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While very attractive and tebesza, I am not as young teebessa the other girls I saw them advertising. Perhaps they would think the men would be uninterested in dating me. On the contrary, they told me it was refreshing to see someone older than twenty-one walking through hirl doors, and that it would appeal to many clients. Not every bloke who comes looking for a date to accompany him to an event wants to be seen with a nineteen-year-old on his arm. It is too obvious that she has been hired for the evening. Not only did they accept me to their agency, but the woman asked me if I wanted to start that day. I was shocked, but she reassured me that I might not even get any nibbles and should just relax.

I was unsure of what that meant, but agreed. An hour later, I had a call on my mobile.

It was a simple arrangement, just coffee at a cafe in central goa to see if we clicked. If so, I could expect more dates. When I arrived at the cafe I was shaking, but refused to back down.

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