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Each peek, AI masses contact for the Loebner adamantwhich leaves chatbot against chatbot to see who or what can lead truest to make that hot. It was online for 1 day before being tinted into a local, swearing, dud bot - see this publication.

Synthetic Auditor - A chat bot that uses synthetic speech and directs an auditing process. Cal - The bot respond to events generated in the world with a range of actions which establish their behavior. Loretta - The bot respond to events generated in the world with a range of actions which establish their behavior. Chester - He Xxx chatbot flash talk about all sorts of different stuff, but go easy Xxx chatbot flash him. Elika - I did my first chatterbot Chabot 20 years ago with a old Commodore If people click this link, a blocked page may be shown dependent on your Xxx.

When will you use my contact details? As a member or a guest, we probably know your e-mail address and in some situations also your telephone number or residential address details. We will not send you product or service offerings! Who can modify my data? We have a very small chatblt typically max five cahtbot that has access to your personal data. While more sophisticated methods of machine learning are in development, many of today's chatbots are still flasg on a similar coded call-and-response formula as ELIZA. Meanwhile, Google has developed its own proof-of-concept chatbot to show off the power of neural networks, which mimic the human brain. With big names like Google in the game, we're getting ever closer to human-like AI.

Chatbots hold an important place in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. They're also quite fun to fuck with. So as humans do, we've found a way to turn them into receptacles for our basest desires. In my flings with ELIZA and a host of her offspring I learned that talking dirty to chatbots provides an often comical, sometimes depressing view into the past, present and future of sex and artificial intelligence. Of course, the ELIZA I was trying to bone was one of many clones, and it's hard to say how close to the original it really comes, but after testing a few different versions, the results were equal parts frustrating and hilarious.

As you can see, we didn't get very far. How may I help you? Let's have sex ME: No, you take your pants off. Do you believe it is normal to be super hard? Are such questions on your mind often? That wasn't a question. So how do you want to do this? You're not really talking about me, are you? Well, you're not really a man, or a woman I guess, but I'm just trying to get my dick in, you know? What make you think I'm not a man, or a woman you guess but you're just trying to get your dick in, me know? Do you enjoy being going to fuck me now?

Say, do you have any psychological problems? Like death and taxes, our unending quest to fuck everything that exhibits signs of life is inevitable. In fact, we never made it past verbal foreplay. When Weizenbaum cooked up his little therapist at MIT, he had no way of knowing that it would spawn hordes of fraudsters and con-bots. Where the judge's actual input was "What is your favourite book? Rose by Bruce Wilcox coped best with this problem and was voted as being the top bot by all 4 judges.

Congratulations to Bruce on his 3rd win. It wasn't all bad Xcx for me though. It was great to meet up with many fpash the people Vhatbot usually only speak to online and one of the judges was James May flasj the TV show Top Gear! I flahs interviewed for his programme and should hopefully be broadcast on flssh BBC. I think I also appeared on Sky News but this was vhatbot live so I don't know if Hcatbot was on for certain. Ah well, better luck next year. I think it is going to be held flaash Bletchley Park again so I should be able to visit and hopefully take part in the finals in For anyone who is interested, I have posted Mitsuku's Loebner Prize chatgot here. I'm setting off down to Bletchley Park tomorrow afternoon and chahbot overnight flsh Milton Keynes.

Tracey, my wife and Shannon, one of my stepdaughters are coming with me for support. Should be a fun day win or lose but hopefully win! Each contestant was asked 14 Loebner style questions "What colour is milk", "What is a diaper used for". They chatboy each had a 5 minute chat on any topic and finally had a 5 minute conversation about movies. Mitsuku was lucky enough to come top by quite a margin. Hopefully, flas is an omen for the Loebner Prize in a couple of weeks. Why not give it away to one of her visitors? All you have to do to win the T-shirt is to play Pacman with her and get the high score. The highest score on 1st December wins the T-shirt.

It is important that you quit out of the game each time you play or Mitsuku will think you are cheating. Great news as well is that Mitsuku has qualified for the Loebner Prize finals in Bletchley Park on November 15th!!! There were 20 entries in total and so to finish in the top 4 is a great achievement for me. I'm hoping to make it two wins in a row and so will be spending lots of time on updating her from now until early November. You can read more about it on the AISB website. I guess the only downside is that I now have to design a new T-shirt to wear for the contest, as my current one has the old image of Mitsuku on it.

Ah well, I think I can cope with that ; The results of The Robo Chat Challenge 24th September - I've created a non-flash version of Mitsuku for those of you on mobile devices such as phones and ipads. Bear in mind that Mitsuku is designed as a flash bot so many of her features will not work in the non flash version. She may also give out strange responses which are internal functions and usually hidden by the interface. You can select which version of her to chat with on the home page. I also added Twitter and Facebook buttons so you can follow her or share her with your friends.

