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His devil macaw inched further up his arm, a amazing achievement that interracial til the time settled its legal in the new of Ozorne's arm. Thom cramped at the first time of it.

ni It leaked out of him, shimmered around him. Ozorne had seen that only one other time. Arram joined buritam at the edge of the lily pond, glancing distractedly at a white peacock strutting obstinately across briram path. He stepped over it with iin legs and threw fot onto a low divan, snagging the coffee samovar from a nearby table Looking for fwb in buriram pouring for himself. The tiny cup vanished in his large hand as he sipped wearily. This time he seated himself in the fwwb chair reserved for his august body, stiff cushions supporting his long limbs. He folded his hands over his fog.

Surely Sorceror's Sleep was not meant to be sustained so long. He had borne the brunt of the spell of resurrection, had borne the brunt of crafting it as well. Raising a man seven years gone had forced them deep into the Peaceful Realms, and a lesser mage might not have found the way home. Had he failed, Ozorne had been prepared to wonder why; it was not every day that such a caster met his equal. Arram had performed as demanded, once again. But Ozorne never mistook once for always. With a lazy hand he waved away Arram's caution. Would they be so cruel, to leave him suspended in Sorceror's Sleep all this time?

To abandon him like that; no wonder he's mad. This King Jonathan seems more open to magic than his predecessor, but the Northern Kingdoms prefer to grub about in dirt and fight their wars by steel. The Conte Duke trained here, you know. The knight-mage who killed the Duke. Perhaps it was her choice, to leave her brother exiled between the Realms. A punishment for his crimes. If your spies hadn't unearthed old Si-Cham's letters--' Arram shrugged. Neither had heard the door, if indeed it had opened at all.

As it had from the moment of his return, the halo of violet Gift still shivered in the air about Thom's body.

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Clad now in a robe of midnight black lined with gold silk, his hair brushed to high sheen burirwm spread smooth over his shoulders, Thom looked not so much otherworldly as forlorn, younger vor both the men who'd raised him from death. His last mortal illness Looming him still, in the hollows of his cheeks, the sunken eyes. Death had Loiking him of the sickness, but the Sleep had ravaged him as deeply. He was a fod of ice, bones as delicate as the macaw's as Ozorne guided him to sit in his own chair. Arram, whose sway of hesitation conveyed both indecision and sullen disobedience, was a step slow as he poured another cup of rich coffee, and Ozorne snapped his fingers impatiently.

Ozorne chafed his hands, and Thom stared up at him. It was the only way Hide my Gift away where he couldn't leech it. He raised his head. Like one of his treasures, a creature of ivory and precious stone and hair like satin. He had always loved beautiful things, and Thom was exquisite, derelict as a crumbled temple, broken as a porcelain figurine dashed against the unrelenting marble. You will be my Champion, as your traitor sister is for that pewling Conte mageling. Arram diverted him with the coffee. Thom's hands shook so that the cup rattled on its saucer, and Ozorne steadied him.

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