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We look at some of the major questions that people ask about what happens after an HIV test. How do I get my results? Before your test, the tester should explain how you will get your test results. Depending on the type of test you take, you will have to wait either a few minutes for your results rapid test or self-testingor anywhere between a couple of days and a couple of weeks laboratory test. If your result is negative, the health centre will contact you to let you know that you are negative.

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If you have used a forrm kit at home and you test positive, you should follow Freee with your local healthcare professional to get your result confirmed. What does a negative result mean? HIV tests only apply to the person who took the test. If any of your previous or current partners are worried about HIVencourage them to take a test. A reactive test result is a possible positive result that needs to be confirmed with extra laboratory testing, before a final HIV-positive result can be given. To do this, the healthcare worker will talk you through everything, including any worries that you may have.

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You will need to give another blood sample, which will then be sent to the lab for testing. Your diagnosis won't be given until after this extra test. At this stage, it's very important to follow the advice of the healthcare professional. What does a positive test result mean? If you receive an HIV-positive result, the healthcare worker will talk to you about what this means and what will happen next. When enabled the launcher waits for the Java application to finish and returns it's exit code.

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