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English speaking staff are ready to help. Nice rooms with good interior design and rooms are neat and clean.

Breakfast have a lot of options and is Chinese Hoy with bread option also. The room is perfectly clean and very spacious. We are two girls booking a twins room, but they free upgraded into big quarter room. This is the best room among 4 hotels in my trip to Taiwan Highly recommend for a stay in Chiayi Olivia, Australia I like the lobby but it is quite unusual at eighth floor! The room is clean but the sound barrier of the wall is not good enough. Malls There are three big malls in Chiayi.

The biggest and newest of the three is Nice Plaza, which is my favorite for the Uniqlo shop and Wqnt store. There is also a Costco. Cinemas There are two cinemas in Chiayi. Wajt is a bit pricier, but also tends to show more movies at more times. The first is Guohua Waterworld. Its ih Showtime Plaza in Chiayi city and easy to get to. The big price tag chiay worth it though, especially if you pack a lunch and can spend the day here in the mountains soaking up the sun. Chiayi City Museum has tirls history of Chiayi, including some interesting information on earthquakes gils the area.

The Koji Pottery Museum is in chiyai basement below the library and has some gorgeous displays of the namesake pottery. The library and Koji pottery displays are right next door. You work 5 or 6 hours a day max and you have weekends and evenings free. You can have a It's easier going than Korea or Japan To generalize a bit I'd say that the teaching scene in Taiwan is a bit more easy going. Schools typically have shorter work hours in Taiwan compared to Korea or Japan. Of course you could find a forty hour a week job like in a public schoolbut it's quite likely that you could find a visa from a school working less than 20 hours a week both of my contracted jobs.

There are lots of jobs advertised like that in Taiwan. If you want to work more then you can get another part time job. It might not only be the work it could be the weather too. Maybe the heat slows people down a bit and gives it a bit of the Southeast Asia vibe. Most "exotic" in East Asia From the unearthly Dragon Fruit and the Yen Shui Fireworks Festival where people charge headfirst into fireworks to the Bin Lang Xi Shi sexy showgirls who prepare and sell betel nutyou'll feel like you're in a different land here. The Tropic of Cancer runs right through Chiayi, Taiwan. The north of the island is much wetter than the central and southern part of the island.

The behave is always seem and very spacious. One of the steep's stairs incest around the works.

Instead of hciayi days, here you'll have typhoon days. Roughly one third of Taiwan is urban, very urban and populated. One of the club's entertainers dancing around the tables. A hot Mongolian girl and her tall French boyfriend. They know the Russian girl I came with too. Two of the hottest girls in the club, with perfect bodies, model types, tall and white. Totally out of every guy's league.

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Unfortunately, the hottest girls in Taiwan are always the coldest - one of eant downsides of Taiwan. A hot Thai girl I met who stopped to sit with me. Beauty and the beast. She said she wants to get together sometime. I wonder if she has any ulterior motives or if she wants something from me. I didn't know Thai girls were this light skinned either.

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