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You decide what Eyed want to do according to where the pin placement is. Most of the time I would hit driver to sort of any flag except the left flag. If the flag is on the left, I lookk to augista a layup with a 3-iron and a wedge into that green auguusta of how the green slopes on that left side. Your driver can carry those bunkers, and you can get it over the hill. It runs into a little hollow at the bottom there and you normally have a or yard pitch. You need to get it right up to the bunkers if you are going to lay up so you can have a visual to the green. Schwartzel made eagle on No.

It's one of the holes you're looking at birdie. It's probably the toughest hole on the golf course, to be honest. I'm just trying to get it on the green. That front-right bunker plays OK to a couple of the hole locations. You're not going to make worse than a 4 from the front-right bunker, and you'll have a pretty good chance at 3.

It's just one of those holes Ees you're trying to make par. I think I made birdie once. It's not very wide, maybe 12 to 14 paces at the most. You're probably better off in that left bunker when the pin is in the front.

The Eyex is probably 20 feet deep. Depending on the wind, and if the weather is nice, you can have anything between a 6-iron to an 8- augjsta 9-iron in. That green is very undulating. The first 15 yards of the green are really irrelevant because of those steep, uphill slopes. You have to land it at least 15 yards on. If you can keep the ball just short of the back bunker, you can pretty much putt to any pin. Back-left is almost impossible to get the ball to it.

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Now it demands a pretty strong tee shot. An ideal shot shape is a cut off the tee but being a par-5 guys try to take it over that bunker and draw it to get a little extra distance. If you get lucky, you can get a 5- or 6-iron out of that bunker. The green is diabolical. The front pin has kind of a bowl effect so guys can hit it close. The back-right pin is tough to get close to. It calls for a draw because the fairway goes right-to-left, but you can still play a power-fade because it does open up on the right side.

I like to take a 3-wood, start it out wide and really work it with a hook. The second shot always plays longer than it looks. That huge bunker about 60 yards short of the green messes with your depth perception. You have to trust the yardage. That green slopes hard back-right to front-left. Anything missed right into that bunker is a tough up-and-down. If you hit the fairway, then you have really a scary second shot.

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They have changed the hole slightly over the years. The Larry Mize shot was just a bump-and-run that traveled across level ground and got on the green and went in the hole. The shot is about yards downhill. You usually pick one of those trees, and it is like red light, yellow light, green light. The green itself is kind of non-descript for Augusta National. Some guys go up and over the left side. Of course, it went by way too fast. The fact that both Mike and I were selected and then got paired together was pure luck we think. The golf gods were definitely looking out for us.

I push my drive into the trees on the right. The Member Tees measure just 6, yards, almost eleven hundred yards less than the Masters Tees. Strangely, there are no intermediate tees in the 6,yard range. There are no ball washers or gaudy plaques by the tees with hole layouts and yardages. Hole handicaps are based on length, so the yard 12th is rated as the 16th hardest hole, which is clearly not the case, even on the calm morning like I have. It was the second most difficult hole during the tournament with a 3. So how fast are the greens?

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