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Nughty typically repressive government move was the blacklist drawn up inwhich listed North American actors who had iin supported the Republic during the war. I thought Breaking Glass was a hideously bad film, and it was serious. One of the pleasures, in fact, of a series like Upstairs, Downstairs was picking whether a particular episode was directed by Bill Bain. But life goes on. It is typical of films of the period in its use of youth as a way of expressing ideas that otherwise would not have got past the censors.

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Jackie leads Angus, disguised as a kangaroo to hide his youth, to the Lizard Lounge. A great Aussie rudnh, Ross Campbell, just died. Spain has always had a history of repressive government, with the establishment of the infamous tribunal of the Spanish Inquisition ina body which functioned spasmodically into the s, after its initial burst of purges, eliminating religious heretics and generally seeing to the morals of the country.

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