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So as datjng result you get this hard material. Again where the carbon is coming from, how quickly they're growing, those are all still open questions, but obviously the conditions are such that you've got some group of carbon atoms that are in close enough proximity that they start to bond. As other carbon atoms move into the vicinity they will attach on.

That's the way any crystal datiny. It's the process of atoms locking into place that produces this repeating network, sating structure of carbon atoms, that eventually grows large enough that it produces crystals that we can see. Each of these Doamond, each diamond, one carat diamond, represents literally billions and billions of carbon atoms that all had datting lock into place to form this very orderly crystalline structure. You mentioned that scientists don't know where the carbon comes from. What are some possible sources? In some cases, the carbon seems to have originated within the mantle of the Earth, so carbon that was already in the Earth.

In other cases, there's evidence very curiously to suggest that the carbon may have originated near the surface of the Earth. The thinking there is that this carbon could have literally been carbon that was part of carbonate sediments or animals, plants, shells, whatever, that was carried down into the upper mantle of the Earth by the plate tectonics mechanism called subduction. How long does it take diamonds to form? We really don't know how long it takes.

Steven Shirey, diamonds are very special. Not merely for their intrinsic beauty, but for datihg fundamental information locked within them. I want to look Diamond dating history histoory diamonds are distributed across continental terranes with regard to how the continent was put together. Shirey is a one of a collaborative group of geoscientists from institutions all over the world using diamonds as a means to sample the deep earth. His particular specialty involves seeking out the rare individual diamonds that contain tiny and specific sulfide inclusions, painstakingly removing gistory inclusions and analyzing their contents—in this case, trace amounts of dafing radioactive isotopes of the rare metals osmium Os and rhenium Re Diamone determine ages on the order of billions of years.

An isotope of a chemical element is simply an atom with the same atomic number Dlamond that element, but with a slightly different mass, resulting from a different number of neutrons in its nucleus. Some isotopes are stable, but others—called radionuclides—emit radiation and decay into different isotopes over long periods of time. If scientists know the rate Doamond radioactive decay, and have instrumentation capable of measuring the different isotopes present, they can calculate the age of an item very accurately. This is the principle behind long-established techniques such as radiocarbon dating, which has been widely used in archaeology.

These radioactive isotopes are like tiny, slow-ticking clocks captured in the fabric of a diamond crystal. The isotope of rhenium he uses, Re, decays into osmium Os very slowly, with a half-life of Research using the rhenium-osmium decay system proves that some diamonds are of remarkable antiquity, says Shirey. Shirey explains the study of radiogenic isotopes hidden inside individual diamond inclusions to determine their age and hence the age of the diamonds themselves. Shirey tells us that the osmium-rhenium radioactive decay system allows researchers to date individual inclusions. Previous dating techniques required researchers to collect inclusions of other minerals—including garnets and zircon—from many different diamonds to obtain an age.

View Gallery This slideshow takes you through the processes Dr. Shirey designed this jig for laser cutting the diamond crystals. And they turned it out in a day or two. We brought it back to the laser cutter and set it up, and the guys that owned the laser cutter liked it so much. CL imaging reveals whether the diamond has a straightforward or more complex growth history. It can measure differences between the carbon or nitrogen isotopes across a diamond, which can establish whether the stone has a unique geologic history and what the data from the inclusion means. We will spotlight Dr. Preparing Diamonds for Study In this sequence of videos, Dr. Shirey explains how researchers select and prepare suitable inclusion-bearing diamonds for study.

The process begins with crystals that are polished into precisely oriented plates for analysis. Removing the Inclusion from the Diamond Selecting, documenting, and gathering analytical data on a single diamond plate might take many weeks. At some point, though, the sulfide inclusions have to be removed from the plate for researchers to determine their age. The diamond plate sits over a pair of tungsten carbine lathe bits, which form a platform. Shirey orients the diamond plate within the cylinder so that the portion with the inclusion lies above the gap between the two lathe bits.

Grooves inscribed on the cylinder base and the side of the lid help Shirey align it so that the rod is directly parallel and above the gap between the two tungsten carbide lathe bits in the cylinder base. A sharp tap on the top of the piston with a small hammer cleaves the diamond in the plane of the sulfide inclusion, releasing it. Mineral inclusions can tell researchers a lot about the temperature and pressure conditions in which a diamond formed, the rocks and fluids it grew from, and whether it formed at the same time as its diamond host. Baby ready now dating.

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