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The MAF sensor should be protected from outside dust and debris by the air filter, but sometimes the air filter doesn't fit escodt tight inside the housing and allows unfiltered air into the engine. The fix for dirty fuel injectors is to clean the injectors. The MAF sensor is located in the air inlet tube just ahead of the throttle body. Ford TSB says the fix involves several steps: If the MAF is dirty, the fix is easy enough: The underlying cause might be a weak fuel pump, low voltage to the fuel pump which prevents the fuel pump from spinning fast enough to deliver normal fuel flowa restricted fuel filter, or possibly a leaky fuel pressure regulator.

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At idle, the fuel trim may be normal to slightly positive. If the problem is not enough fuel, the underling cause may be a weak fuel pump, restricted fuel filter, leaky fuel pressure regulator or dirty fuel injectors. The vapors can leave a waxy coating on the sensor wire. If the MAF sensor is dirty, the fuel trim at idle will probably be close to normal plus or minus 3 to 5 rangebut as engine speed increases up to RPM, you will see the fuel trim value go positive 5 or higher.

Let the cleaner soak in for several minutes, then give it another shot of cleaner. Look at the fuel trim values at idle. These sensors eecort a very high failure rate once a vehicle has more than about 60, miles on the odometer or is more than five or six years old. Do not use any other type of cleaner as this may damage the sensor. Disconnect the air inlet tube just ahead of the sensor, and then spray the electronics cleaner through the screen at the wire element in the center of the little MAF sensor.

Escort Code po171 99

You can also use a scan tool to diagnose fuel delivery problems that may be causing a lean code. No change in fuel trim values would tell you the engine is getting enough fuel and that low fuel volume is NOT the cause of your lean code. If your engine has a fuel delivery problem, the fuel trim values will become more positive as engine speed and load increase.

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