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If you are reading this, so are you. I am not athletic nor fat. I'm skinny with a belly. My belly is sltus huge, but it is noticeable. I'm trying to stop it's growth, but I seem to be failing. I think the long hours spent at a computer during the day, and the beer at night are not helping. I am taller than the average Joe, but I am not a giant. Unfortunately, clothes are not made for guys like me. I've been on both sides of any personal interaction you can think of. I'm at the point I would rather meet a girl and the first thing she says to me "I think you might be a good friend, but not a good fuck.

She might like my friend. I pfn like her friend. Why ruin a perfectly good source of meeting people because the initial meeting of xxx people does not work? Also, why risk losing a possible friend? Hey, I've got many female friends. Slutss are married, some are engaged, some are serious with their guys, and some I do not want pe have s,uts with. All of them are good friends, and I would be sad to lose them as only a friend. Yes, I have told a girl "I don't see myself dating you, but I would like to be your friend. Both hated me after that.

Awkward is a word I would use to describe the situation. If I describe myself: Geeky, nerdy, odd, handyman Rapid City single women, sarcastic, loyal, hopeful, cheerful, listening, caring, helpful, and other "good" traits. When my friend describe me: Sarcastic, loyal, facetious, helpful, odd, strange, caring, boisterous, weird, strange, loyal yes, I said that twicecaring, and other ambiguous traits. When strangers describe me: Odd, strange, weird, creepy, stern, mean, cold, harsh, and other "not nice" traits Things I have not yet been told to my face: Yes, I have heard everything stated above from friends and 'new' friends previous strangers.

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