How to tell your friend she is dating a jerk

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How To Break It To Your Best Friend That She’s Dating An Asshole

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He thinks his friends are more important. He puts no effort into the relationship.

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And frienf single time he fucks up, guess who has to hear about dzting Your best friend comes to you to vent because what are her other options? Talk to him about it? This way, she can hear the lunacy for herself without having to taste your disapproval. Chances are, your friend is going to complain about the douche-bag nonstop, which of course gets tiresome. You have to remember, your friend is taking crazy pills, and you will have the same conversation over and over and over again, making you reflect on the definition of insanity while staring at the ceiling with your mouth open. They need you to listen to them, because eventually they will begin to bore themselves.

Although the toxicity of your friend's relationship may be as obvious to you as fake tits, it will take time for her to feel it out for herself. It is important to remain as her confidante even though you want to shake her like a British nanny would. You have to trust that she will return to her senses and realize that the relationship is depleting her life force. And if you find yourself about to implode from the chaotic craziness of it all, remember that you too were probably once seduced by a douche. This post originally appeared on AlterNet. Toni Nagy is a freelance writer living in Vermont. But except for one person who drunkenly voiced her disapproval one night — an outburst that did little but create tension, Wiedner said — everyone kept their mouths shut.

Luckily, she was right. Finally fed up, her friend broke up with the guy, and Wiedner and her pals breathed a sigh of relief and confessed their long-simmering concerns. Three years later, the friend — who was baffled at herself for not getting out earlier but not angry at her buddies for letting her figure it out for herself — is happily dating someone new, Wiedner said.

Staying mum until an epiphany hits is one way datingg support a friend who is dating someone you despise. But is honesty sometimes a better policy? Should friends not let rfiend date jerks? Deciding if and how to intervene in what you perceive to be a friend's toxic romance is a delicate dance, and people differ on how to approach the question. In a study that examined the behavior of college students who strongly approved or disapproved of a friend's relationship, two-thirds of those polled believed conveying their feelings influenced the course of the relationship, though most said it was a slight effect.

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Give the guy a chance, he may just be sye bit dickish when he's nervous. Some people take longer to warm up and be themselves than others. Keep your gob shut for the time being. Say that in your head like. When you actually have to tolerate his presence, just try not to make it obvious that you can't stand the sight of him. You are lovely and he is a creepy, snaky little piece of shit! And no one wants this.

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