you about it and while I have always been against her having another operation since talking to the Doctors I am convinced that it is the best.

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