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18 Ways to Make Wood Paneling Modern

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If you want to cover them, fill each one with paintable chalk and smooth. I know this is a lot of work, but will provide you with years of beauty when done right. It is now beautiful and lightened up my whole life. Image from Young House Love 9.

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We got ours at Home Depot. I just painted over it. Used a paint with primer and paint pabneling one and it still took two coats, but I think it looks great. I did it in pastels so the rooms are light and airy. My grandmother painted hers white. It took a lot of primer and paint but it worked!!

Panneping will look like wall paper. We painted our basement paneling and it looks fabulous! Image from Houzz Looking for more Updatung Inspiration? Follow our Home Pinterest Board for loads of inspiration and drool-worthy room pics from around the oanneling Three coats of white paint covered it fine. Probably could have done a pqnneling of primer and a coat of paint. The paint store can tint your primer towards your paint color. We had half paneling on our walls and removed woor to find perfectly good drywall updatin. For a project that big I would definitely use Sherwin Williams adhesive primer. Those 2 steps will cut out a lot of the sanding. Sherwin Williams sells a self leveling paint that is amazing!

I have also painted walls with paint that has a fine sand like texture…being a beach house that would be really neat on at least one wall maybe painted a light sky or ocean water blue. Several light coats works better than slapping gobs on in one shot. That will cause bubbling and peeling. Good luck…have fun and take some ibuprofen. Looks real nice and very beachy. One place I saw was decorated mostly in white with bright bluish turquoise and silver. Then painted the baseboards trim in white. You may be surprised how inexpensive it can be — depending how small the house is.

This is a real investment that will almost guaranteed pay for itself. Then you could write things or draw things on it and change it when you feel like it, Chalk paint comes in lots of different colors now. Sherwin Williams carries it…they will know what you are talking about when you ask for it. I painted very dark paneling and it only took two coats to do it.

Wood updating panneling for Idead

Image from Apartment Therapy Use the flat tool to remove all the woo from the woof. After you have removed all the paint, use sandpaper wiod to sand all the surfaces of the panels only if the panneling is rough to the tough. You will see there are cracks, nail holes and other imperfections along the wood grain. You should fill these with wood filler. You can purchase paintable wood filler in most hardware stores. Apply the wood filler along the areas where there are imperfections, then sand with once dry. You may need to apply the wood filler multiple times to get a smooth flawless wall. After this you may now apply your first coat of paint. If you are working with larger panels, a roller would be better so you can save time.

For wood paneling along windows and entryways you should use a 1 inch brush. Apply the next coat of paint when the pannelung layer has completely dry. Darker paneling may require more coats as psnneling wood will absorb your paint quickly. Warning Be careful adding too many coats. In some cases, the wood paneling may absorb so much paint that it starts to pull apart from itself. You can use wood glue to put it back together if this happens. Wood paneling is out of style so here are some other ways to modernize it. Painting is the first option, but you can still see the wood panels, they are just a new color now.

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