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These Afghans, known as the Rohilla Afghans, caused the area to be known as Rohilkhand. They wrote to him "The money, which you want to send to us, it is the opinion of all people here that with the same money please come for one time to India and meet us. The diet of the Pathan Afghan Guyanese was quite different from that of the Indian Muslims but eventually the authentic cuisine of the Afghans died as the few remaining Afghans interbred with non Afghan Muslims. The fourth branch I am researching.

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The Afghan Pathan clan quickly became Indian and assimilated. In his autobiography he discusses his Pathan roots. Girlx rule was only solidly re-established inand since then the country's fractious ethnic parties have formed more or less unstable coalition governments. No wonder why we see the Afghan play a prominent role in the history of Guyana and Suriname.

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Pashto Pashtu and Dari, a dialect of Persian Farsiare Indo-European languages; they are the Surinqamse languages of the country. Suriname like Guyana are colourful mixtures of African and Asian influences. About half the population is estimated to live in poverty, and remittance payments from relatives in the Netherlands keep many families alive. Guyana and Suriname's rich cultural mosaic is the legacy of the Dutch and British plantation economy, which after the abolition of slavery brought many indentured workers from British India, Indonesia, and China see Figure 1.

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