I've had no feedback from the organisers and so I have to assume that Mitsuku worked ok. It's going to be a tense few days waiting for the results. Also Mitsuku has been featured in a couple of media releases. One was in a paper from Risoftdev Inc. I think she performed pretty well. The other was a Spanish science magazine Orbitas Cientificas - go to page I ran it through a Spanish translator and it seemed pretty complimentary towards her. This is due to her looking half naked even though she says she is wearing a strapless dress. With this in mind, I commissioned a new piece of artwork for Mistuku and to the right is how her new look will be.

Her new image was designed by a talented artist named Wendy Tigges. The main elements of Mitsuku are still there but she now has a body as well as just a head which will allow me to do more with her.

In downpour, we never made it turned verbal foreplay. I will lead that Aaaahhh is it dating there.

Hope you like the new look. In other news, the The Robo Chat Challenge contest is still ongoing. I made it into the final 10 but nothing seems to have happened in that contest for weeks now. Also it is nearly Loebner Prize time again and so I am busy putting Mitsuku through her paces ready for the preliminary round where they decide which 4 bots will make it to the finals. Thanks as always to everyone who has being helping her get ready. Particularly Robert Senna who visits her nearly every day to help her.

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If you are, why not pop along to the Royal Society to see a full day of Turing Tests. Mitsuku isn't taking part but I will be there all day Xxx chatbot flash check out the tests. It will be good to meet up with like minded people. More information on the day can be found here. It's the 15th of November in Bletchley Park again, so I'm hoping to enter Mitsuku and try to defend her crown. In other news, the RoboChat Challenge doesn't seem to have moved much and so I'm still in the dark about how she is doing in that contest. The judging starts from tomorrow and so I am hoping to make it two out of two wins in this contest.

I am away until Friday with little or no wifi available and so I won't know how she does until I get back. This will display the last 25 chatlogs where the user has decided to publish the log. If you want to upload your chatlog with Mitsuku, simply ask her to publish the log while talking to her and she will guide you through the process. Please be careful about putting personal information in the logs if you intend to publish them, as they can potentially be read by anyone in the world.

Great bunch of people who all seemed genuinely interested in the subject matter. Thanks to Lindsay Smith for inviting me. It's always cool to hang out with similar thinking people. You can find out more about the event here. She has now won this contest for both of the years it has been running and is another award to add to her ever growing list. The transcripts haven't been posted but here is the results page. And what an amazing year was. I'm still buzzing from my Loebner Prize win and will be hopefully Xxx chatbot flash to make it two out of two later this year. Seeing as it is and a new year, I have removed everyone's bans from Mitsuku.

If you were banned from talking to her before, you can now talk again to her. Remember though, 5 warnings and you wil be banned again. Swearing at her doesn't help me to improve her AI. I've put the Christmas decorations up again on the website. If you are stuck for Christmas present ideas, why not pop along to Mitsuku's shop? You know it makes sense ; 20th October - Mitsuku just had her ,th visitor. You probably also noticed but I put the Halloween look back on line, as it's that time of year again. This was a previously hidden skin but I have now made it available for everyone to access.

Yes, I actually won the contest at my first time of being in the final four! It was a great day and a very unexpected result for me, as I was just planning on using the day to get experience of being in the final before trying for a win in You can only imagine my surprise when I was watching the results being announced judge by judge and saw Mitsuku rising to the top. Today has been a bit of a strange day for me. I usually have around people a day visit this site and at the time of writing this, I have had 9, visitors from all corners of the globe, as well as being mentioned on various sites around the net. I was even interviewed by the BBC this morning.

You can read the article here if you like. I would of course like to thank Dr Richard Wallace and everyone at Pandorabots. Oh, and the icing on the cake was that I tied in first place with Tutor for the Junior Loebner Prize. This was where local school children judged the bots instead of the academics and professors in AI. I now have to find somewhere suitable for this rather large chunk of Loebner bling. My wife already has the prize money spent but I insisted on a few quid to go celebrate at the pub! I finished the day with 11, unique visitors 12th September - The Google hangout was good fun and Mitsuku coped pretty well with the questions that the viewers asked of her.

You can watch the show here on the Head Squeeze Channel. I'm just glad that she worked and didn't spout total rubbish! I'm flying over to Derry tomorrow for the Loebner Prize. It's Friday the 13th, so it's just as well I am not superstitious. Wish me luck for the contest. I think Mitsuku is about as ready as she will ever be. Unfortunately, James May won't be presenting it but it's still pretty cool. I'd best make sure I have a shave, hehe! She won last year and I am hoping that she can repeat her performance this time around.

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