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The park also houses several shrines and a zoo. For escoorted shopping, dining and entertainment, visit the Ginza district. For regular shopping, try Shibuya department storesAkihabara electronic goods or Shinjuku quirky boutiques. Kyoto Kyotothe ancient capital from AD to AD, is more like an open air museum contained within a city on a Japanese vacation. It is a treasure trove of shrines, pavillions, castles, ornamental gardens and atmospheric neighbourhoods.

The Higashiyama District is a good example of the latter with its narrow laneways, wooden buildings and traditional merchant shops. The Gion District is synonymous with Geishas who can toyrs seen heading from one assignation to another. It also has a number of wooden merchant houses plus shops, Toiyo and teahouses. There are so many beautiful historical sited that it would take quite some to see all of them. Some of the principal ones include the Kyoto Imperial Palace used untilNijo Castle, an excellent example of a palace from the feudal period, Kinkakuji Temple the Golden Pavillion with its mirror image reflected in a lake, Ginkakuji Temple the Silver Pavilliona beautiful Zen temple with exquisite gardens, Nansenji Temple, one of the most important Zen temples in Japan and the Heian Shrine with its giant impressive gate and spacious grounds.

For museum buffs, the Kyoto National Museum offers a variety of wide ranging exhibits and should not be missed on Japan tours. Most of these are situated in Nara Park, an expansive green space where tame deer roam freely. The major attraction in the park is the Todaiji Temple, the second largest Buddhist temple in Japan and one of the largest in the world.

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The main hall, the Daibutsuden Big Buddha Hall is the world's largest wooden building. For certain, Nara will not disappoint the visitor with its calm, serene atmosphere. Similar to Nara is Nikko, not too far from Tokyo. Unlike Nara, it offers a variety of temples and shrines that are more ornate with multicoloured carvings and gold leaf. There is also a magnificent forest with over 13, cedar trees. The main temples here are Toshugu, the most extravagant, Rinnoji, the most peaceful and Futarasan, the oldest. Also worth seeing on a Japan vacation are the mausoleums of ancient Shoguns.

What are some unique Japanese experiences? Hakonein a national park, is a mountainous region known for its hot springs resorts and Mt. Attractions are Lake Ashi which can be toured by boat, the boiling sulphur springs of Owakudani Valley, the Hakone Ropeway cable car and Hakone Open Air Museum with its displays of a wide variety of sculptures and artwork within a beautiful parkland setting. Hiroshima Hiroshima became known worldwide when the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city in It obliterated nearly everything. Great efforts were taken to rebuild the city, including destroyed monuments of Hiroshima's historical heritage such as Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Garden.

In the centre of the city, a large park was built and given a name that would reflect the aspirations of the re-born city: A visit here on a Japanese vacation will be rewarding. It was host to the Winter Olympics and is a city of numerous attractive parks. It is also the site of the Sapporo Snow Festival featuring spectacular snow and ice sculptures and attracting more than two million visitors from across the world.

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Two highlights here are the Sapporo Clock Tower which serves as a museum with displays about Sapporo and the building's history and the Historic Village of Hokkaido, an open air museum with exhibits of 60 typical buildings from all over Hokkaido dating from to Simply the best way to see the Land of the Rising Sun. Since they were first introduced over 45 years ago, JTB guided tours have been enjoyed by more than six million people. All JTB guided tours have an English speaking guide service and visit major tourist destinations throughout Japan.

They enjoy an excellent reputation for their comprehensive arrangements and attentive guide service. JTB guided tours are a combination of day tours which also includes your accommodation and transportation. English speaking guides are included during site seeing and assistants at points of transfers except while on board bullet trains. Independent Packages Are you looking to experience a different Japan? Want to have the freedom to explore the best of Japan on your own? We book your accommodation and tours, you make your own way between cities. Flexible packages that can be tailor made to suit your travel requirements. These packages give you the freedom to explore Japan the way you want to.

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