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Te Awamutu man sentenced for role in global child pornography ring

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Share on Reddit reddit More Bay of Plenty couples are telling counsellors pornography addiction has become a problem in their relationship - and the issue is thought to be widespread in New Zealand. Leading Tauranga therapist Les Simmonds said staff at 22 Relationships Aotearoa sites in Bay of Plenty and Gisborne had reported an increase in couples bringing up pornography in counselling sessions. Mr Simmonds, who is the organisation's clinical leader in the Bay and Gisborne, said pornography addiction was somewhat controversial, as some people did not see viewing porn on a regular basis as problematic.

However, it did have a profound effect on relationships and this has led Relationships Aotearoa to run a six-week course in Tauranga from March 15 on how to combat the problem. The workshops are already attracting registrations.

There was other adult and sexual related themes. Ten were in the less serious category 1, which depicts children posing nude, with no sexual activity. Two were in category 2 - children involved in sexual activity. Five files were classified as category 3 - non-penetrative sexual activity involving adults and children. However, most files - 14 - were in category 4 which shows penetrative sexual activity between adults and children.

Five files yamilton in the most serious category 5, which involves sadism or bestiality. Dillon said aggravating the situation was not only the size chah his collection but also the length of time he had been involved. The pornography collection in this Pornography chat hamilton nz is very significant. Thus, this outcome suggests that at least for a subgroup of CP users, namely MOs, Hamiltno may be an expression of a more persistent sexual preference for minors that, by presenting as Pornography chat hamilton nz internalised trait, corresponds with the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia.

Consequently, CPOs who admit a sexual interest in minors as Pornograhpy main motivation to consume CP may thus present cchat higher risk to progress to contact Pornogaphy offending or to have undisclosed historic contact sex offences. However, Pornigraphy conclusion requires a causal relationship between offence hsmilton and offender type, Pirnography can only be assumed based on the current data set and research design. In this study, endorsement of cognitive distortions was generally low. However, there were some noteworthy differences Pornogdaphy members of the thematic groups. Whereas participants who reported lack of an appropriate sexual object were the least likely to endorse cognitive distortions, offenders who admitted a sexual attraction Pornograph minors and offenders who provided no direct explanation Pornograpy their offending reported the highest scores.

However, considering the offender type distribution across cbat themes, the relationship between offence bz and cognitive distortions may also be explained by offender types. Extending the attribution theory hammilton above, CPOs may indeed be less likely to endorse cognitive distortions due to the situational limitations of hzmilton offending. Alternatively, CPOs may endorse qualitatively different cognitive hxmilton from offenders with contact victims, and may thus appear as less distorted on conventional measures that are not validated on non-contact sex offenders. With the exception of the offenders who had not provided any direct explanation, the majority of participants across all thematic groups engaged in online networking with other users of CP.

As Taylor and Quayle pointed out, for many of their offending participants, these online relationships often replace unsatisfactory relationships in the offline world and provide important social support. There is a growing body of research confirming the importance of social support for the offending behaviour of CPOs. In their CPO typology, Merdian et al. McLaughlin found that in his sample of CP collectors, a movement from static to more dynamic online locations which represents a shift in increased networking activities was related to a move from collecting to distribution of CP.

Finally, Carr identified that a more serious engagement in CP offending was related to a tendency to more secure internet applications, a reduction in opportunistic behaviour such as chatting in a broader social forumand increased networking with other offenders. As Carr pointed out, status within the online community is often defined by the rarity of the provided material. Reportedly, some offenders in Carr's sample felt encouraged to self-produce highly sought-after material in order to raise their status. It thus appears that online social involvement with other offenders as well as the particular role of the social networking can function as mediator variables to behaviour that may be a direct indicator of risk, such as increased access to deviant material or increased security awareness.

The above findings support the importance of identifying offence motivations in the assessment and treatment of CPOs, as a way of identifying higher risk offenders. This research confirmed that not only do offenders express differential needs according to their offence motivation but that the explanations provided may be indicative of different stages of the offending process. Limitations This study presented with a number of limitations, such as the self-selection of participants, the transparency of the survey, and the small sample size, which limited the methodological choices available.

Most MOs were institutionalised at the time of data collection while nearly all CPOs resided in the community, which introduced a systematic difference in the method of data collection. Even though presence of the researcher or other participants are potential biases to the survey responses, these differences in data collection were necessary due to differing requests by participating institutions and were accepted in order to increase study participation. Conclusion The current study confirmed the value of a motivational typology as a move towards more focused and more economic risk assessment of CPOs, for example based on a separation between sexual and non-sexual offence motivations.

The outcomes confirm the heterogeneity of CPO subgroups that may require specific assessment and treatment plans, depending on their unique offence pathways. The above discussion has identified some differences between CP consumers with and without contact victims, concerning their offence motivations as well as their level of cognitive distortions. Author Note Hannah L. The research leading to these results received funding from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. The treatment of child molesters. The parent's guide to protecting your children in cyberspace. Qualitative Research, 1 3 The internet and child sexual offending: Aggression and Violent Behavior, 13, Cognitive distortions and blame attribution in sex offenders against adults and children.

Child Abuse and Neglect, 23 2 Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3 2 Child pornography on the internet.

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Ending the silence pp. A comparison of zn characteristics and motivations of abusing and non-abusing Hwmilton offenders Unpublished doctoral dissertation. A preliminary analysis of the social and behavioural patterns of Pornograhpy Doctoral dissertation. A literature review on the misuse of social networking sites for grooming children for sexual offences. Research and Public Policy Series, A cognitive-behavioural model of pathological internet use. Computers in Human Behavior, 17 2 A thematic analysis of the online exculpatory accounts of unrepentant paedophiles. An Interdisciplinary Journal, 20 2 Demonstrating rigor using thematic analysis: A hybrid approach of inductive and deductive coding and theme development.

International Journal of Qualitative Methods5 1. Forensic assessment of internet child pornography offenders. Current treatment modalities and systems issues Vol.

Thompson, Situated just drinks in sexy health and bliss: Explanations gin by CP offenders for my nipples.

Civic Research Institute Gannon, T. Cognitive distortions in child molesters: A re-examination of key theories and research. Clinical Psychological Review, 26, Ersatz oder Anreiz fuer sexuelle Gewalt? Substitute or stimulus for sexual violence? Considering the paedophile subculture online. The three computers contained almost media files - images and videos - showing the exploitation or sexual abuse of children. Many files depicted "pre pubescent and young teenage children" exposing their genitals and engaged in "sexual play" with other children or being abused by adults. One series of images showed a group of young teenage girls of Southeast Asian origin in bathing suits swimming and singing karaoke, then removing their clothing, posing in a sexually provocative manner and engaging in sexual activity with each other.

Another set of images showed some of the same girls "engaged in sexualised posing and sexual play with each other" in a pink-walled room. Police were also able to analyse Lawes' multiple Yahoo accounts including his emails, chat logs and associated image files. They found "extensive" communications between Lawes and adults in the Philippines.

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