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Cancer sufferer finds dream man after turning to online dating to distract her from diagnosis

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You have instant credibility. Amanda and I met for a drink and jk of the first things that I asked her was when to tell someone that you are seeing that you have cancer. Amanda's philosophy was to be direct with the news from the outset, as she had done with me. I was leaning more to telling the person gradually, to soften the blow. She was very adamant about being clear from the outset. Having cancer instantly makes you damaged goods, forever.

Uk cancer Dating for patients

Only people who have had cancer or have tor with cancer with one of their loved ones are the ones who are likely to stick around. I think that cancer and dating or having a long term relationship are incompatible. Having cancer places a very severe burden on a potential partner. As a cancer sufferer, you have a strong probability of dying, most likely a slow, debilitating death. Until that imaginary day, cancer has very strong physical and psychological impact on a person, pretty much making you undateable. The physical toll of cancer is probably the easiest to deal with. In my case, I was pretty lucky. Chemotherapy treatments only had a negative side effect on my skin.

I suddenly discovered the wonderful world of moisturisers and exfoliators. After two liver operations, I now have a huge scar across my belly. To top it off, I also have an abdominal hernia, making me look partially pregnant. Since I do not have negative body image issues, it is not a big deal. However, there are the inconvenient side effects from cancer. In England, an urgent referral means that you should see a specialist within 2 weeks. This 2 week time limit does not exist in Scotland and Wales. But wherever you live, you are seen as quickly as possible. Read more about an urgent referral Waiting for tests A specialist may need to do a variety of tests to decide on a diagnosis.

If cancer is diagnosed, you may then need further tests to get as much information about the cancer as possible. This helps them to work out the stage of the cancer. The stage of the cancer refers to the size and whether it has spread.

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Some cnacer of specialised scans are only available in larger hospitals. So you might need to fof to another hospital for your scan, which can pstients the length of time you wait. Waiting for scan results It can take time for scan results to come through. I think that if the boot was on the other foot and Pafients was approached by a man with incurable cancer, I too would have to think very hard about how the future would be. My partner died of leukemia in — actually he died from the infection within 36 hours of diagnosis.

I obviously wanted him to survive because I loved him, but I also knew that he was a proud and stubborn soul and would push me away. His recovery would have made me his carer and not his lover and that changes everything. I am the type of person who believes in honesty. It would unfair to start any relationship without telling them about my illness. Also, it would hurt even more if they rejected me after forming a friendship.

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