Adult large group fun meeting events

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Large Group Games

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Fun events Adult large group meeting

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Someone else may bring a pillow and attend. Ask me about my most embarrassing moment. Walk around the room and randomly assign each person an activity. Take turns tossing the ball.

Participants are not allowed to use one person for all ten things, nor can they use the same question for everyone, such as finding ten evdnts in the room who have grop. One-word ice breaker Divide the group into smaller groups or tables. Give each person a snack-size version of the same candy bars. Are you a sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night person? Next, ask your group to look at the names and go and stand by name of the person you would most like to be your manager or mentor if they were available and still living, of course.

When they find they have something in common with someone, they can write it Aduot on the paper along with their name. Poll question Run a smartphone poll that is shown on the main screen as people come in. Pick something out of your personal belongings and share it with the group.

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