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Today, only the endemic Asplenium Ascension Island spleenwort is still relatively common. Lasccension other endemics Oldenlandia, Dryopteris, Anogramma and Sporobolus prostituts all thought to be extinct and the remaining species cling to rocky refuges inaccessible to sheep. The lowlands remain barren and inhospitable, Mature prostitute in lascension some common global weeds such as billy-goat weed Ageratum conyziodes have gained a foothold and may be very abundant in wetter years. As recently as the s, Mexican thorn Prosopis juliflora began to spread in the prosyitute basin behind Georgetown, forming dense thickets in this part of the island.

Green Mountain was originally covered with a carpet of ferns, composed of the endemics Marattia purpurascens, Pteris adscensionis, Anogramma ascensionis and Dryopteris ascensionis, and some globally widespread species, such as Christella dentata and Histiopteris incisa. Further endemics confined to rocky crevices included the ferns Asplenium ascensionis and Xiphopteris ascensionis and the tiny grass Sporobolus caesitosus. At lower altitudes, sparser patches of the fern communities would have persisted, joined by the endemic shrub Oldenlandia adscensionis and another grass, Sporobolus durus. Further native ferns may have included stagmoss Psilotum nudumadder's tongue Ophioglossum vulgatum and Nephrolepis hirsutula.

The upper slopes of Green Mountain are now clothed in dense forest and scrub composed of species such as shell ginger Alpinia zerumbetlovechaste Vitex trifoliakoster's curse Clidemia hirta and bramble Rubus pinnatus. Below this zone are large, unbroken tracts of guava Psidium guajavayellowboy Tecoma stansseedwork acacia Leucaena leucocephalashe-oak Casuarina equisetifolia and greasy grass Melinis minutiflora. The vast scale of plant invasions on Ascension, together with the small size of the conservation department, mean that efforts to tackle the island's problems are restricted to a few key projects.

Although a UK Overseas Territory, Ascension has no permanent population and the inhabitants reside subject to possession of a work permit. All land is owned by the crown, and there are few stakeholders to invest in conservation. Green Mountain was declared a national park in Most current work here is focused on securing the survival of the remaining endemic species and restoring small pockets of native fern habitat. To ensure the long-term survival of these species, a more extensive programme is needed, creating several larger refuges where fern swards can be established free of competition and grazing. Since there was very little vegetation on Ascension before the colonisation process began, complete removal of invasive species is not practical as there would be no native species to replace them.

In the future, conservation must focus on restricting further spread, managing existing populations to reduce their density, and optimising the desirable features of newly-created ecosystems. Ascension is an exceptional example of a region modified by introduced species from widely differing parts of the world over a very short space of time. Understanding the development of the new ecosystems, and how to manage them effectively, is a considerable challenge. The SAIS project aims to increase regional capacity to manage invasive species, by developing infrastructure and systems and building local capacity through research, training and public education.

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As part of the project, we are currently conducting a full survey of both the native and endemic flora of the island. The information are being used to: Provide a baseline for long term monitoring of changes in species distribution. Understand the ecological requirements of invasive species, to inform control measures.

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