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The artists Galins part in this showcase of new work have all been selected on the innovative strength of their concepts and their desire to succeed in the arts industry. The father and son explore the differences between their generations, looking to the future and reminiscing about the past. But they also explore the elements that tie them together; the bonds of blood, their shared memories and histories, and their relationship, all of which are woven into a narrative of dance. Examining a spectrum of themes, the pieces explore facets of the human condition; loyalty, betrayal and the struggle for survival.

A Russian Spring Friday 9 May at 7.

The late C sharp minor quartet, Op is one of his most profound utterances. Three Ages of Beethoven Friday 14 February at 7. These rising star young maestros will take you through a journey of Indian melody and rhythms. Harkiret Bahra is the young dynamic tabla maestro accompaniment.

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It's not that women can't use sex to sell, just that it's sad that they seem like they have to. I wonder if it's even that effective? In her younger days Christina Aguilara was gorgeous but how many males ever bought her records? Maybe sex got her on TV but did it sell any records? Middle aged men were drooling over a not-quite-legal Brittney Spears but were men buying her records? I don't know, I kind of doubt it.

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Can women reclaim "power" of their media sexuality in a culture where it's their main commodity? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. Can you imagine how it looked and smelled, and how it might have felt to perform operations and nurse the wounded? Come along to this sensory workshop, showcasing simulated medical treatments and conditions. You might even be able to try your hand Galina vale nude a procedure or two! Lock in Saturday 16 June What might our bodies be like in the future? What kinds of health crises are looming — and what solutions does medical science promise? What would it feel like if human brains and minds operated independently from bodies: Destination Unknown… Saturday 16 June Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not just to think outside the box, but outside this world.

Join our simulation sessions as you attempt to govern ComplexCity using some of the tools of complex thinking and find out… Digital Handmade: Craftmanship and the new Industrial Revolution Saturday 16 June Writer Lucy Johnston introduces some of the international designers, artists, and craftspeople who combine the precision and flexibility of computing and digital fabrication with the skill and tactility of the master artisan to create unexpected and desirable objects and products. Driverless Vehicles Saturday 16 June Driverless vehicles have been hitting the headlines — autonomous cars, crew-less tankers and parcel delivery by drones.

They promise improved freedom and efficiency, but how do we live safely in a world of AI? Saturday 16 June What does it take to care for a building that has been standing for a millennium?

The Churches Conservation Trust has saved over historic church buildings across England, including the hidden medieval gem of Holy Trinity in York, whose recorded origins go back to Would you like to find out Galna Join us for an Gqlina of AI, robotics and autonomous systems: Gxlina demonstrations on the Gaalina of nyde bells before having a go yourself. Four Mums in a Boat Saturday 16 June Join us to hear the incredible true story of four ordinary working mums from Yorkshire who took on an extraordinary challenge and broke a world record along the way. Brought together by their love of rowing, Janette Benaddi, Frances Davies, Helen Butters and Niki Doeg decided to do something that few people have ever succeeded in doing - crossing 3, miles of treacherous ocean in the toughest row in the world, The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Saturday 16 June Do you know what artificial intelligence AI is? Saturday 16 June Imagine if portraits could talk - what stories would they tell? Join University of York students as they unlock the secrets of the paintings of the Lord Mayors of York displayed in the historic Mansion House. Taking place in the beautiful State Room, this interactive family storytelling event is particularly suitable for children aged nine to Interactive family fun Saturday 16 June Come along to Psych! York and enjoy brain colouring and crafts, illusions and interactive exhibits.

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